Aaron and Darren Criss Duet “Take Me Or Leave Me”

August 28, 2015 • Category: General News 1

Elsie Fest – the upcoming outdoor musical festival celebrating showtunes and more – may not be happening for another month (September 27th), but two of the stars have already given us a teaser on what to expect at the show. Darren Criss joined Aaron Tveit via Skype for a bit of friendly rivalry, each insisting that they’re the prominent draw for concertgoers. The end result? A duet of RENT‘s “Take Me Or Leave Me,” of course. Check out the video above (now with Aaron’s audio fixed).

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  1. Hello kristina,
    First of all, congratulations on your site. I’d like to ask something I think we have all been wonderng since Thursday. Why has Aaron joined social media? it’s unexpected, as we all know and love the way he protected his private life. Has he changed his mind? if so, Why?
    Thank you.

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