Quotes From Others

“He’s just one of those talents that whatever he’s going to do is going to be golden. Whatever he does, I am going to want to watch. He’s one of those actors that’s totally watchable. As a person, he’s incredibly kind and genuine.”

“[He’d] never worked with us. But there is something in his face – a natural authority and charisma – that we all loved. And he’s a very good singer. We were very interested. Once we saw him, he was the definitive Enjolras for the movie.”

“Aaron Tveit is a young man who has it all: the voice, the looks, the moves of a true leading man, and charisma to spare.”

“I saw him in Next To Normal and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I haven’t seen a young kid like that for a long time really take the stage. I think he’s a real talent.”

“Somebody who has the confidence of a kid who just wandered out of Quantico at the top of his class, but has this kind of charming boyish quality that I wanted [for ‘Graceland’] — that was tough to find in a really attractive package, which obviously Aaron is. He really was so, so what I’d written.”

“[Aaron]’s great. He’s so professional. He’s so disciplined. He has been training for this part [in Catch Me If You Can] for like a year; training his body. He has a trainer — not to get in shape, but for the endurance part of it. It’s such a tour de force role where he is dancing all the time, never leaves the stage, singing his heart out. He never, ever goes out. He doesn’t drink. He treats it like he’s an athlete. He’s been really great to work with; so positive, and he’s so young, but he’s really turning into a great leader.”

“Aaron Tveit is one of the great male vocalists of this generation. He is a phenomenal technical singer; one of the smartest singers.”

“The thing about Aaron’s character [in Next To Normal] is that I always wanted that character to be a true tenor and to have a boy’s-sounding voice in an adult body, and Aaron has this uncanny instrument where his voice doesn’t break — he actually wants things written higher for him! It’s more comfortable for him, actually, he says.”

“Aaron is a terrific young man and a real talent and a real professional, which I think is the most surprising thing to me. At his age, I was a little more, let’s say, undisciplined.”