“Grease: Live” Promo Video Master Post

January 25, 2016 • Category: Articles & Interviews, Grease: Live 1

With so many promo videos for “Grease: Live” circling around, it can get a little intimidating keeping up! There’s also so many that site updates would be seemingly endless. Because of that, I’ve decided to create a “master post” featuring all the shorter videos that otherwise might get lost in the news shuffle.

Here, you’ll find videos that often feature Aaron Tveit in small interviews or as a soundbite. The newest videos will always be at the top, so keep checking back in (and following ATN on Twitter, where I’m constantly [re-]tweeting the latest as they’re released). To continue, click below:

One Response to ““Grease: Live” Promo Video Master Post”

  1. These videos are so funny!!! I cant wait to watch Grease Live. I have loved Aaron since he started with the off Broadway production of RENT. He is a phenomenal actor and singer and dancer. I love listening to his songs from Catch Me if You Can, Les Mis, and Next to Normal. He has been my idol since the 6th grade and is the reason I now participate in theatre at my high school. His charm and charisma are infectious and I am elated that he landed the role of Danny. Although I loved watching him in shows like Graceland and Gossip Girl, I hate not seeing him dance and sing. He inspires me daily and I hope he has fun while preforming in Grease Live.

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