Aaron Previews the Season Finale to The WSJ

September 12, 2013 • Category: General News, Graceland, Television News 0

While recently attending a “Graceland” press junket in California, Aaron Tveit talked to The Wall Street Journal about “Graceland” — including the series’ future. What can fans expect not only out of the season finale, but within season two? Where does Aaron personally see his character, Mike Warren, in the next year? He touches on the grey area of being a field agent and how that may shape the future of his character. Check out an interview excerpt below:

WSJ: The season one finale is upon us. How do you feel about Mike’s life come the end of this episode?
Aaron Tveit:
Basically, the way I look at the finale, everything that has been building up in the season with Briggs and I and with the Kaza cartel and with Jangles, all of that definitely comes to head. A lot of stuff gets resolved but then, in a way, Mike and Briggs are kind of tied together; they are forced and bound together moving forward with the stuff yet to be seen.

Does Mike finally get what he’s wanted since the beginning of the season?
Yes and no. Mike doesn’t even know it in the moment, but he changes a lot in the course of the season. Going through this experience, he might not know what he wanted before might not what he wants now. Although he may have gotten what he set out to get, it’s kind of not; he may want other things. Those things could be different things then the things he got.


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