RENT [National Tour]

Run date: January 2004 – December 2004
Theater: [National Tour]

Cast: Aaron Tveit (Steve), [OTHERS UNKNOWN]

Libretti by: Jonathan Larson
Lyrics by: Jonathan Larson
Music by: Jonathan Larson

Directed by: [UNKNOWN]
Choreographed by: [UNKNOWN]

Jonathan Larson’s groundbreaking Tony and Pulitzer Prize Award winner reinvented musicals when it debuted in 1996. An inspiring story about friends and artists struggling in New York City’s East Village, Rent tackles addiction, poverty, AIDS and most of all, love.


01. Tune Up #1
02. Voice Mail #1
03. Tune Up #2
04. Rent
05. You Okay Honey?
06. Tune Up #3
07. One Song Glory
08. Light My Candle
09. Voice Mail #2
10. Today 4 U
11. You’ll See
12. Tango: Maureen
13. Life Support
14. Out Tonight
15. Another Day
16. Will I?
17. On The Street
18. Santa Fe
19. I’ll Cover You
20. We’re Okay
21. Christmas Bells
22. Over The Moon
23. Over The Moon Playoff
24. La Vie Bohème A
25. I Should Tell You
26. La Vie Bohème B


01. Seasons Of Love
02. Happy New Year A
03. Voice Mail #3
04. Happy New Year B
05. Take Me Or Leave Me
06. Seasons Of Love B
07. Without You
08. Voice Mail #4
09. Contact
10. I’ll Cover You (Reprise)
11. Halloween
12. Goodbye Love
13. What You Own
14. Voice Mail #5
15. Finale A
16. Your Eyes
17. Finale B
18. Playout (I’ll Cover You)



• The casting director for the national tour of RENT held a mock audition at Aaron’s college in Ithaca. That “mock” audition ended up landing him a gig in the tour. Two months later, Aaron and his father drove to New York for a callback; the day he drove back, he received an offer to tour the country as part of the RENT cast.

• Aaron’s roll was Steve in the national tour; however, he understudied Roger Davis. Little did he know, he’d be portraying Roger in the major production of RENT at the Hollywood Bowl just five years later.