2013 Winter TCA Tour Hosts USA Network’s “Graceland”

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Kicking off promo early, “Graceland” had its first hard-hitting press coverage at this year’s Winter TCA Tour. Members from the Television Critics Association sat down with the cast of “Graceland” – including Daniel Sunjata, Aaron Tveit, Vanessa Ferlito, Serinda Swan, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Manny Montana – along with creator Jeff Eastin to talk about the upcoming USA Network series, which is said to debut in June. Pictures from the event have been added to the gallery, plus check out a summarized report from the panel below (detailing what to expect with the new show):

“Graceland,” an idea Eastin brought to USA, revolves around a group of diverse law-enforcement agents from the DEA, FBI and Customs whose worlds collide when they’re forced to live together in an undercover beach house in Southern California.

“Graceland” has a noticeably darker tinge to it (a concerted effort by the No. 1 cable network), and as Eastin told reporters Monday morning at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, the tone featured in the pilot and trailer will be “pretty much what you see” on the show.

“It is a dark show, but I consider it a reality-based show whereas ‘White Collar’ creates its own reality,” said Eastin, who called “Graceland” one of “the best scripts I’d written.” “There is a lot of darkness when it comes to being undercover.”

Eastin, whose “White Collar” was previously renewed for a fifth season, was candid about the pressure that follows being a creator of a successful drama. “Definitely there’s pressure. The one thing I learned from ‘White Collar’ was to cast it right,” he said. “Once you get a cast right, to try to maintain the world you’ve created in the pilot.

Though much of the core cast, led by Daniel Sunjata, Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Ferlito, is introduced in the pilot, there is one addition that comes in episode two. “[Serinda Swan] fits in very nicely,” Eastin said. “It was largely a matter of availablity. [At one point] we were worried we were going to lose Aaron to Les Misérables.” (Tveit shared that he landed the “Graceland” and Les Miz roles within two days of each other last year.)

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Paul Wontorek’s “Show People” Showcases Aaron Tveit

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Kicking off the new season of Broadway.com’s “Show People” – hosted by Paul Wontorek – is special guest, Aaron Tveit. It’s a very lengthy interview, clocking in at just over 25-minutes, and hitting various subjects along the way — including Les Misérables (if you’ve ever wanted to know the proper way to say Enjolras, look no further), brilliant-but-canceled Catch Me If You Can, Aaron’s upcoming television series “Graceland,” and why he’s not going to join Twitter. He and Paul have a great and easy rapport throughout, making the interview seem almost conversational while still promoting his on-the-rise career.

New TV Spot for “Graceland”

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A new TV spot for Aaron Tveit’s upcoming USA Network show, “Graceland,” has apparently started airing tonight (according to some buzz on Twitter). You can now see the latest promo in the video above, which is more or less the same footage released in the series trailer earlier this year; however, there are some quick looks at new scenes from the pilot in this 30-second clip as well. Pretty exciting to see USA promoting it so early!

“Graceland” Production Starts in Ft. Lauderdale

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Cast chair photo courtesy of Daniel Sunjata.

“Graceland” has officially started production in Ft. Lauderdale, FL! The new USA Network series is inspired by a true story about a group of government agents living undercover together in one house. Created by Jeff Eastin of “White Collar,” the 12-episode series has Daniel Sunjata (as Paul Briggs) and Aaron Tveit (Mike Warren) leading an ensemble cast. It is scheduled to air on USA in the summer of 2013. Check out a quote from Eastin below, along with an in-depth summary of what to expect when “Graceland” hits television screens:

Jeff Eastin: “When I first learned about the real Graceland, I knew this story was too good not to tell. People from three different government agencies living and working undercover in the same beach house – the amount of conflict, danger and fun that creates is incredibly exciting to me. Just as importantly, we want Graceland to break new ground for the network with a darker, grittier style.”

Graceland delves into the lives of an elusive group of undercover agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and US Customs, whose worlds collide at a repossessed Southern California beachfront mansion called Graceland (the house got its name because the drug lord from whom the authorities seized the house was known to be an obsessed Elvis Presley fan).

With three agencies living under one roof, ordinary roommate issues are amplified, as secrets are a matter of life or death.

Graduating at the top of his class, FBI rookie, Mike Warren anticipates a traditional DC desk job when he’s unexpectedly shipped to Graceland. Immediately thrown into his first undercover assignment, he relies heavily on the guidance of legendary FBI agent and mentor, Paul Briggs. Briggs is an unusually Zen senior agent who notoriously hates the rule book and will go to any length to protect Graceland from the outside world.

“‘Graceland’ is Designed to be Darker,” says Jeff Eastin

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Showrunner Jeff Eastin recently talked to Collider about the season four premiere of “White Collar,” but he was also asked about his upcoming USA series, “Graceland.” Although he doesn’t mention Aaron Tveit by name, he noted that the cast is “really great” and talked a bit about what to expect with the show. Basically, it’s not going to be much of a family-friendly program. Check out what he had to say on “Graceland” below:

How have things been going with “Graceland”? What can you say about that show and how it fits into the USA Network line-up of shows?
That was the interesting thing. “Graceland” is a much different show than “White Collar.” It’s definitely on the darker side, and that’s really what USA wanted. They said they were going for the younger demographic, and I said, “Are you guys sure about this?,” but they said they liked that it was darker. So, we did it. It’s always a real challenge, but we got a really great cast. We just got the testing back, and the testing was phenomenal, so that gave me a lot of encouragement ’cause you never quite know how an audience is going to react to something. The network really liked it, but to see a test audience really, really react well was fantastic.

One of the interesting things will be how it does fit in. Every show that USA has done lately has pushed a little further. “Burn Notice” started the trend. They were a little darker than “Monk” had been. “Suits” has pushed that even further. “White Collar,” not by choice, has become almost a family show. A lot of parents tell me that they watch it with their kids. That wasn’t a choice. That was just the nature of the show, I think. With white collar crime, you don’t have a lot of blood and guts, and things like that. Just by our nature, “White Collar” is a little safer. “Graceland” is really designed to be darker. I don’t want to spoil too much, but the opening is a guy getting shot on the San Pedro docks and it’s pretty graphic. We’ve got a lot of “White Collar” fans and I hope they like “Graceland.” That will be a real interesting thing for me to see.

Four Episode Stills Added for “Graceland”

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Four new episode stills from the pilot of “Graceland” have been added to the gallery. Months ago, I saw that the first episode’s title was called “The Break,” so that’s what it’s been tentatively labeled as. Edit: High-res versions have replaced the previous pictures! Many thanks to Kelly at Matt Bomer Fan for her donation.

USA Orders Full Series for “Graceland”

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After months of waiting, USA Network has confirmed that they’ve picked up a full series order for “Graceland”! Created by Jeff Eastin (“White Collar”), the new series focuses on a group of FBI, DEA, and US Customs agents who are forced to live undercover in a beachside house in Malibu. Daniel Sunjata (“Rescue Me”), Manny Montana (“The Chicago Code”), Vanessa Ferlito (“CSI:NY”), and Brandon Jay McLaren (“The Killing”) also star. No word yet on when the twelve episodes will air. USA co-presidents, Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel, had the following to say on the “Graceland” pickup:

“There aren’t many people we’d trust to run two shows on our air, but Jeff Eastin is one of them. He wrote a brilliant script; [director] Russell [Fine] delivered a superb pilot; Daniel and Aaron anchor an incredible ensemble cast.

“As soon we saw it, there was a consensus. It was one of the highest tasted shows we’ve had.”

“‘Graceland’ is very much in our sweet spot — it has that fantastic and rich look associate with most of our shows, but we also want to go to very edgy and dark places with it. The characters’ day job takes them to places we haven’t gone with our original series.”

In case you missed the pilot trailer, you can check it out here.

First Look at Jeff Eastin’s “Graceland”

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USA Network recently held their 2012 Upfronts, in which they talked about returning series and upcoming programming. Among the latter was “Graceland,” the pilot Aaron Tveit shot earlier this year, created and written by Jeff Eastin (of “White Collar” fame). “White Collar” co-stars Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay introduced the new series, which was then followed by a trailer.

You can catch the first look at “Graceland” around the 45:45 mark — and there’s a lot of Aaron! In fact, it looks like the series would largely focus on his character. No word yet on whether or not the show has officially been picked up by USA. Screen caps have been added to the gallery. (Many thanks to Kelly at Matt Bomer Fan for the video, which you can also watch here.)

‘Graceland’ Co-Star Tweets Sneak Peeks

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Daniel Sunjata – Aaron Tveit’s co-star in the upcoming Jeff Eastin series, “Graceland” – tweeted some interesting pictures earlier today. In the first, he mentioned that Aaron was with the pilot’s director (Russell Fines) at the house the television series would be based in. Look at that view, overlooking the Pacific! Along with the second picture, Daniel tweeted “rehearsal again.” With this information, can we assume that the new show will start filming soon — perhaps before Aaron returns to the UK to shoot Les Mis? We’ll see!

Screen Caps Available for “Gossip Girl: Father and the Bride”

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Many thanks to Eric at Leighton Meester Fan for the HD caps.

Aaron Tveit’s final episode of “Gossip Girl” aired yesterday, January 23rd. Did you catch it? What did you think? Was it a fair farewell to the conniving Trip Van Der Bilt, or did you wish there was more to the story? Over 130 HD, logoless screen caps from the episode – entitled “Father and the Bride” have been added to the Gallery. There shouldn’t be anything particularly spoiler-y about them, so peruse and enjoy!