Happy 32nd Birthday, Aaron!

October 21, 2015 • Category: ATN Exclusive, Site News 194

As Doc Brown stated this morning: the future has arrived. And while today might not be the future you once thought possible, it is the one you created with your own skill, determination, and bravery. You see, there is a certain kind of fearlessness that comes with an actor such as yourself. With impending projects “Grease: Live” and “BrainDead,” you’ve once again established that you aren’t afraid to push yourself and welcome challenging roles or opportunities. It is an admirable trait; one that has resonated with many of your fans, as evidenced in their many birthday wishes.

What’s especially great about being a public figure with such ambition is that you’re able to instill dreams and a sense of belief in so many adoring admirers. They, too, can work hard and achieve greatness. Like years before, your legions of fans from around the world have left beautiful messages wishing you the best in your new year. Some have shared personal stories of finding strength through your talents, while others have discovered their own passion because of your performances. By establishing your own accomplishments by this October 21, 2015, you have helped shaped their future, Doc. And that’s a pretty nifty gift to have in your 32nd year and beyond.

Have a very happy birthday, Aaron. Here’s to your own future — and making it a good one.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude,” says Aaron

October 22, 2014 • Category: ATN Exclusive, Site News 7

Are Aaron Tveit’s fans the greatest, or what? From around the world, you guys came out by the hundreds to leave beautiful and inspiring birthday messages, proving how much of an impact Aaron has left globally — which is simply amazing!

I want to personally thank everyone who took some time out of their day to leave a message on the site. Like last year, they were forwarded to Aaron; and once again, he has sent ATN a letter to post on the site, expressing his gratitude to you, his faithful fans. Read his note exclusively here on ATN:

Hey everyone!!
Wow. You are all AWESOME
First I have to say thank you to Kristina for organizing this birthday message project once again!
And you guys..
I really don’t even know what to say. I am so moved and touched and humbled reading all of these messages. I usually just have my head down and go about my day and work, but to have a moment to hear from you all, and receive your birthday wishes and all the amazing things you have to say…
Really stops me in my tracks!
To read your letters, see your artwork, watch your videos, read your cards and collages and poems, and to think of the time and effort you all put in to get these in for MY birthday..
What a thing.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude.
Thank you. Thank you!

Happy 31st Birthday, Aaron!

October 21, 2014 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News 386

Happy Birthday, Aaron! For most people, it would be pretty tough to top a year when a street was named in their honor — but, let’s be honest, most people don’t have a Stephen Sondheim production in their pending repertoire. To jump into Assassins after a three-year hiatus from live theater is a marvelous introduction into 31, hopefully acting as an indicator of Things To Come in the next year. Especially after being further wowed by your portrayal of Mike Warren in season two of “Graceland,” I can say with certainty that those seeing you as John Wilkes Booth in the coming months are in for a treat; and even if they can’t make it to a show, your fans – the self-appointed Tveitor Tots – wait with baited breath for more professional endeavors on the distant horizon.

Speaking of your fans, they are a truly amazing bunch. Like last year, they’ve shared stories and posted beautiful birthday messages from around the globe — and hopefully they will serve as a perfect present to you. I hope your day is super fantastic and that you’ll once again enjoy the passionate support from your fans.

New Fan Mail Address

June 12, 2014 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News 25

Fans have asked (and asked and asked…), and Team Tveit has listened. After a hiatus, Aaron Tveit will once again be accepting fan mail! There is a new address for fans to send all their letters, artwork, and autograph requests, so disregard any and all former addresses used. From now on, only use the following when submitting your mail:

Aaron Tveit
c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd #300
Burbank, CA 91505

Be sure to include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope)!

Keep in mind that all mail submissions are completely out of my hand, so please don’t contact me asking if/when you will hear back. It may take months to receive a response, particularly autographs; after all, Aaron is a very busy man these days. That said, do feel confident that the mail will reach him.

Also, quick request: please be responsible. Don’t divulge private information, and stay away from gifts like food (especially perishable food). Other than that, start penning your letters now and have fun!

2013 Tough Mudder

November 6, 2013 • Category: ATN Exclusive, Gallery, General News 2

This past weekend, Aaron Tveit competed in the annual event, Tough Mudder, in Charlotte, North Carolina. More than a marathon, Tough Mudder is an intensive obstacle course that tests “strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.” Some of the obstacles include scaling rope walls and crawling through mud, but there are even more hardcore expectations like dealing with ice water, fire, and even 10,000 volts of electricity. Check out a PDF of Charlotte’s course; if you want detailed descriptions (and picutres) of the obstacles, head over here.

ATN is happy to provide two pictures of Aaron from the event. The first is before the race, while the second features him with his friend and teammate after completing the obstacle course. Congrats, Aaron!

Although Tough Mudder is an extreme challenge, the event is overall a positive experience and a great way to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project, an organization that aids wounded post-9/11 veterans. If you’re curious about competing, you can check out Tough Mudder’s official site and registration page; however, be aware of how much physical strength and endurance you’ll need and approach the challenge responsibly (i.e. with training).

“Thank you so much,” from Aaron Tveit

October 22, 2013 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News 37

As ATN promised, your beautiful birthday submissions were forwarded to Aaron Tveit yesterday. After reading through all of the messages (there’s 515 of them!), he asked the site to publish his very sincere thank you – to all of you – on his behalf. Please read Aaron’s letter of gratitude on your amazing birthday wishes below.

To all of you!
Let me first start by simply saying THANK YOU for all your incredible birthday messages!!
Kristina sent me the link yesterday to your birthday greetings and I read every single one of them. Thank you so much for sharing with me your beautiful stories and birthday wishes.
I have to say I really was floored! I am so grateful to have you all in my corner,it means the world.
The fact that you all took the time to write,or create incredible artwork and original cards–really truly just meant so much.
Please know how much I appreciate the constant support and love you send my way
Thank you so much!


Happy 30th Birthday, Aaron!

October 21, 2013 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News, Site News 515

Happy Birthday, Aaron! Welcome to a whole new decade. Despite Joey’s reaction above, they say actors start getting offered the really interesting parts in their thirties. And judging by your most recent role – in Big Sky – it seems like that ol’ saying might be true already. It’s been incredibly exciting to watch the trajectory of your career in the past year alone, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for you professionally. I think I speak for all your fans when I say that it’s wonderful being a fan of an actor who loves to try new mediums, genres, characters, stories; someone who isn’t afraid of being daring and exploring his potential. Even better is when success follows truly kind-yet-talented folk, such as yourself. Here’s to you and your unbridled bravado, especially as you explore your thirties. May you have a very happy and fulfilling year.

It’s been crazy watching this website – and, therefore, your fan base – grow within a year. There are over 500 amazing birthday messages (and some photographic gifts) waiting for you in the comments. From all around the world, fans have shared inspiring stories while wishing you the happiest of birthdays. You’re an amazing aspiration to many; hopefully that knowledge in itself is a great present to have on this day. Enjoy!

Save the Dates: 54 Below to Host Several Concerts for Aaron Tveit

March 28, 2013 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News, In Concert, Stage Work 26

I’m very excited to announce the following news that fans have been eagerly waiting for: in May, Aaron Tveit will be performing several concerts at the beloved nightclub, 54 Below! Read on for details:

When looking for an extraordinary New York experience, look no further than 54 Below. The elegant venue provides world class dining and hosts an array of Broadway talent – from Patti LuPone to Norbert Leo Butz – in an intimate setting: no table is more than 24 feet away from the stage.

Starting early May, Aaron Tveit will take the 54 Below stage for the first time. As part of several one-man shows, he’ll perform popular standards, personal favorites, and songs from his previous Broadway productions.

Each of the concerts held on May 3rd, May 11th, May 17th, and May 18th will begin at 11 PM. Despite the late show times, 54 Below is open to all ages, so young fans are encouraged to attend provided they demonstrate maturity inside the club.

Subscribers to 54 Below’s mailing list will be able to obtain pre-sale tickets starting April 2nd; a general public sale begins April 5th. To purchase tickets, visit TicketWeb.com or call (866) 468-7619. For further information – including directions and dinner reservations – head over to 54 Below’s official site.

‘Les Misérables’ Clip – “One Day More”

December 18, 2012 • Category: ATN Exclusive, Film News, Les Misérables 0

This isn’t so much a clip as it is the entire song; but for those interested, you can now watch the full “One Day More” scene from the movie-musical, Les Misérables. Needless to say, it’s a spoiler, so only watch if you’re content with viewing this pinnacle moment in the story out of context. Aaron Tveit is (of course) shown throughout quite a bit, gathering a few special moments for his character along the way.

ATF Exclusive: For those who didn’t catch my tweet about it, I was lucky enough to see Les Mis on Friday. I wrote up an experience on my website, if you’re interested in thoughts from a mega-fan of the musical and novel. (Beware of spoilers!)

Aaron Attends Opening Night of ‘Dogfight’

July 17, 2012 • Category: ATN Exclusive, Gallery, General News, Public Appearances 2

HQ photos courtesy of Iridescent Hathaway and THG Fan.

Last night, July 16th, Aaron Tveit attended the off-Broadway opening night of the new musical, Dogfight, at Second Stage. Directed by Joe Mantello (Wicked) and featuring music and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (who wrote “Along The Way”), the musical was a perfect opportunity for a night out to support friends. Check out an exclusive picture sent to ATF featuring Aaron with good friend, Annaleigh Ashford, who is also starring in the show. BroadwayWorld provides a summary of Dogfight below:

It’s November 21, 1963. On the eve of their deployment to a small but growing conflict in Southeast Asia, three young Marines set out for one final boys’ night of debauchery, partying, and maybe a little trouble. But when Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, an awkward and idealistic waitress he enlists to win a cruel bet with his fellow recruits, she rewrites the rules of the game and teaches him the power of compassion.