‘Big Fish’ Broadway Opening Night

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October 6th was the official premiere of Big Fish at the Neil Simon on Broadway, Tony-winning actor Norbert Leo Butz’s new musical (also starring Bobby Steggert and Kate Baldwin). Inspired by the Tim Burton film, and directed by Susan Stroman, it’s a story about big tales and fatherhood. Andrew Lippa is responsible for the music and lyrics, while John August – who wrote the sceenplay for the film – also wrote the musical’s book.

Aaron Tveit – Norbert’s co-star on Catch Me If You Can – was in attendance at the Big Fish opening night, along with Hilary Swank, Billy Porter, Victor Garber, Whoopi Goldberg, Zachary Quinto, Ellen Greene, Liev Schreiber, Perez Hilton, and Zach Braff. Although Aaron did not walk the red carpet, he was at the after-party; you can view a few pics from the evening in the gallery, including an adorable shot of him with Norbert. Check out what Aaron had to say about the production below, courtesy of Broadway.com:

“It felt very nostalgic to be back at the Neil Simon,” Tveit told Broadway.com at the show’s opening night bash across 52nd Street at Roseland. The rising star previously appeared onstage at the theater when he made his Broadway debut as Link Larkin in Hairspray in 2006 and later headlined Catch Me If You Can in 2011 opposite the two-time Tony-winning star of Big Fish, Norbert Leo Butz.

“Norbert’s incredible,” he said. “He’s such a force of nature. Now when I watch him, I can see the little things he’s doing, and I know what it’s like to be up there with him. It’s just incredible.” Tveit admitted that he joined the legions of grown men who have cried at the sentimental show. “Oh yeah, I cried my eyes out,” he said. “It just smacks you in the face.”

“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E12 – “Pawn”

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Thursday night, the season one finale of “Graceland” aired, tying up a bunch of house secrets — and setting up some intrigue for the recently-announced second season. What did you think? And what do you hope to see during the next season? Any speculations? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments, including what your favorite moments of S1 were! I’ve also added over 380 HD, logoless screen caps of Aaron Tveit from the final episode, “Pawn.” Enjoy!

2013 Broadway Show League – Championship Game #1

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On Thursday, September 5th, the 2013 Broadway Show League held its first championship game. Aaron Tveit’s team, Rock of Ages, was paired up against Motown. In a surprising turn of events, RoA actually lost, with a total score of 4-10. No worries, however: because it was their first loss of the playoff games, RoA will once again compete with Motown for a second, shorter-inning game and the championship title. In the meantime, check out some HQ shots of Aaron from the recent game. Good luck, Team Rock of Ages!

“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E11 – “Happy Endings”

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On Thursday night, the penultimate episode of “Graceland” aired, setting us up for the finale to hit television sets on the 12th. Any theories on what might become of Paul Briggs? Although a second season for “Graceland” has not yet been announced, series creator Jeff Eastin recently tweeted “just checked the magic 8 ball and outlook good,” so hopefully we can expect some great news soon. Aaron Tveit wasn’t featured in this episode (entitled “Happy Endings”) as much as previous eps, but I’ve still added over 330 HD, logoless screen caps.

“Graceland” Promo: S1E11 – “Happy Endings”

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Looking for the truth about Juan’s disappearance, Briggs and Mike play a dangerous game of cat and mouse – forcing Briggs to make a major decision about his future.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E10 – “King’s Castle”

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Another Thursday, another great episode of USA Network’s “Graceland.” Although Mike Warren wasn’t featured as much in the tenth episode – entitled “King’s Castle” – he had a lot of great character moments and opportunities to put his ever-budding acting chops on display. Nothing and no one is quite as they seem in Graceland, are they? With some house secrets revealed, it’ll be interesting to see how everything will be resolved in the final two episodes. I’ve added just shy of 500 HD, logoless screen caps to the gallery. Enjoy!

“The Radio In My Head: Live at 54 Below” Album Cover Revealed

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Broadway Records has just released – via Facebook and Twitter – the official cover for Aaron Tveit’s upcoming album, The Radio In My Head: Live at 54 Below. The image used is from his limited stint at the New York supper club, 54 Below, where Aaron held six sold out concerts back in May. If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to pre-order The Radio In My Head. It will be released September 10th. You can also check out the track listing below:

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2013 Broadway Show League – Playoff Games #3 & #4

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Nearly a week ago, on August 15th, the Broadway Show League entered into its third and fourth playoffs; two games were held due to previous weather delays. Aaron Tveit once again joined team Rock Of Ages, which has yet to be defeated in the playoffs. Held against Motown, the first game resulted in a close score – 7-8 – with RoA barely pulling ahead for the win. They were then paired up against Jekyll & Hyde for their second playoff of the day but fared much better: the final score had Rock Of Ages pummeling their competition with a final score of 4-24.

Rock Of Ages are “bye” this week, meaning they won’t be playing tomorrow; however, their relentless wins have earned them a spot in the 2013 Championship Game. Congrats, Aaron and team!

“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E09 – “Smoke Alarm”

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What did you think of Thursday night’s episode of “Graceland”? Aaron Fullerton wrote the twisty episode, entitled “Smoke Alarm” — his first television writing credit. He’s praised those behind “Graceland” for their generous support, considering he wrote the teleplay while receiving chemotherapy. He’s also very funny, and you should definitely follow him on Twitter. The show is getting better and better, so let’s hope for an announcement regarding season two soon. In the meantime, enjoy over 550 HD, logoless screen caps from this episode in the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S1E09 – “Smoke Alarm”

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Bello’s last strike to the Caza Cartel sets a war in motion that Graceland now needs to stop. While on her hunt for Odin, Charlie meets an unusual ally and Briggs comes face to face with the past.

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