New “Graceland” Cast Promo Photos

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I’ve added five more “Graceland” cast promotional photographs to the gallery. They’re quite good quality (as opposed to the first one released), so I hope you enjoy! Aaron Tveit is pictured solo in three of them and is then paired up with co-star Daniel Sunjata in a couple. Be sure to check out the “Graceland” official site for more photos and cast/character bios. Remember, you can currently catch the pilot On Demand until May 12th.

First “Graceland” Poster Released

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First “Graceland” Promotional Photo

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Photo courtesy of SpoilerTV.

The first promotional photograph for “Graceland” has been released, featuring the ensemble cast — including Aaron Tveit (as Mike Warren). Other co-stars in the image include Daniel Sunjata (Paul Briggs), Vanessa Ferlito (Charlie Lopez), Serinda Swan (Paige Arkin), Brandon Jay McLaren (Dale Jakes), and Manny Montana (Johnny Tuturro). Hopefully I’ll be able to replace it with a HQ, untagged version soon. You can also check out a few new trailers for the upcoming USA Network series below.

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Aaron Tveit: Jumping from Stage to Screen

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In another press piece from yesterday’s SXSW event, The Hollywood Reporter kindly highlights Aaron Tveit’s transition from stage to screen star. There’s a discussion on distancing himself from being strictly a singing-actor, and how “Graceland” allows himself to establish himself as a solid actor. He also talks about Enjolras “groupies” and how it feels to be a heartthrob (hint: he doesn’t really pay any mind to it at all). Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for more.

THR: Thinking about Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele, it seems the “Glee” model has really opened up television to the stage actors…
Nowadays, but it wasn’t always the case. It used to be that you kind of got pigeonholed into one thing: you’re either a stage actor or a TV actor or a movie actor. Today, there’s a lot of crossover with film actors doing television, which never happened before, so those lines are a little bit more blurred than they used to be. One thing that I wanted to try to do was try to keep my musical stage work separate from my onscreen work at first. I know I did the Les Mis film, but I had also done a lot of television and movie work that had nothing to do with singing. I wanted to try and do that first.

THR: Won’t you miss singing?
I do miss singing. Now that we’re not shooting [“Graceland”], I’m going back to New York where I’m putting a concert together that’s like a one-man show.

THR: Tell us more…
A couple of venues in New York really support going in with a band and a one-person show. I’m still working on the set list but it’ll be songs that I’ve sung on previous shows, songs that I love, standards from pop culture, a little bit of everything. I’ve been away for 14 months, but when I get back home, I’m going to start working on it. That will kind of satisfy my singing wishes and desires.


“The best writing right now is in television,” says Aaron

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What with the SXSW premiere for “Graceland” last night, it’s no surprise there’s some accompanying articles and interviews with the show’s star, Aaron Tveit. got the chance to speak to him after the screening, in which he was able to sing praises (unfortunately not literally) over the television medium. After working on Broadway for so long, he shares what he enjoys about the daily grind of filming for five weeks and building up collaborative relationships with its creators. caught up with Tveit at the roof party that followed the Graceland premiere and cast Q&A explained his reasoning for choosing to do television after the success of Les Mis was simple: “I think the best writing right now is in television.” He continued, “I’m a huge television watcher, I’m a fan of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Those shows I think, but obviously starting with The Sopranos and The Wire, are why you’re seeing film actors who would have never done TV before, all of a sudden want a series. The stigma [about TV] is gone.”


2013 SXSW – “Graceland”

HQ pictures courtesy of Matt Bomer Fan.

Aaron Tveit is currently attending South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. The annual event is an interactive conference used as a platform to promote movies, television shows, and hosts a large array of live music. This year, USA Network used the festival to launch the premiere of their upcoming series, “Graceland.” After many lucky attendees got to view a special screening of the pilot, the cast – including Aaron, Brandon Jay McLaren, Daniel Sunjata, Vanessa Ferlito, Serinda Swan, and Manny Montana – gathered together for a Q&A panel with fans.

Behind the Scenes Photos from “Graceland”

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You may want to “like” the official Facebook for “Graceland” to keep up-to-date on the upcoming USA Network series. Included among the goodies on the page were these behind the scenes photographs of the actors on set. Aaron Tveit is featured in a few of the pictures, all stylized in contrasted black and white. Hopefully we’ll see some more shots like these!

New, Extended Trailer for “Graceland”

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Although there have been a lot of behind the scenes looks at “Graceland,” USA Network debuted a full-length (3+ minute long!) trailer for their upcoming series. This extended look predominately features Aaron Tveit and his character, Mike Warren, which is promising in terms of how much fans can expect to see him in the show. It’s an exciting new trailer that gives away just enough, including an interesting secret Mike is hiding from the rest of the Graceland inhabitants.

Writer Aaron Fullerton tweeted last month that “Graceland” will air June 6th.

Behind the Scenes on “Graceland” (Season 1)

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Want a sneak peek at Aaron Tveit’s upcoming USA Network series, “Graceland”? Check out these featurettes, each one giving audiences a brief look at the new Jeff Eastin show. Aaron is joined by Eastin, Vanessa Ferlito, and Daniel Sunjata to comment on what to expect. There’s also some new clips strewn throughout the short trailers, enough to whet the appetite for more. “Graceland” will air this summer.

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Aaron Tveit: from Broadway to ‘Les Mis’ to “Graceland”

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Just in time for the onslaught of “Graceland” promo, After Elton has released a new interview with Aaron Tveit in which he talks about the upcoming USA Network series (created by Jeff Eastin of “White Collar”). There’s some chatter on his character, Mike Warren, and how he may not be exactly who he seems. Also, Aaron discusses social media (confirming yet again that he does not have any networking accounts) and where he sees himself in five to ten years. Check out a few excerpts below before heading to the source for more:

AfterElton: Talk to me about stepping into this character, who is a newbie of this FBI world.
Aaron Tveit:
My character, Mike, is a really smart guy. He’s coming out of Quantico, the FBI Academy. Top of his class, great practical scores, but thrown into this house where I have to get my sea legs per se. But I think the best thing about it is, if you notice in the pilot everyone talks about Mike, but Mike doesn’t really say anything about himself. As things go on, not everything is as it seems with Mike. Everyone plays up that he’s book smart, but I think Mike’s a little more smarter that that.

AE: A lot of other TV actors who come from Broadway tend to rush back to the stage when they finish their season. Is that your plan?
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know what will be as soon as we’re done, whether it’s a play or a musical or if it’s a movie. I’m open to anything. I don’t have a direct plan, but I definitely want to go back to the stage. I want to work on stage the rest of my life, so I hope I’m going to be able to continue to do all three.

AE: Do you see social media as a good thing or…?
I think it’s a good thing in that — obviously, there are pros and cons. I think it’s great for the sharing of information. For instance, when things break now, my friends tell me they see it on Twitter before it’s even on CNN. I think it’s good for promotional purposes, but as far as personal stuff, it’s people’s choices whether they want to use that and I choose not to do it myself.