2019 “The Code”GUEST ROLE Matt Dobbins
2019 “The Good Fight”GUEST ROLE Spencer Zschau
2018 Out Of Blue Tony Silvero
2018 Created Equal Tommy Reilly
2016 Better Off Single Charlie Carroll
2016 Undrafted John “Maz” Mazetti
2016 “BrainDead” Gareth Ritter
2016 “Grease: Live” Danny Zuko
2015 Big Sky Pru
2013-15 “Graceland” Mike Warren
2012 Les Misérables Enjolras
2012 Premium Rush Kyle
2011 “The Good Wife”GUEST ROLE Spencer Zschau
2011 “Body of Proof”GUEST ROLE Skip
2011 “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”GUEST ROLE Stevie Harris
2011 Girl Walks Into A Bar Henry
2010 Howl Peter Orlovsky
2010 “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”GUEST ROLE Jan Eyck
2010 “Ugly Betty”GUEST ROLE Zachary Boule
2009-12 “Gossip Girl”REOCCURRING ROLE Trip Van Der Bilt
2008 Ghost Town [Anesthesiologist]