“Graceland” Screen Caps: S2E13 — “Faith 7” + Post-Episode Interview with Aaron

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The final episode of “Graceland” season two aired on Wednesday night, leaving audiences on the biggest cliffhanger yet. The breathtaking finale saw the various missions established by the Graceland household fall apart, causing unexpected carnage and chaos. Although a season three hasn’t been officially confirmed, do you have any predictions on where the show will go next? (Please be aware that comments will likely have spoilers — read at your own discretion.)

Additionally, Zap2it recently spoke to Aaron Tveit about his character, Mike Warren, and the arc he faced throughout season two. There’s also some personal predictions and hopes from Aaron about season three that’s worth checking out. An excerpt is provided below, but please visit the source for the full article.

“It’s been so much fun for me to see the student become the teacher, but really this idealist becomes a cynic. To do good undercover work and to get things done you do have to compromise things,” Tveit says of Mike’s character arc this season. “Mike was just doing his job and in my opinion, doing a great job. The fact that other people were personally caught up in his wake — that wasn’t his concern.”


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  1. I missed the “family” aspect of the show which was included in last year’s episodes and I feel that the show was rushed this year, leaving out too much of the back story to make things clear. I did watch this year, tho, because I love having the opportunity to see Aaron and because I was attached to the other characters. If Aaron is dead (and if we are to believe Jeff Eastin, he probably is), I don’t believe it was to make the story work — I think it’s because Jeff Eastin was very happy to be able to work with Carmine G (Sid) again and wanted to keep him on the show. That wouldn’t work if Mike (Aaron) is still on his case. And, just simply because I hold grudges, I could not watch the show if Mike was dead and Paige was allowed to continue to be … because in reality, she, not Sid, killed Mike.

    How’s that for what might happen? In any event, I will watch at least the first episode next year … and maybe no more.

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