“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E05 – “O-Mouth”

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After a brief hiatus for Independence Day, “Graceland” returned to USA Network last night. The episode – entitled “O-Mouth” – definitely lived up to its name, especially with regards to Vanessa Ferlito’s character, Charlie. What did you all think of that cliffhanger? I personally love that every episode leaves you wanting more, asking viewers to tune in again. In the gallery, you can now find exactly 600 HD, logoless screen caps of Aaron Tveit from “O-Mouth.”

“The Rachael Ray Show” (July 2013)

Yesterday (July 8th), Aaron Tveit and his “Graceland” co-star Daniel Sunjata appeared on “The Rachael Ray Show.” The pre-recorded program had them discussing their USA Network series – “Graceland,” of course – which included a lot of enthusiasm on Rachael’s part: she’s a big fan of cop dramas. I’m unable to embed the video, so click on the still image above to watch a three-minute clip from the segment in which Aaron talks about breaking down a gun and whether or not he’s a good roommate. (FYI: A lovely fan also posted the entire interview on YouTube.)

You may also want to check out the Backstage Pass portion of “The Rachael Ray Show.” Although short, Aaron and Daniel talk about their on-set eating habits, like go-to snacks (nuts) and what foods to avoid eating (pasta). Remember the durian fruit Johnny ate in an episode of “Graceland”? They also confirm that it smelled truly putrid.

“Graceland” Promo: S1E05 – “O-Mouth”

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Mike becomes more entrenched in Bello’s outfit; Briggs and Charlie pose as an amorous couple while investigating a mysterious drug supplier.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E04 – “Pizza Box”

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Wow — what did you think of the latest episode of “Graceland” that aired last night? While I loved the various plot lines woven throughout (and love the camaraderie between Johnny and Jakes), I feel it’s especially necessary to mention how Aaron Tveit absolutely killed his scenes. That final moment in the kitchen in particular was so honest and gut-wrenching, don’t you think? I’ve added over 500 HD, logoless screen caps from the episode, entitled “Pizza Box,” to the gallery. Feel free to use for graphics!

“Graceland” Promo: S1E04 – “Pizza Box”

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A Nigerian drug lord recruits Mike to instruct his gang on shooting; Paige ropes Jakes and Tuturro into her operation targeting a female pot farmer.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E03 – “Heat Run”

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On Thursday, the third episode of “Graceland” aired. If you happened to miss it because you were watching the NBA Finals – or if you just want to watch it again – you can check it out on Hulu. What did you think of this episode, entitled “Heat Run”? How do you feel about the Lauren situation? And how adorable is Jenn Proske, who plays Mike’s new love interest, Abby? Aaron Tveit was not featured in this episode as much as the first two, so there are less screen caps this week. Still, you can find 500 HD, logoless caps in the gallery.

“Graceland” Promo: S1E03 – “Heat Run”

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Briggs uses the house’s resources to help Lauren with her case against the Russian Mafia; Charlie lands in a bind when she receives unreliable information about a drug deal.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E02 – “Guadalajara Dog”

June 14, 2013 • Category: Gallery, Graceland 2

Did you catch the second episode of “Graceland,” entitled “Guadalajara Dog”? Although it aired last night, you can currently stream it on Hulu if you happened to miss it. If you saw it, what did you think? I’m absolutely loving the series already, especially the natural chemistry between the cast members. For your enjoyment, I’ve added over 900 HD, logoless screen caps from the episode to the gallery. Feel free to use them for whatever you please.

“Graceland” Promo: S1E02 – “Guadalajara Dog”

June 7, 2013 • Category: Gallery, Graceland, Television News 1

Briggs and Mike pit rival gangs against one another, while Mike adjusts to moral dilemmas that arise during his undercover work.

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“Graceland” Screen Caps: S1E01 – “Pilot”

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Last night, the pilot episode of “Graceland” finally aired on USA Network! Did you watch? What did you think? In the series, Aaron Tveit plays rookie FBI Mike Warren who is assigned to Graceland in Malibu, a safe house with other FBI, DEA, and US Customs agents — and, judging by the opening episode’s cliffhanger, it seems like things are going to get tricky very, very soon. I’ve added over 1,100 HD screen caps from the pilot to the gallery; quite a lot, as this was an extended-length episode. Enjoy!