The Three Musketeers (North Shore Music Theatre)

Run date: August 21, 2007 – September 9, 2007
Theater: North Shore Music Theatre (Beverly, MA)

Cast: Aaron Tveit (D’Artagnan), Kevyn Morrow (Aramis), John Schiappa (Athos), Jimmy Smagula (Porthos), Kate Baldwin (Milady), Jenny Fellner (Constance), Steven Booth (Planchet), Kingsley Leggs (Treville), Mick Bleyer (Rochefort), Jeff Edgerton (Bonacieux), Mark Aldrich (King Louis), Allison Blackwell (Landlady of the Inn), Nick Dalton (Duke of Buckingham), Holly Davis (Cecile), Heather Koren (Queen Anne), Matt Stokes (Cardinal Richelieu), Anne Tolpegin (Dona Estefania)

Libretti by: Peter Raby
Lyrics by: Paul Leigh
Music by: George Stiles

Directed by: Francis Matthews
Choreographed by: Dennis Callahan

The Three Musketeers is a classic tale and now a swashbuckling new musical, presenting the timeless coming-of-age story of young D’Artagnan as he joins forces with Athos, Aramis and Porthos to battle the malicious cardinal and save France.


01. Riding To Paris
02. The Life Of A Musketeer (Part 1)
03. The Challenges
04. Count Me In
05. Riding To Paris (Reprise)
06. Any Day
07. Paris By Night
08. Doing Very Well Without You
09. The Life Of A Musketeer (Part 2)
10. Ride On!
11. Gentlemen
12. Time


01. A Good Old-Fashioned War
02. Who Could Have Dreamed Of You?
03. Take A Little WIne
04. No Gentlemen
05. Pour La France
06. Paris By Night (Reprise)
07. Lilacs
08. Pour La France (Reprise)
09. Doing Very Well Without You (Reprise)
10. Take A Little WIne (Reprise)
11. Any Day (Reprise)
12. Beyond The Walls
13. Who Could Have Dreamed Of You? (Reprise)
14. Count Me In (Reprise)
15. Finale

Lyrics are unavailable for this production.


“Shining at the center of this production is an energetically youthful performance by Aaron Tveit as the idealistic D’Artagnan, seeking to join his heroes in the glory of being a musketeer. Tveit seems to capture the very essence of youth and vigor in his speech, graceful and athletic movements — including some superlatively executed swordplay, and his sweet, clear tenor voice.”

“Leading this multitalented cast is Aaron Tveit as D’Artagnan. Not only is he tall, dark and handsome but he possesses a magnificent tenor voice which soars off the charts in his musical numbers. Aaron sings the lead in ”Riding to Paris’ which is about his wanting to become a Musketeer like his father as he rides into Paris on his old yellow horse, Charlemagne, sings in the quartet ‘Count Me In’ where he befriends the three Musketeers with breathtaking harmonies in it, the comic quartet ‘Ride On’ where they ride on wine barrels that go up on stilts to become their horses and in the comic number ‘A Good Old-Fashioned War’ where they go to war with England and recall how much fun war can be. The beautiful duets he sings with his lady love, Constance are ‘Doing Very Well Without You’ and ‘Who Could Have Dreamed of You’ which sounds like “In My Life” from Les Miz. Aaron not only hits pay dirt in his comic bits but he also tugs your heartstrings at the death of Constance and his final acceptance into being a Musketeer and his realization at what being a hero is all about. His sword play is astounding, too. Bravo on a job extremely well done.”

“Aaron Tveit, who made a strong impression in this summer’s Calvin Berger, continues to show his range and express his tenor as the charmingly boyish D’Artagnan.”



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