The Radio In My Head: Live at 54 Below (2013)

Released: September 10, 2013
Label: Broadway Records

Cast: Aaron Tveit ([HIMSELF])
Band: Damien Bassman (drums), Eric B. Davis (guitar), Michael Blanco (bass)

Music Director: Bryan Perri
Album Producer: Michael J. Moritz, Jr.


01. I’m Alive
02. Intro: On A Friday Night
03. Something’s Coming
04. If I Loved You / To Make You Feel My Love
05. Intro: Little Bit Country
06. When I Was Your Man
07. Intro: Welcome, Freshmen
08. What You’d Call A Dream
09. Intro: Where Am I?
10. One Song Glory
11. Intro: Not Your Average Lullaby
12. There’s A World / Hero and Leander
13. Intro: The Future Is Closer Than You Think
14. I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You
15. Intro: You Tube Generation
16. Run Away With Me
17. Intro: Thanks, Guys!
18. She’s Always A Woman / A Case Of You
19. Intro: No Judgement
20. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
21. Intro: The (Not) Last Song
22. Goodbye
23. My Romance / I Remember You


Aaron Tveit: The Radio in My Head

This album has been a long time coming, even though I may not have consciously planned it. My passion for music has always filled my life with a lot of joy. I think I have always had a dream to one day have an album of my own, even though a recording career hasn’t been something I have actively pursued as an artist. That is why I happily jumped at the chance to create a live album of my shows at 54 Below.

The concert itself was another first: putting together all of the ingredients to perform a live solo show. My aim was to share some of the songs that have meant a tremendous amount to me and how those particular songs have, in a way, mapped my life and career as an artist and a singer. I also wanted to make the show very personal, sharing the stories of why these songs meant so much to me.

The beautiful and intimate setting of 54 Below was a joy to work in and the run turned out to be incredibly rewarding, due to the closeness and interaction with the audience. It was so positive and fun and different from night to night.

I hope this album reflects that experience for listeners who weren’t there to get a sense of our nightly sessions, as well as a permanent reminder to all that joined in Live at 54 Below. I couldn’t be happier with how my very first album has come out. It is very much a live album and not a studio recording and, hopefully, you all will enjoy and hear the fun we had in that room!

— Aaron Tveit