AOL BUILD Presents “Graceland”

Sitting with AOL BUILD, Aaron Tveit and Daniel Sunjata of “Graceland” spoke about the upcoming season – airing tonight on USA Network – and the process of filming television shows in general. At 40 minutes, it’s a lengthy (video) interview, full of interesting tidbits about the creative and technical sides of TV — not unlike something you would hear from “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” You can view tons of photos from the event in the gallery, and check out the video interview below:

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  1. What a joy to see Aaron again … live … and listen to him. We’ve not had enough occasions to see him, even in photos, since he returned from England. Thanks, Kristina, for putting this wonderful interview here. I personally love to see him in interview situations, because he is so articulate and interesting to listen to. His passion and enjoyment of his career show through.

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