Aaron Opens Up on His 54 Below Shows

April 3, 2013 • Category: General News, In Concert, Stage Work 1

Aaron Tveit seems to be the talk of the town. Within five minutes, his six 54 Below concerts sold out — a record time (and demand) for the venue! When talking to Broadway.com, he spilled some info on the upcoming shows, including a couple of songs he’s planning on singing, how he feels about the tremendous response, and promising words on future performances:

“I hope people can just come in, and have a great time listening to some great music,” Tveit said. “I have an awesome band and they are going to rock out. The theme is forming. It’s basically just songs I’ve always loved to sing, songs I’ve never gotten a chance to sing, and songs that meant something to me.”

When pressed for some actual song titles, Tveit conceded, “I will definitely sing ‘I’m Alive,’ ‘Goodbye,’ and some other stuff I’ve done. But hopefully, there will be some surprises too that people might not expect.”

Tveit’s show is already one of the most popular and in-demand acts to ever grace the small stage at 54 Below, selling out in mere minutes. The news of what a hot ticket he’d become took the Les Miz film star by surprise.

“I’m really, really excited to hear [about] the response,” the Broadway.com Audience Choice Award winner said. And those who scored these tickets are sure to be excited to get a more personal experience with the stage and screen star. “It’s a smaller concert venue, [and so] it definitely is a much more back-and-forth experience with the house. I’ll be speaking to them and sharing some stuff, so it will be more of an intimate night than being on a Broadway stage.”

And although Tveit has yet to take the stage at 54 Below, he is already looking ahead to future gigs. “Hopefully this wont be the last shows I do,” Tveit said. “I would love to do them many times at different places.”

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  1. Can he do San Francisco please! Have a cousin living there, who keeps asking when I come to visit. Would be over in a jiffy if I knew I could see Aaron perform live aswell then.
    And please do make a CD of it!

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