‘Les Misérables’ Cast Rehearse “One Day More” for the Oscars

February 22, 2013 • Category: General News, Les Misérables 5

Earlier today on her official Twitter, Amanda Seyfried shared this picture Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne during Les Misérables rehearsals. The star-studded cast hit the Dolby Theatre to perform a couple of songs in preparation for Sunday’s Academy Awards. Aaron, Eddie, and Amanda will join Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Helena Bonham-Carter, Sasha Baron-Cohen, and Samantha Barks for a special medley.

Broadway World announced that the cast will unite for “One Day More” at the Oscars (backing vocals provided by previous members of Les Mis productions, like the Hollywood Bowl and West End), with Anne singing “I Dreamed a Dream” solo, as part of a movie-musical tribute. The Oscar-nominated song written for the film, “Suddenly,” is also being sung by Hugh.

5 Responses to “‘Les Misérables’ Cast Rehearse “One Day More” for the Oscars”

  1. Hope to be able to see the performance on this site or Youtube later, as unfortunatly overhere in the Netherlands no TV station is showing the Oscars completly.
    Aaron is for me the best Enjoras I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen many on stage! He’s tough and determind , but also warm and caring in the part.
    Plus a very nice chap in normal live from what I’ve seen on here.

  2. What a great picture of two handsome men! Aaron Tveit was amazing in the cast medley at the Oscars. Love him!

  3. agree totally

  4. Glad to have seen it, Aaron was great, keeping in his role as Enjoras, even without the wig and the clothes! BRAVO! Had tears in my eyes, it was so good.

  5. It was a awesome performance!

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