‘Stereotypically You’ is Not a “Paint-by-Numbers Rom-Com”

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While we wait for a release date for Stereotypically You, we can at least read Aaron Tveit’s thoughts on the upcoming romantic-comedy he stars in. Talking to Collider, he addresses what drew him to the role and why it isn’t like other rom-coms, including showing the process of love and discovery from a man’s perspective.

Although this interview primarily focuses on Stereotypically You, there’s also some chatter about Aaron’s new CBS show, “BrainDead,” as well as the incredibly successful presentation of Fox’s “Grease: Live.” Read an excerpt below before heading to the source for more.

This is not the kind of romantic comedy where everything is wrapped up neatly with a bow. Was that also appealing to you?
Yeah, and I think that’s something Ben also really wanted to convey. Even though the film goes out of reality, the real reality of the movie is realistic. Things don’t always tie up in a nice bow. Even when you make strides with people and relationships, it’s complicated. Life doesn’t move in a linear fashion. Life makes lefts and rights, and it doubles back. What I also really liked about Ben’s script is that Charlie is okay, but he’s not riding off into the sunset with a new girl, which is another way that it doesn’t fall into cliche.

SOURCE: Collider

‘Undrafted’ Acquired by Vertical Entertainment

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As if there hasn’t been enough fantastic news for Aaron Tveit lately, Undrafted – in which he stars – has finally found a distributor! Vertical Entertainment has acquired worldwide rights for the baseball drama, according to Deadline. A release date has yet to be set, but we’re moving closer to the film’s debut.

Writer and director Joseph Mazzello said of the acquisition, “I am thrilled to be partnering with Vertical to distribute Undrafted. around the globe. I can’t wait for the world to see this film, and to love it the same way we all do. Thanks to Vertical that will soon become a reality.” This is Mazzello’s feature directorial debut, making this deal that much sweeter for him.

Deadline has summarized Undrafted as follows:

Inspired by the real experiences of Mazzello’s brother, the story examines how one moves on from crushing disappointment as it follows collegiate baseball star John Mazetti (Tveit), whose major league dreams are dashed when he’s skipped over in the MLB draft. John comes to grips with missing out on a baseball career as he throws himself in with a misfit intramural baseball league.

31st Santa Barbara International Film Festival

February 10, 2016 • Category: Gallery, General News, Public Appearances, Stereotypically You 0

As previously reported, the 2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festval hosted the world premiere of Stereotypically You on Saturday, February 6th. Aaron Tveit was in attendance, along with co-stars Kelen Coleman, Lauren Miller Rogen, and Abby Elliott. Director Benjamin Cox was also on hand to talk about the film during a Q&A. Unfortunately, there are no videos from the interview panel, but I have added some pictures from the event to the gallery.

Access Hollywood Live (February 2016)

Just because “Grease: Live” is over doesn’t mean the media is done talking about the critically acclaimed television event. Earlier today, Aaron Tveit appeared on Access Hollywood Live to give more deets on the ambitious production — like the pressure of costume changes (particularly just before and during “Those Magic Changes”) and how they rehearsed a potentially different opening just fifteen minutes before showtime because of the testy weather.

In the second half of the interview – which you can view by continuing below – they discuss Stereotypically You and a little bit of Aaron’s upcoming CBS comic-thriller, “BrainDead.”

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KTLA (February 2016)

February 5, 2016 • Category: Articles & Interviews, Grease: Live, Stereotypically You 1

Yesterday morning, Aaron Tveit appeared on KTLA to talk about “Grease: Live” now that the pressure of the live show is over. He shares some previously unknown details about the production – including having as many as 15-20 stage managers – and reveals that he headed to In-N-Out for burgers and fries once the show wrapped. There’s a brief mention of Stereotypically You at the end (which has its world premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival tomorrow), but the interview primarily focuses on the tremendous feat that was “Grease: Live.”

First ‘Stereotypically You’ Clip Released

February 5, 2016 • Category: Film News, Stereotypically You 1

Although we don’t have an official trailer, we now have our first look at Stereotypically You thanks to Entertainment Tonight. At just under two minutes, we briefly meet Aaron Tveit’s character – Charlie Carroll – who immediately comes across as cynical and dismissive about his dating life (or lack thereof). This dating comedy has heralded itself as being magical-realistic in some aspects, the plot citing that Charlie is on a “hallucination-fueled, post-breakup quest to find new love… and himself.” Stereotypically You has its world premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival tomorrow, February 6th.

‘Stereotypically You’ to Debut at Santa Barbara Film Festival

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Stereotypically You, writer/director Benjamin Cox’s new NYC dating comedy, is finally ready to debut. The Santa Barbara Film Festival will hold the indie film’s world premiere on Saturday, February 6th (at 2:00PM) with a follow-up showing on Sunday, February 7th (11:40AM). The screenings are occurring at the venue’s Metro 2 and Metro 3, respectively. For more information, visit the SBFF’s program guide.

Aaron Tveit stars in this fantastical romantic-comedy, which promises a story in which his character faces an “hallucination-fueled, post-breakup quest to find new love… and himself.” The cast also includes Abby Elliott, Lauren Miller, Kal Penn, Shane McRae, Kelen Coleman, Lewis Black, Chris Elliott, and the hilarious Broadway favorite Annaleigh Ashford.

You can find the film’s first poster in the gallery, as well as some new film stills on Just Jared.

The 31st annual Santa Barbara Film Festival runs from February 3-13th in Santa Barbara, California. For those interested in attending, you can purchase passes and/or packages in a variety of price points, needs, and interests at their official online shop.

Aaron Revisits Career Milestones

From his first filmed appearance in Ghost Town to his extensive involvement in two original Broadway shows (Next To Normal and Catch Me If You Can) to Fox’s upcoming “Grease: Live,” Aaron has a lot to talk about. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, he sat down to reminisce over these career highlights and milestones, including his curly Enjolras wig and which role of his has yielded a lot of very strong opinions.

Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for the full piece — not to mention a few new gifs sprinkled throughout:


Aaron Tveit: The word that really comes to mind is “us.” It’s such a collective experience between myself and my cast, and our creators and our showrunners, and our crew — we just really love each other and have so much fun. We all live in Florida to shoot the show, so I think that creates a sense of our own little community because we’re all transplanted. So when I think about “Graceland,” I really think about the entire group of cast and crew.

Do you guys do fun stuff after filming?
Yeah, it’s interesting because we all kind of live there in a place where we don’t live. We all do our own thing, but then we all feel the itch of loneliness at the same time and we’ll all text each other like, “Hey, want to go get dinner this weekend?” So we all feel this at similar times.

Do you have any crazy Florida stories?
You take your life in your own hands driving down the street every day. Having to drive I-95 every day in Florida is like, the most dangerous experience.


‘Big Sky’ Trailer Debuts

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The first trailer for Big Sky – starring Bella Thorne, Kyra Sedgwick, Frank Grillo, and Aaron Tveit – has finally hit the web. ET was the first to premiere the trailer, which shows Hazel (played by Thorne) in a precarious position after she and her mother are attacked by gunmen in the desert.

Big Sky has a limited release date of August 14th, in select New York and Los Angeles theaters; but if you can’t make it to either city, the film will also hit Video On Demand (VOD) on the same day.

“Big Sky” Release Date & Poster Revealed

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For those who have been eagerly – and patiently – anticipating Jorge Michel Grau and Evan M. Wiener’s Big Sky, there’s finally some news to get excited about. First of all, a teaser poster for the upcoming film has been revealed, hinting at the plot just enough without giving anything away.

Additionally, Big Sky now has a summer release date: it will hit U.S. cinemas on August 14th. According to their official Facebook, a trailer is “coming.” Aaron Tveit stars alongside Bella Thorne, Kyra Sedgwick, Frank Grillo, and Francois Arnaud in this feature thriller.