A Dream Of Flying (2013)

Director: Georgina Chapman
Writer: Neil Gaiman

Cast: Dree Hemingway (Young Woman), Aaron Tveit (The Young Man), Remy Bond (Little Girl), Cameron Colley (Little Boy), Kathleen Chalfant (Old Woman), Richard Bekins (The Old Man)

Genres: Short, Drama
Released: November 30, 2013
Running time: 16 minutes

The story of a girl who will spend her whole life trying not to fly, and a boy who would give his life to teacher. Throughout different stages in their lives, timeless love will bring the couple together and lift them off of their feet.


• Canon ran a film competition called Project Imaginat10n. Attempting to prove Ron Howard’s insistence that “we’re all creative,” Canon invited people to submit their photos and selected themes from them, then invited five celebrity directors to pick ten photos from the various themes and create short films from them. One of these films was A Dream of Flying.

• The short film was originally offered online for free.