Hosts a “Grease: Live” Set Tour

January 16, 2016 • Category: General News 0

Paul Wontorek of recently flew to California to hang out on the “Grease: Live” set and talk to some of our favorite T-Birds. Aaron Tveit, Jordan Fisher, and Andrew Call were on-hand to give a short tour of the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, where they’ll be shooting “Grease: Live” on three different stages. (For those interested, we get to see what the “Greased Lightnin'” set will look like in this video.) Aaron promises that this new adaptation will honor the original Broadway production of Grease while delivering something completely new.

Bonus video: Which character from Grease would the “Grease: Live” cast have hooked up with in high school? Some of their answers may be surprising. Check out the video on YouTube.

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