Broadway Show League – Game #8

June 19, 2011 • Category: Gallery, Public Appearances 0

Pictures from the Broadway Show League’s June 16th game have been added to the gallery. Team Catch Me played against Billy Elliot, the latter of which won by 11 points. No matter — it looks like everyone had a good time anyway, including Aaron Tveit, who slid into a base. More pictures will be added if/when they come up.

Nancy Sinatra, Mark Sanchez Visit ‘Catch Me’ Cast

June 4, 2011 • Category: Catch Me If You Can, Gallery, Public Appearances 0

On Friday, June 3rd, two special guests caught Aaron Tveit and Norbert Leo Butz in Catch Me If You Can. Nancy Sinatra – daughter of famous crooner, Frank Sinatra – along with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez stopped by to show their support. Check out a bunch of pictures added to the Gallery!

Broadway Show League – Game #6

June 3, 2011 • Category: Gallery, Public Appearances 0

Pictures of Aaron Tveit have been added from the Broadway Show League game that happened yesterday, June 2nd. Edit: Even more pictures from the event have been added. Enjoy!

Aaron Scores Cover of IN New York Magazine

June 1, 2011 • Category: Gallery, General News 0

This month’s issue of IN New York has a special star on the cover: Aaron Tveit! He talks a bit about his history in musicals, performing at the Tonys, being overwhelmed by certain stars who come see his show, and why New York is his favorite city. You can check out the issue on their website here, directly view the scans (above, in the Gallery), or simply read the interview in ATF’s Press Archive.

Tom Hanks, Vanessa Hudgens Visit ‘Catch Me If You Can’

May 30, 2011 • Category: Catch Me If You Can, Gallery, Public Appearances 0

Yesterday, May 29th, two celebs decided to check out Broadway’s Catch Me If You Can — including Tom Hanks! He stopped by to show his support and later Tweeted about the show, saying, “Key players in B’way CatchMeIfUCan. Don’t miss it. NL Butz and Aaron Tveit are 4-Star great!” Vanessa Hudgens – Aaron Tveit’s co-star in the Hollywood Bowl production of RENT last year – was there as well.

Press Archive Added; Seeking Content for Site

May 27, 2011 • Category: Site News 0

The Press Archive is now open for fans to peruse. You can find a selection of articles and interviews featuring Aaron Tveit over the years. If you know of any that haven’t yet been added, feel free to forward them over as I most likely haven’t seen them yet.

Additionally, Aaron Tveit Fan is looking to add more content on the site. While I’ll be working on bulking up the Gallery some more, I really need your help to beef up the Extras section. I’m looking for animations/.gifs, avatars and icons, desktop wallpapers, and fan art (no fan fiction) to host. You’ll receive full credit under your name and a link to your e-mail/website, if you so choose. I’ll also accept trivia submissions for the Facts & Trivia section, and I welcome you to send me your favorite quote either said from or about Aaron. (I won’t be crediting for these things. However, once again, if you create something original, you will receive credit.)

Aaron deserves a great site with lots of content and fan support, so please send me your stuff. You can either contact me here or directly by e-mail. Let’s make ATF the best it can be!

“Law & Order: SVU” Screen Caps Added

May 26, 2011 • Category: Gallery, Law & Order: SVU 0

The Gallery was already pretty full when Aaron Tveit Fan was opened, but I’ve done some recent additions so you might want to look around. Most notably, I’ve just uploaded screen caps from Aaron’s appearance on “Law & Order: SVU,” in which he played an alarmingly sweet and sensitive boyfriend. Many, many thanks to the wonderful Jess at Mariska Online for the caps, since my program refused to cooperate. Enjoy!

NPH Checks out ‘Catch Me’ on Broadway

May 23, 2011 • Category: Catch Me If You Can, Gallery, Public Appearances 0

As mentioned earlier, Neil Patrick Harris checked out Catch Me If You Can on Sunday, May 22nd. He and his partner, David Burtka, stopped by backstage to meet the Broadway cast, including Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, and Kerry Butler. Pictures have been added to the Gallery.

Welcome to Aaron Tveit Fan!

May 20, 2011 • Category: Site News 1

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Aaron Tveit Fan, your source for everything on the wickedly talented Broadway star, Aaron Tveit. I’m Kristina and I’ll be your dutiful webmistress, reporting all the latest news, photos, and media featuring Aaron. The site is a work-in-progress, so please be patient while content is added. In the meantime, you can check out any of my other already established sites: Bryan Fuller Online, Hugh Jackman Fan, and Lee Pace Odyssey.