Aaron Joins Georgina Chapman Short Film

June 18, 2013 • Category: Film News, General News 1

Aaron Tveit has been cast in an upcoming, untitled short film directed by Georgina Chapman (Marchesa designer and wife of Harvey Weinstein). Dree Hemingway and stage actress Lois Smith are also set to star.

The short – announced as part of Canon’s Project Imagination last year – was penned by award-winning and iconic writer, Neil Gaiman. It tells the story of “two kids who can fly but give it up as they get older” and will feature time gaps, as casting for a nine-year-old girl to portray Hemingway in her youth is underway.

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  1. How exciting for Aaron Tveit to be cast in a short film done by the wife of the mighty Harvey Weinstein, the purveyor of Oscar noms and wins left and right–especially in the last two years. He has the Midas touch. But of course AT’s film has nothing to do with Weinstein per se but he’s good company for Aaron to hopefully keep. He produces good films usually. I was in film production once upon a time and I keep up with the news.

    And I never dismiss a little synchronicity to round out my day. An hour after I read the announcement, I opened the Tatler’s (UK) February issue in a Bangkok hair salon and Dree Hemingway who has never been on my radar was on page 38. Whoa! I’m American so it was my first foray in that upper crust pub. Also, years ago I met Dree’s father Stephen Chrisman at the restaurant in Manhattan that he and Mariel Hemingway owned–he explained Mariel was not in that night. My colleague knew them. Memory – upper midtown on the west side. Probably wrong. And I promise there is not even the slightest hint of glamour in my life. As you know, I obviously have free time to hunt down quotes.

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