Undrafted (2014)

Director: Joe Mazzello
Writer: Joe Mazzello

Cast: Aaron Tveit (John “Maz” Mazetti), Chace Crawford (Arthur Barone), Tyler Hoechlin (Johnathan “Dells” Dellamonica), Joe Mazzello (Pat Murray), Philip Winchester (Fotch), Jim Belushi (Jim), Michael Fishman (Antonelli), Matt Barr (Anthony), Manny Monatana (Zapata), Ryan Pinkston (Jonathan Garvey), Billy Gardell (Umpire Haze), Matt Bush (David Stein), Toby Hemingway (Palacco), Duke Davis Roberts (Ty Dellamonica), Jay Hayden (Vinnie), David Del Rio (Tree), Casey Bond (Tommy Dorehty)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport
Released: July 15, 2016
Running time: 100 minutes
MPAA: Unrated

When a star college baseball player is hit with the sobering news that he hasn’t been drafted, a meaningless intramural baseball game with his wacky teammates turns into the most important game of his life.



• Based on a true story, Undrafted was inspired by director/writer Joe Mazzello’s brother, a collegiate baseball star who was skipped over in the Major League Baseball draft. “I watched for 15 years as my brother worked tirelessly to make his dream come true only to see it never happen and it was heartbreaking,” Mazzello stated. “During that time I saw the love he and his teammates had for each other and for the game that is the heart of our story.”

• Joe Mazzello’s brother, whom the movie was based on, actually had a cameo in the film. Joe said that his brother, John, “came out to LA… We were like ‘John, suit up! We’ll put you in a uniform, and we’ll put you on the other team. We’ll give you a line in the movie.’ And so he’s actually in the film with me. It was a very very cool moment; we’re even in a shot together somewhere in here.”

• Dead Fish Films’ Eric Fischer and Brianna Johnson produced the film. Before getting involved with film, Fischer actually pitched in the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins organizations.

• Aaron has previously starred with two actors in this film: Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl”) and Manny Montana (“Graceland”).

Undrafted is Joe Mazzello’s directorial debut. Although an actor (you may recognize him as the boy, Tim, in Jurassic Park), he graduated from USC’s film production program.

• Along with acting in the film, Chace Crawford also served as an executive producer.

• The casting description for Maz (Aaron’s character) read: “22; Average height, solid build. The star player. A natural, but reluctant leader. Looked up to by his teammates. Quieter than most. Capable of extreme focus. A clear awareness of right and wrong. We meet him at a very interesting crossroads in his life, which colors his personality. He is conflicted. Angry. Fighting with the father he loves. He is the character most in search of peace, who ultimately finds it.”

• When speaking to Broadway.com about the film, Aaron said, “It’s a combination of the two things I like to do: play baseball and act.” (He can often be found playing baseball in the summertime Broadway Softball League.) In his youth, he too had dreams of becoming a professional ball player. During his one-man show at 54 Below, Aaron sang an Undrafted-appropriate song entitled “What You’d Call A Dream.”


Ty: Who doesn’t want to play today?
[Nearly the entire team raises their hand]

Vinnie: Can I say something? You’re very rude.

Dells: I’m hitting the first fucking guy up!

Patrick: Are you on a team with a bunch of fucking girls with your softball chants?
Bulldogs Player: You guys sing…
Patrick: It’s not the same!

Maz: You thought you’d get my mind off baseball by talking to me about baseball at a baseball game?

David: Can we just agree that Justin Timberlake is a blatant rip-off of Nick Carter in every single way? And doesn’t hold a candle to his vocal prowess?
Chace: I’ve been saying that since I was born, obviously.
Palacco: I mean, was there ever any doubt, though?
David: Alright, just making sure.
Chace: JT thinks he’s so cool.

Patrick: I don’t like these fucking guys!

[As the other team shows up]
Patrick: They rented a fucking bus?

David: I’m here! I’m here, I’m here, I’m here! I’m here. Sorry I’m late.
Ty: Uh, it’s alright, David. I, uh, forgot you were on the team.
David: Ha… okay.

Maz: The day that I need advice from you is the day that I kill myself.

Patrick: Nobody gets what they deserve, good or bad.

David: I’m proud of me, too!

Tre: The problem is I’m terrible.

Pat: You throw like a bitch! And you bat .250!
Brian: Patrick, relax!
Pat: Shut the fuck up, dad!
Brian: That’s my boy.



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