RENT (Hollywood Bowl)

Run date: August 6, 2010 – August 8, 2010
Theater: Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, CA)

Cast: Skylar Astin (Mark Cohen), Aaron Tveit (Roger Davis), Vanessa Hudgens (Mimi Márquez), Wayne Brady (Tom Collins), Telly Leung (Angel Dumott-Schunard), Nichole Scherzinger (Marueen Johnson), Trace Thoms (Joanne Jefferson), Collins Pennie (Benjamin Coffin III)

Libretti by: Jonathan Larson
Lyrics by: Jonathan Larson
Music by: Jonathan Larson

Directed by: Neil Patrick Harris
Choreographed by: Jamal Sims

Jonathan Larson’s groundbreaking Tony and Pulitzer Prize Award winner reinvented musicals when it debuted in 1996. An inspiring story about friends and artists struggling in New York City’s East Village, Rent tackles addiction, poverty, AIDS and most of all, love.


01. Tune Up #1
02. Voice Mail #1
03. Tune Up #2
04. Rent
05. You Okay Honey?
06. Tune Up #3
07. One Song Glory
08. Light My Candle
09. Voice Mail #2
10. Today 4 U
11. You’ll See
12. Tango: Maureen
13. Life Support
14. Out Tonight
15. Another Day
16. Will I?
17. On The Street
18. Santa Fe
19. I’ll Cover You
20. We’re Okay
21. Christmas Bells
22. Over The Moon
23. Over The Moon Playoff
24. La Vie Bohème A
25. I Should Tell You
26. La Vie Bohème B


01. Seasons Of Love
02. Happy New Year A
03. Voice Mail #3
04. Happy New Year B
05. Take Me Or Leave Me
06. Seasons Of Love B
07. Without You
08. Voice Mail #4
09. Contact
10. I’ll Cover You (Reprise)
11. Halloween
12. Goodbye Love
13. What You Own
14. Voice Mail #5
15. Finale A
16. Your Eyes
17. Finale B
18. Playout (I’ll Cover You)

Lyrics are only available for songs featuring Aaron.


“As the tortured, brooding Roger, Tveit is truly a commanding stage presence, thanks to a handsome visage, killer vocal skills and a committed, assured acting style. Close-ups of his effortless performances on the giant screens on either side of the stage help convey his remarkable talent all the way up to the back of the Bowl. As Mark, Astin does a terrific job with his songs, despite appearing a bit more timid and nebbishy than his character possibly should have to be. Together, the two roommates are terrific acting partners, especially during ‘Halloween’ in the second act.”
BROADWAYWORLD< "Aaron Tveit brings welcome polish and confidence to lonesome rocker Roger." -- ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Although his bohemian frontman garb may be familiar, Tveit made Roger, Mark’s HIV-positive songwriter roommate, all his own. Desperate to write one great ballad before the disasters of his former junkie life swallow him whole, Tveit’s Roger has both the rock-star charisma and lost-boy inwardness to entice Mimi (Hudgens), the S&M dancer and drug addict beauty from downstairs, to barge into his home and break down his formidable emotional defenses.”

“[Aaron] owns a pleasant rock crooner’s voice, and his raffishly handsome looks make it easy to accept that Mimi would fall for him right away.”

“Familiar roles derive new life through unexpected approaches. Broadway baby Tveit (Next to Normal), lacking Adam Pascal’s authentic grunge sensibility, achieves his own arresting brand of self-loathing introspection.”



• The Hollywood Bowl hosts a large-scale musical every year around early August. A huge capacity outdoor amphitheater, it holds nearly 18,000 guests in the stands.

• This specific production only had one week to rehearse! Thankfully, Aaron had already been in a production of RENT before and has stated that it made him feel comfortable with the material.

• During his run in the national tour of RENT, Aaron served as an understudy for Roger Davis.

• Director Neil Patrick Harris was a fan of Aaron’s before casting him in this, specifically because of his role as Gabe in Next To Normal. They had briefly met at the 63rd Tony Awards, which Neil hosted and Aaron performed at.

• Other actors to play Roger, as Aaron did in this production, include Adam Pascal, Cary Shields, Chris Fulton, Fredrik Swahn, John Partidge, Juvon Taylor Linus Wahlgren, Luke Evans, Luther Creek, Manley Pope, Ryan Link, Sebastian Arcelus, Simon Stougaard, Tony Vincent, Will Chase, Zed McCrowski — and even Norbert Leo Butz!