“Graceland” Promo: S2E12 — “Echoes”

August 29, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 1

Even as the agents bait their final hooks against the Solano Cartel, it dawns that Sid may still have a few tricks of his own.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S2E10 — “The Head Of The Pig”

August 22, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

Following an episode where Mike literally had blood on his hands, he was barely able to get any rest before his ongoing operation blew up in his face. Did Paige and Briggs made the right decision by stepping into the compound? After exploring Sulla’s house, do you think Paige now has a hunch about Lena’s ultimate fate? Mike wasn’t featured heavily in this episode, but you can still find several HD screen caps from “The Head Of The Pig” in the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S2E11 — “Home”

August 22, 2014 • Category: Graceland, Television News 0


Briggs learns that someone at Graceland has proof of his past crimes.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S2E09 — “Gratis”

August 20, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

The ninth episode of “Graceland” S2 might have been the darkest yet, showing the indescribable bleakness of Sulla’s house of sex trafficking. Mike Warren – who was staying overnight for the case – involved himself with a lot of trouble and heartache. Do you think Mike behaved rationally, or was he running too much on emotions? How do you think this will affect other relationships in the show? Over 250 HD screen caps from the episode (“Gratis”) have been added to the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S2E10 — “The Head Of The Pig”

August 14, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 0

Briggs and Paige sen Briggs’ undercover after Mike, who they believe has pushed boundaries too far. Unfortunately, a dirty cop’s commitment to corruption causes the operation to go awry.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S2E08 — “The Ends”

August 10, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

Graceland has always been about sacrifices, as shown on Wednesday’s episode of the USA Network series. In the eighth episode of the season – entitled “The Ends” – we see Mike making an arrangement in order to help girls involved in a sex traffic operation. Meanwhile, Johnny and Briggs have found themselves in a bit of a struggle in their personal life due to their professional obligations. Is someone bound to get burned from their sacrifices? Although Aaron wasn’t heavily featured in this episode, you can now find HD screen caps from “The Ends” in the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S2E09 — “Gratis”

August 7, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 0

When Johnny meets with the head of the cartel, he suggests another method of smuggling drugs into US.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S2E07 — “Los Malos”

August 5, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 0

The seventh episode of season two of “Graceland” saw Mike Warren take a little of a backseat compared to some other storylines, but he still got to shine after partnering up with Charlie (played by the lovely Vanessa Ferlito). What’d you think of that fake bill and consequent bank scene? What kind of repercussions do you think that might have in upcoming episodes? Screen caps from the episode – entitled “Los Malos” – have been added to the gallery, in all of their HD glory.

“Graceland” Promo: S2E08 — “The Ends”

July 31, 2014 • Category: Graceland, Television News 0


Charlie attempts to form a bond with a bank robber while Johnny tries to keep his feelings for a cartel leader’s daughter in check. Briggs’ personal life creates huge complications for his undercover.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S2E06 — “The Unlucky One”

July 28, 2014 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 1

In my humble opinion, last Wednesday’s episode of “Graceland” – entitled “The Unlucky One” – was the best yet. Compelling, complex, and rich in character dynamics while simultaneously shining a spotlight on a very important, if often overlooked, issue: sex trafficking. My hats off to creator Jeff Eastin (and Serinda Swan, who suggested the storyline) for tackling such a sensitive topic.

Aaron Tveit’s acting in the episode was absolutely wonderful, showing the wide array of moral dilemmas Mike Warren must face on a case by case basis. Did he make the right choices? In the end, who do you think “the unlucky one” was? There seems to be no easy answer. While you think about it, check out the numerous HD screen caps from the episode now added to the gallery.