Glamour Goes Behind the Scenes on “Graceland”

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Glamour recently published a “Graceland” article in which we get a behind the scenes look on the production. If you head to the source, you can check out various pics of the cast, including Vanessa Ferlito removing makeup after a long day and Serinda Swan prepping for a scene by re-reading her lines. I’ve added the three photos of Aaron Tveit to the gallery, two of which feature him at a table read and another of him in the Graceland kitchen.

“The TODAY Show” (June 2013)

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Did you catch Aaron Tveit on “The TODAY Show” earlier this morning? He and co-star Daniel Sunjata were special guests on the program, there to talk about their USA series, “Graceland,” which debuts tomorrow evening. The interview is short and sweet, but they talk about the premise of the show and – at the end – show off their shooting skills using Nerf toy guns. Check out the video below; or, if you’re international, you may want to give YouTube a try.

Aaron Talks “Graceland” Research and Taylor Swift

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In a new interview with, well, Interview Magazine, Aaron Tveit goes in-depth on the amount of research he conducted in order to properly portray Mike Warren in “Graceland.” Although he doesn’t mention books by name, he does elaborate on what they taught him — including how the FBI changed post-9/11 and why it’s important for an actor to correctly hold a gun. He also talks about his maybe-maybe not future music career and why he wanted to sing Taylor Swift at his 54 Below shows. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for more:

DAWN KAY: Did you do any preparation that was specific to this role? Particularly in relation to Mike’s budding career as an FBI agent?
I did read a lot. There were a couple books that were suggested about undercover agents for us in preparation for the pilot. I was really interested in the fact that in pilot they speak about my character as someone who has just graduated top of his class at the FBI academy. That brought up a lot of questions for me: What does that actually mean? What does someone who has just graduated at the top of his class, what does he tangibly have to be good at? Smart at? I learned a lot about the FBI and how it’s structured. After 9/11, the amount of applicants the FBI received increased exponentially. Whereas you used to require a college degree, and it was a small group of people who were just out of college, after 9/11, it changed. Most applicants that get in now have at least one Master’s degree, so it’s really the crème de la crème of the academic world that then goes into this FBI academy and into law enforcement.


“Graceland” Press Day Re-Cap

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Earlier this year, on February 21st, there was a “Graceland” press day held on set in South Florida. Finally, TV Equals has posted an account of what was discussed with co-stars Aaron Tveit and Daniel Sunjata. They’ve also shared some amazing pictures of the two cast members during the interview(s), along with a few on set shots of filming. Read an excerpt below before heading to the source for a more in-depth transcript:

Mike will get a romantic interest this season. Asked about the chance of romance for Mike in the first season, Tveit said: “I meet a girl; actually, it’s really nice. [Mike] is such an East Coast guy that being out on the West Coast and being in this situation is so not what he bargained for, and then [he] meets this beautiful girl, and she happens to be spending the summer out here, and she’s from the DC area, and we kind of bond over that. And then that gets very complicated too, because I really care for this girl, but then I literally have to lie to her all the time, and so it becomes a very straining thing too about that I want to be honest with this person, and I can’t be honest with this person.”


“Graceland” New York Screening/Q&A

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Those lucky enough to attend one of the fifteen screenings of “Graceland” on Wednesday, May 29th, were also treated to a special Q&A with the cast. Although there isn’t any official video footage from the event, I’ve added several HQ photos from the panel that feature Aaron Tveit, Daniel Sunjata, Vanessa Ferlito, Serinda Swan, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Manny Montana. (For those who want to see the Q&A, you may want to try searching YouTube…)

New York Post Talks About the “Boy Wonder”

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The New York Post has just released a new article featuring the “boy wonder,” Aaron Tveit. It features a pretty great look into his drive to succeed, instilled at a early age (learning violin in kindergarten) and continuing to this day (booking roles in Les Misérables and “Graceland” mere days apart). There was some buzz among fans over Aaron receiving a degree last year, and the article also elaborates on that process. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for the full article:

Born in Middletown, NY, Tveit’s talent became evident at an early age. He learned to play the violin in kindergarten. He took up the French horn and joined the choir in fourth grade. By high school, he was juggling play rehearsals and practice for soccer, basketball, and golf.

“I’d go to school at 7:30 in the morning and wouldn’t get home until 9 or 10 at night,” he says.

Tveit interrupted study for a degree in theater at Ithaca College to join the national tour of Rent; he went back for one semester before joining Broadway’s Hairspray, as Link Larkin. He never returned to college, but his stage work, including a starring role as jet-setting con man Frank Abagnale Jr. in the 2011 musical Catch Me If You Can, earned him academic credit and he finished required course work on line.

“My first graduation date was 2005, and I eventually graduated in 2012. So, yeah, I was on the 11-year plan,” he says, with a laugh.


“Aaron Tveit Charts His Musical Path To Stardom”

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ETonline has just posted a new interview featuring Aaron Tveit talking about his 54 Below experience and his upcoming USA Network series, “Graceland.” We get a little more insight into his song selection process – he admits having “probably… 30 to 40 songs” on his set list at one point – and his show-stopping cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for the whole interview.

ETonline: “Graceland” is arguably your most high profile gig to date. How conscious are you of the fact that fans are going to want to start seeing those heretofore unseen sides of you?
I am aware, but it’s really no different from my standpoint. I’ve been a little more self-protective in public over the last few months because, on the heels of Les Mis, I’ve been getting recognized more in public. But New York City is still a very anonymous city. People just go about their business. I feel like I’ve been dealing with that building over the years because of the Broadway community, so I’m treating it in the same way — I’ve always tried to keep my personal life private. I didn’t get into this business for notoriety or fame. I don’t go to places to be seen and that’s not going to change. Yes, this show will have a broader scope, but I don’t think it’s going to change that much. You just have to be aware of it, and if you want to keep certain things private, there are choices you can make to do that.


New (Promotional) Photo Shoot

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Those fans lucky enough to attend USA Network’s Upfronts last Thursday were able to see posters and cards featuring these pictures, but now they’ve been published online for everyone’s enjoyment. As part of USA’s 2013 Summer Guide to their upcoming programs, Aaron Tveit is featured among his “Graceland” co-stars to help promote the show in this (very fun) photo shoot. What do you think, should I use the image with the yellow background in a future layout?

“We got to bring a lot of ourselves to the characters,” says Aaron of “Graceland”

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CableFAX has a new interview up featuring Aaron Tveit. While at the USA Upfronts, they asked him about – what else? – USA Network’s new series, “Graceland,” which just so happens to star Aaron. It’s a short but sweet interview, which you can read an excerpt of below before heading to the source. I wasn’t aware of Jeff Eastin’s policy of allowing actors to go off-script, but it seems like his casts always have such great chemistry together that it makes perfect sense!

How much interaction did the network have with the show?
Obviously they were seeing and watching everything, but they kind of just let us do our thing. It didn’t feel like they were micromanaging. Of course, they were doing their job and [we were] getting network notes and the script had changes, but on set they weren’t really putting pressure on us. They trusted everyone. Also, Jeff Easton, the writer/creator of “White Collar,” told me this from day one: he’s very open to us changing our lines. We don’t have to stick to what’s on the page. There’s very much a sense of – in a lot of the group scenes especially – that we really got to bring a lot of ourselves to the characters. It didn’t feel like they were lurking over us. We knew that they were there supporting us, but we got to really do our thing and be left alone.


2013 USA Network Upfronts

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Earlier today, May 16th, Aaron Tveit hit the blue carpet for the 2013 USA Network Upfronts. Held at Pier 36 in New York, he mingled with other USA stars – including Matt Bomer of Jeff Eastin’s other series, “White Collar” – and helped promote his upcoming show, “Graceland.” It was a warm day, but Aaron looked absolutely smashing in a burgundy suit. A few red carpet and after-party pictures have been added to the gallery, with hopefully more to come.