Screen Caps Available for “Gossip Girl: Riding in Town Cars with Boys”

December 5, 2011 • Category: Gallery, Gossip Girl, Television News 0

Many thanks to Eric at Leighton Meester Fan for the HD caps.

Did you catch tonight’s episode of “Gossip Girl”? Aaron Tveit was, once again, briefly featured — this time in an episode entitled “Riding in Town Cars with Boys.” There was even more family drama between his character and Nate Archibald, leading viewers to wonder whether or not Trip Van Der Bilt can ever be redeemed. Screen caps from the episode can now be seen in the Gallery.

Sneak Peek at “Gossip Girl: Riding in Town Cars with Boys”

December 5, 2011 • Category: Gossip Girl, Television News 0

Check out a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of “Gossip Girl,” entitled “Riding in Town Cars with Boys.” Aaron Tveit is briefly featured, as his guest appearance as Trip Van Der Bilt continues. It looks like there will be some family drama again, this time with Chace Crawford’s Nate Archibald. The episode airs tonight, December 5th, at 8/7c on The CW.

Screen Caps Available for “Gossip Girl: Rhodes to Perdition”

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Many thanks to Eric at Leighton Meester Fan for the HD caps.

A handful of screen captures from the latest episode of “Gossip Girl” – entitled “Rhodes to Perdition” – can now be found in the Gallery! Aaron Tveit was in this episode for a brief scene, acting against only Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald) when some information about Trip’s marital affairs needed to be brought to light and discussed. Although it looked like the situation was handled nicely and set aside, fans can expect to see more of Trip Van Der Bilt this season. After all, nothing is ever quite what it seems in “Gossip Girl.”

Aaron to Star in New Jeff Eastin Project for USA Network!

November 15, 2011 • Category: General News, Graceland, Television News 3

Big news on the Tveit front: according to Deadline, Aaron Tveit is slated to star in the new, still untitled television series created by Jeff Eastin! In the show, he’ll be playing a “freshly minted FBI agent” who lives undercover in a Southern California home along with other federal and local agency members. The rest of the cast has yet to be announced, but viewers can expect another lead to act against Aaron, much like Eastin’s other, hugely popular show, “White Collar.” Congratulations on the big news, Aaron!

“The Good Wife” Screen Caps Available for “Executive Order 13224”

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Many thanks to Claudia at Margulies Fan for the HD caps.

Aaron Tveit made an appearance on Emmy-nominated show “The Good Wife” last night, November 6th. Although his role was brief, his character – Spencer Zschau, an army lawyer – played a significant part throughout the episode. Screen caps are now available in the Gallery; and, don’t worry, none of the images are considered spoilers. If you missed the episode, entitled “Executive Order 13224,” you can check it out on CBS’s website.

Transformation from 60s Clean Cut to Street Junkie

October 25, 2011 • Category: Gallery, Law & Order: SVU, Television News 2

A new video has just been posted on YouTube featuring a behind-the-scenes peek at “Law & Order: SVU.” In the footage, Michael Harvey – special effects make-up artist – talks about the various procedures done to make Aaron Tveit look like a street junkie. It’s a short video, but there’s some look into the transformation process and more details into just what was done to Aaron to make him look like Stevie Harris. Screen caps have also been added to the Gallery.

Screen Caps Now Available for “Body of Proof: Point of Origin”

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Many thanks to Tori at Dana Delicious for the HD caps.

Did you catch “Body of Proof” last night? Aaron Tveit made another T.V. appearance, this time on BOP, playing an arson investigator named Skip. The episode – entitled “Point of Origin” – was full of many twists and turns and a surprising ending. Aaron had a decent sized part as well, which was a nice bonus for fans. High quality screen caps are now available in the Gallery, but beware: there are spoilers, so look only if you’ve seen the episode and/or don’t mind knowing some details on the episode. You can also watch “Point of Origin” on Hulu, or stream it below:

Update on Upcoming T.V. Appearances

There are a few television appearances from Aaron Tveit that fans will want to look out for, including the much anticipated episode of “Body of Proof.” To keep it all in one place, here’s a special update on what to look forward to in the upcoming weeks, including a new, previously unannounced guest role:

» “Body Of Proof”

Aaron will be playing a character named Skip in this episode of BOP, entitled “Point of Origin.” After numerous setbacks over the past few months (the episode was originally supposed to air in March, before the show’s hiatus), it will finally be broadcast on October 18th (ABC). You can check out a promo right here, although Aaron isn’t featured very much in it. Expect screen caps shortly after the episode airs on Tuesday.

» “Gossip Girl”

As fans know, Aaron will be returning to the hit CW show as Trip Van Der Bilt in coming weeks. The episode titles and air dates are still unknown, but I can confirm that he’ll be back for a three-episode arc. He is currently wrapping that up, so I’d say to expect the episodes around mid- to late-November. Remember: photos of Aaron on set with Chace Crawford have been added here.

» “The Good Wife”

ATF can also confirm that Aaron will be making an appearance on the Emmy-nominated series, “The Good Wife”! He recently filmed a guest role in the seventh episode of this season, which is slated to air November 6th. Playing a character named Spencer Zschau, he’s on “the side of the law.” Stay tuned for photos and more information on this exciting development.

Zap2it Confirms Aaron’s Return to “Gossip Girl”

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Nothing fans couldn’t have anticipated, considering the latest on set pictures from “Gossip Girl,” but Zap2it has confirmed that Aaron Tveit will be returning to the CW drama. Although it’s still unknown which episodes he’ll be in, or even how many, the website has reported that his reappearance as Trip Van Der Bilt will be part of a “multi-episode arc.”

Aaron Spotted Filming “Gossip Girl” with Chace Crawford

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As you may know, Aaron Tveit Fan’s policy on candid pictures is that we don’t post any — unless they’re behind the scenes footage. That said, ATF has managed to scoop up some shots of Aaron Tveit and Chace Crawford on the “Gossip Girl” set from last month, September 30th.

Many fans were wondering about his introduction before “God Bless America” at the Yankees game yesterday, in which it was stated that Aaron could currently be seen in “Gossip Girl,” and whether or not it meant a return from Trip Van Der Bilt. Well, I’d say these new pictures confirm that Trip will be back in season five.