“The Good Fight” (2019)

Creators: Michelle King, Phil Alden Robinson, Robert King

Cast: Christine Baranski (Diane Lockhart), Rose Leslie (Maia Rindell), Erica Tazel (Barbara Kolstad), Cush Jumbo (Lucca Quinn), Delroy Lindo (Adrian Boseman), Sarah Steele (Marissa Gold), Justin Bartha (Colin Morrello), Nyambi Nyambi (Jay DiPersia), Michael Boatman (Julius Cain), Audra McDonald (Liz Lawrence (née Reddick)), Michael Sheen (Roland Blum), Aaron Tveit (Spencer Zschau)

Genres: Crime, Drama
Released: February 19, 2017 –
Running time: 49–53 minutes

Only the episode starring Aaron is featured.

When Diane Lockhart’s life savings are lost, she must start from scratch at a new firm.



3.03 — “The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance”
Director: Brooke Kennedy
Writer: Jonathan Tolins
Original air date: March 28, 2019

Diane joins an “anti-Trump resistance” meeting. She is pulled aside by Valerie Peyser, who recruits her into a cabal of like-minded wealthy professional women, into an anti-Trump group. Diane reveals her desire to use a liberal “fake news” machine to shut down the Chicago based troll farm. Creating a fake news website of their own, the group claims the location of the troll farm is the headquarters of a pedophile ring, leading to a riot when Trump supporters storm the building. However, Valerie soon disappears and it is revealed that Valerie was a con artist preying on wealthy anti-Trump women. Shocked and horrified, Diane opts to hide this information from the other women in her group. Liz’s divorce goes to trial, with Lucca as her lawyer. To prevent the firm’s cover-up of sexual assaults from becoming public, Liz is forced to settle. Maia is bullied by Roland Blum into demanding her own office so they can work in private. When Blum fails to show up at court, Maia cuts a deal with the DA to sell out Blum’s client via a plea deal. When an angry Blum confronts Maia, Maia refuses to back down and orders him out of the office. Julius prepares to run for a state judgeship, recruiting Marissa to help him select a campaign manager. However, unsatisfied with the available candidates, Marissa soon finds herself offered the job.


• “The Good Fight” is a spin-off of the wildly popular series, “The Good Wife,” which featured Aaron in an episode. He reprised his role of Spencer in “The Good Fight.”

• “The Good Fight” picks up one year after the events of the final broadcast episode of “The Good Wife.”

• Unlike its predecessor series, “The Good Wife,” this series airs on CBS All Access. This platform provides ample “premium sensibility,” in that the F word and partial nudity are permissible where appropriate.

• The show filmed two versions of the pilot due to the unexpected outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. As the production had erroneously assumed that Hillary Clinton would be a shoo-in, a second version was shot with Diane Lockhart staring incredulously at her television screen as the announcement that Donald Trump had become the 45th President of the United States.


3.03 — “The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance”
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