Aaron Tveit: Jumping from Stage to Screen

March 12, 2013 • Category: General News, Graceland, Les Misérables, Television News 0

In another press piece from yesterday’s SXSW event, The Hollywood Reporter kindly highlights Aaron Tveit’s transition from stage to screen star. There’s a discussion on distancing himself from being strictly a singing-actor, and how “Graceland” allows himself to establish himself as a solid actor. He also talks about Enjolras “groupies” and how it feels to be a heartthrob (hint: he doesn’t really pay any mind to it at all). Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for more.

THR: Thinking about Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele, it seems the “Glee” model has really opened up television to the stage actors…
Nowadays, but it wasn’t always the case. It used to be that you kind of got pigeonholed into one thing: you’re either a stage actor or a TV actor or a movie actor. Today, there’s a lot of crossover with film actors doing television, which never happened before, so those lines are a little bit more blurred than they used to be. One thing that I wanted to try to do was try to keep my musical stage work separate from my onscreen work at first. I know I did the Les Mis film, but I had also done a lot of television and movie work that had nothing to do with singing. I wanted to try and do that first.

THR: Won’t you miss singing?
I do miss singing. Now that we’re not shooting [“Graceland”], I’m going back to New York where I’m putting a concert together that’s like a one-man show.

THR: Tell us more…
A couple of venues in New York really support going in with a band and a one-person show. I’m still working on the set list but it’ll be songs that I’ve sung on previous shows, songs that I love, standards from pop culture, a little bit of everything. I’ve been away for 14 months, but when I get back home, I’m going to start working on it. That will kind of satisfy my singing wishes and desires.


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