2014 USA Network Upfronts

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HQ photos courtesy of Sarah Hyland Web.

Earlier today (May 15th), Aaron Tveit was at the Javits Center in New York City to help promote “Graceland.” As part of USA Network’s Upfronts, he was on-hand – along with Daniel Sunajta – to introduce the television series to a buzzing room. Co-stars Serinda Swan and Brandon Jay McLaren were also in attendance to lend their support, along with season two newcomer Emily Rose (playing Jessica Foster, Mike’s superior in DC).

You can also watch a red carpet interview with Aaron and Daniel, courtesy of E! Online’s live stream during the event. Check it out right here.

“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E12 – “Pawn”

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Thursday night, the season one finale of “Graceland” aired, tying up a bunch of house secrets — and setting up some intrigue for the recently-announced second season. What did you think? And what do you hope to see during the next season? Any speculations? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments, including what your favorite moments of S1 were! I’ve also added over 380 HD, logoless screen caps of Aaron Tveit from the final episode, “Pawn.” Enjoy!

Aaron Previews the Season Finale to The WSJ

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While recently attending a “Graceland” press junket in California, Aaron Tveit talked to The Wall Street Journal about “Graceland” — including the series’ future. What can fans expect not only out of the season finale, but within season two? Where does Aaron personally see his character, Mike Warren, in the next year? He touches on the grey area of being a field agent and how that may shape the future of his character. Check out an interview excerpt below:

WSJ: The season one finale is upon us. How do you feel about Mike’s life come the end of this episode?
Aaron Tveit:
Basically, the way I look at the finale, everything that has been building up in the season with Briggs and I and with the Kaza cartel and with Jangles, all of that definitely comes to head. A lot of stuff gets resolved but then, in a way, Mike and Briggs are kind of tied together; they are forced and bound together moving forward with the stuff yet to be seen.

Does Mike finally get what he’s wanted since the beginning of the season?
Yes and no. Mike doesn’t even know it in the moment, but he changes a lot in the course of the season. Going through this experience, he might not know what he wanted before might not what he wants now. Although he may have gotten what he set out to get, it’s kind of not; he may want other things. Those things could be different things then the things he got.


“Graceland” Renewed for Second Season

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Two days before the season one finale, the news is finally out: “Graceland” has been renewed for a second season. (This, after Jeff Eastin tweeted a hint that it would happen.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new USA Network series is the summer’s top [new] scripted series on cable with an average of 4.3 million total viewers. Check out what USA president Chris McCumber said of the renewal:

“Jeff Eastin has once again delivered for USA Network. ‘Graceland”s brilliant serialized storytelling mixed with striking cinematography and a captivating ensemble cast has clearly resonated with a wide audience. We’re proud to be the home of summer’s top new cable drama and anticipate ‘Graceland’ will be a long-term player for the network.”

Daniel Sunjata will be in Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Macbeth until January, so the second season of “Graceland” won’t start shooting until after the fact. There’s also no word yet on whether or not it will continue filming in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. I’ll, of course, update if/when more information comes in.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for the renewal. Can’t wait to see the show back in 2014!

“Graceland” Promo: S1E12 – “Pawn”

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Jangles takes a Graceland member hostage; the housemates unite to save one of their own.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E11 – “Happy Endings”

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On Thursday night, the penultimate episode of “Graceland” aired, setting us up for the finale to hit television sets on the 12th. Any theories on what might become of Paul Briggs? Although a second season for “Graceland” has not yet been announced, series creator Jeff Eastin recently tweeted “just checked the magic 8 ball and outlook good,” so hopefully we can expect some great news soon. Aaron Tveit wasn’t featured in this episode (entitled “Happy Endings”) as much as previous eps, but I’ve still added over 330 HD, logoless screen caps.

Aaron Talks “Graceland” and Mike’s Evolution

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The Hollywood Reporter has a new video interview with Aaron Tveit in which he talks about “Graceland,” including the evolution of his character, Mike Warren. He also delves into the moral ambiguity of federal agents: does the end justify the means? Although we still haven’t received official word on whether there will be another season, Aaron sets up the potential for his character’s future by saying that Mike sees himself as a capable field agent, after all.

“Graceland” Promo: S1E11 – “Happy Endings”

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Looking for the truth about Juan’s disappearance, Briggs and Mike play a dangerous game of cat and mouse – forcing Briggs to make a major decision about his future.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E10 – “King’s Castle”

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Another Thursday, another great episode of USA Network’s “Graceland.” Although Mike Warren wasn’t featured as much in the tenth episode – entitled “King’s Castle” – he had a lot of great character moments and opportunities to put his ever-budding acting chops on display. Nothing and no one is quite as they seem in Graceland, are they? With some house secrets revealed, it’ll be interesting to see how everything will be resolved in the final two episodes. I’ve added just shy of 500 HD, logoless screen caps to the gallery. Enjoy!

The Wrap Talks to Aaron About Briggs’ “Graceland” Fallout

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Another new interview is out, featuring Aaron Tveit talking about “Graceland” and what to expect in the last episodes of the season — including the fallout of Briggs’ recent reckless actions. Although it’s a fairly short video interview, Aaron also does touch upon the difference between acting in a starring role versus guest stints in television shows. “There’s more working and less waiting,” he says, “And that’s really nice. I would rather work than wait.”