“Graceland” Screen Caps: S3E08 — “Savior Complex”

August 20, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

After a prolonged downward spiral following his deathbed experience, Mike Warren finally hit his bottom in the eighth episode of “Graceland” S3. All it took was getting captured by a couple of meth heads, accidentally shooting a colleague, stealing said colleague’s painkillers, and some perfectly placed, well-timed flyers for a rehab center featuring – what else? – the red birds Mike has been looking for all season. (It also involved incredible acting by Aaron Tveit, who adlibbed much of the detox scene.) Will the sobriety hold, or will Mike fall into another vice? By the end of the episode, it seems he may already have something else to obsess over….

“Graceland” Promo: S3E09 — “Hand Of Glory”

August 14, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 0

Mike questions Briggs’ motivations in the Sarkissian case; and Charlie devises a new plan to catch Germaine.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S3E07 — “Bon Voyage”

August 12, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

Once again, in this week’s episode of “Graceland,” the housemates banded together for a common cause; only this time, it involved an intervention of their own agent. Let’s just say that Mike wasn’t exactly keen on his coworkers (and, arguably, family) confronting him about his drug usage — but, at the very least, Charlie was able to break through to him. Will her encouragement stick with Mike? How much further must he fall before he’s able to pick himself back up? (Speaking of Charlie, Vanessa Ferlito – along with Aaron Tveit – delivered some beautiful acting in this ep.) HD screen caps from the episode – entitled “Bon Voyage” – have been added to the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S3E08 — “Savior Complex”

August 7, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 0

As Charlie and Jakes close in on Germaine, Mike’s drug addiction reaches a breaking point when he and Gusti are caught in a dangerous situation.

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‘Hamilton’ Broadway Opening Night

August 6, 2015 • Category: Gallery, General News, Public Appearances 2

The theater community has been buzzing over Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest musical, Hamilton, and today (August 6th) it finally hit Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre. Aaron Tveit attended the opening night for this historical reimagining of Alexander Hamilton’s life, which combines hip-hop with period costuming. It was a star-studded opening night, with Lucy Liu, Samuel L. Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Peter Dinklage, Judith Light, Questlove, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, and many others in attendance.

“Graceland” Screen Caps: S3E06 — “Sidewinder”

August 6, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

While planning a “shakedown” of Gusti in “Graceland” S3E06 episode, “Sidewinder,” Mike ran into a little trouble himself when he started feeling (shall we say) deprived. By his side, Johnny also made the discovery that Gusti’s wife also suffers from addiction — a detail that Mike took into his own hands. Over 500 HD screen caps from the episode have been added to the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S3E07 — “Bon Voyage”

August 1, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 0

Plans take a turn for the worse when Charlie attempts to pull Amber from Florida; and in an effort to aid Briggs, Paige sets up a bust to pull the plug on the Sarkissian organization. However, things are not always as they seem.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S3E05 — “Piñon Tree”

July 29, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

The latest episode of “Graceland” – the fifth of the season, entitled “Piñon Tree” – featured quite a bit of Mike Warren, now finding his footing in a recently uncovered case. After piecing together “crazy birds and numbers” clues, he arrived at a young man named Gusti — who may or may not be the answer to Mike’s divine intervention. We also saw the conclusion of the Solano storyline, and were introduced to another budding plot after Mike broke into Charlie’s safe. Because this was an Aaron-centric episode, there are over 700 HD screen caps in the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S3E06 — “Sidewinder”

July 24, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 0

Mike develops a plan to learn about the contents of Gusti’s trunk; and Briggs helps Paige go undercover with the Armenian Mafia’s shipping company.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S3E04 — “Aha”

July 20, 2015 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

In arguably the most innovative “Graceland” episode to date, we were able to slowly watch Briggs’ case with Ari unfold through a series of flashbacks — stylishly filtered in black and white with pops of warm colors. The entire house joined forces once more in this complex narrative, with Mike even getting a face-to-face confrontation with Ari at a gas station. The episode was truly beautiful, and you can now find over 200 HD screen caps in the gallery.