Norbert Leo Butz “Reaccepts” His Tony

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Those who attended the performance of Catch Me If You Can last night, June 14th, got an extra special surprise when the company hang around a while after. The reason? Norbert Leo Butz – dismayed that he had left off an important set of “thank yous” from his Tony acceptance speech on Sunday – had words left to say. He called these four minutes a reacceptance of his Tonys, thanking those part of the Catch Me team, and taking extra time out to specifically thank Aaron Tveit. It’s a really beautiful speech, heartfelt in only the way NLB can be, and worth a watch. Congrats again to Norbert for the big win!

Aaron Tveit at the 65th Annual Tony Awards!

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Pictures of Aaron at the Tony Awards have been added to the Gallery, including him checking out some pre-award show swag (including tequila and watches) as well as images from the performance of “Live In Living Color.” If more are posted online, I’ll post them as soon as possible.

Aaron Performs at 65th Annual Tony Awards

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Earlier this evening, Aaron Tveit hit the stage at the Beacon Theatre to perform at the 65th Annual Tony Awards. He sang “Live In Living Color” to serve as an introduction into Norbert Leo Butz’s performance of “Don’t Break The Rules.” Check out the entire Catch Me If You Can medley above.

Aaron Sings “Goodbye” at Macy’s Herald Square

This news is a couple of days old now, but I debated posting about it as I don’t believe any of the videos are professionally shot. That said, Aaron Tveit – along with Tom Wopat and Kerry Butler – performed at Macy’s Herald Square on Thursday, June 2nd. It was part of a campaign to get shoppers in the store: the first 25 to spend $200 in the men’s department received tickets to see Catch Me If You Can. Aaron sang “Goodbye” from the musical, and you can check out footage of the performance above. There are also a couple of other videos, which you can see here (check out Kerry swaying in the background!) and here.

Nancy Sinatra, Mark Sanchez Visit ‘Catch Me’ Cast

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On Friday, June 3rd, two special guests caught Aaron Tveit and Norbert Leo Butz in Catch Me If You Can. Nancy Sinatra – daughter of famous crooner, Frank Sinatra – along with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez stopped by to show their support. Check out a bunch of pictures added to the Gallery!

Broadway Show League – Game #6

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Pictures of Aaron Tveit have been added from the Broadway Show League game that happened yesterday, June 2nd. Edit: Even more pictures from the event have been added. Enjoy!

Aaron Sings “Seven Wonders” on Sirius XM

Here’s an interesting treat from the Sirius interview that aired a few days ago: Aaron Tveit singing “Seven Wonders” solo! It’s from the “Getting Sirius With Seth” radio show, in which Aaron – along with the composers of Catch Me If You Can – sat down and spoke with Seth Rudetsky. (You might remember this post.) You can also check out Aaron singing “Goodbye” (the entire song this time) from the same show here.

Tom Hanks, Vanessa Hudgens Visit ‘Catch Me If You Can’

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Yesterday, May 29th, two celebs decided to check out Broadway’s Catch Me If You Can — including Tom Hanks! He stopped by to show his support and later Tweeted about the show, saying, “Key players in B’way CatchMeIfUCan. Don’t miss it. NL Butz and Aaron Tveit are 4-Star great!” Vanessa Hudgens – Aaron Tveit’s co-star in the Hollywood Bowl production of RENT last year – was there as well.

Seth Rudetsky Talks to ‘Catch Me If You Can’

The composers behind Catch Me If You Can – Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman – along with star of the show, Aaron Tveit, recently sat down with Seth Rudetsky to talk about the musical. Broadway World has an exclusive first peak of the interview, from the show “Getting Sirius With Seth,” which will air on Sirius/XM Channel 72 this Friday, May 27th at 7 pm Eastern. Check out an excerpt from the article below, or a brief performance of “Goodbye” from Aaron in the video above.

Casting Aaron Tveit as con man Frank Abagnale in the show was a match made in heaven. Tveit had made his Broadway debut as Link Larkin in another Shaiman & Wittman collaboration, HAIRSPRAY. He realized early on that acting on a Broadway stage was not quite what he had imagined it to be. “I found that it’s really just people putting on a show who love to do theater and it just happens to be at the highest level and everyone’s working really really hard. It’s just in the spotlight a little more and there’s a little more pressure.”

Rudetsky asked the actor how having a small part in HAIRSPRAY differs from having a “big, fat part” in his current show. “Well in my own head, I HAD a big fat part in HAIRSPRAY,” joked Tveit. “It’s just that the audience didn’t get to see it. I was getting upstaged by myself. So now, it’s just people getting to see what’s going on in my head a little more!”

Tveit is thrilled with the opportunity to play the complex character of Abagnale and he loves the challenge of navigating between talking directly to the theater audience and dropping back into the scene. “I feel like I find new stuff everyday,” he says. “It’s just such an interesting thing I get to do every night.”

NPH Checks out ‘Catch Me’ on Broadway

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As mentioned earlier, Neil Patrick Harris checked out Catch Me If You Can on Sunday, May 22nd. He and his partner, David Burtka, stopped by backstage to meet the Broadway cast, including Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, and Kerry Butler. Pictures have been added to the Gallery.