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June 12, 2014 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News 25

Fans have asked (and asked and asked…), and Team Tveit has listened. After a hiatus, Aaron Tveit will once again be accepting fan mail! There is a new address for fans to send all their letters, artwork, and autograph requests, so disregard any and all former addresses used. From now on, only use the following when submitting your mail:

Aaron Tveit
c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd #300
Burbank, CA 91505

Be sure to include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope)!

Keep in mind that all mail submissions are completely out of my hand, so please don’t contact me asking if/when you will hear back. It may take months to receive a response, particularly autographs; after all, Aaron is a very busy man these days. That said, do feel confident that the mail will reach him.

Also, quick request: please be responsible. Don’t divulge private information, and stay away from gifts like food (especially perishable food). Other than that, start penning your letters now and have fun!

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  1. Thank you team Tveit,thank you so so much (:

  2. Do you know how a person overseas would be able to included a stamped envelope (how they would get the right stamps)? (I hope this makes sense)

  3. You would just have to include whatever postage would be necessary for Aaron or his team to mail something back to you on the envelope. So calculate how much it would cost to mail a letter from Burbank, CA to wherever you are located–I believe has an international shipping calculator.

  4. She means: how can someone from Europe get their hands on US stamps? :-)

  5. Your post office may have them. Mine has some for Europe that I’ve used. Good luck!

  6. Thank you so much! Just to get word to Aaron or even get any chance of a response means so much to me :)

  7. Go to the post office and get International Reply Coupons. They’re not cheap but then the people in the US exchange them for postage. (I still have mine from when I wanted to send Aaron a letter and couldn’t get the address LOL so now I shall!)

  8. Hey :)i send a Fan Mail three months back on his old adress… So is it possible that this Fan Mail is lost?…

  9. Hi there… I have the same doubt, I live in Lisbon, Portugal, so does anyone know how can I include a stamped envelope? Thanks :)

  10. Vai aos correios e pede um daqueles vales postal/cupões que dá para enviar dinheiro e eles lá trocam para pagarem o selo. Quanto ao envelope, coloca um dentro do que vais enviar com a morada de destinatário que será a tua. Espero ter ajudado. :)

  11. You’ll need an International Reply Coupon. Or if you know anybody in the USA, maybe they can send you some stamps for overseas. I got some from my cousin in the USA.
    It’s wonderful that we’ll finally be able to write to Aaron, even though I dought that he will have the time to read all the letters!

  12. It has been proven that all autographs coming from Spanky Taylor are not authentic, they are instead autopens or preprints. Aaron said on “Show People” that he is now accepting fan mail and he mentioned that he gets some really nice things. But I looked up the new address and it’s Spanky Taylor. I really don’t want to waste the stamps if he isn’t even going to read my letter. He lives in NYC and shoots Graceland in Florida, so I don’t think it’s very likely that he would get this mail. If you have any comments on this it would be great.

  13. Hey, Skylar! Rest assured that Aaron will, in fact, see your letters. Spanky Taylor is a great company that gathers and organizes fan mail, which makes it that much easier on the talent receiving letters and gifts. The address was sent to this site directly from Aaron’s management and ST, so it is legitimate. If you feel uncomfortable sending content to the address, I’m sincerely sorry for it, but it is the only option to do so because it cuts down on the overwhelming amount of mail.

  14. :) this is amazing can’t wait to write him

  15. Hello, could you please contact me asap me and my university are huge fans and we are performing West side story at Liverpool echo arena on the 5th December 2014 tickets are free it would be great of you could give us tips or better if you came. We done les miserables there I was marius and we will rock you and I was galileo, all is on my website. You have inspired me so much. Please contact me. Thank you for reading this. Liam Darbyshire

  16. Can i just say-i think Aaron Tveit is such a cool, nice, solid person. It would be absolutely amazing if he actually received the fan mail and read it himself. Does anyone know for sure if he does? And it would be even more incredible if he actually sends replies himself. Has anyone received any responses? Whether you have or not, i will always respect Aaron and what he does. He is amazing and very talented in everything he does. His interviews are very entertaining, as well. :)

  17. Would the autograph be authentic??

  18. Is this still an active fanmail address?

  19. Yes, this is his official and only fan mail address.

  20. So…I’ve heard lots of rumors about Spanky Taylor and how the letters never actually reach the actor/ the autograph is computer generated. Is this true? Also, is it likely that he would reply to a letter…if he gets it. I know i’ve seen him talk about fan mail in recent interviews…and I have a letter in mind, and it’s really important that i get a reply. Please answer my questions:)

  21. I would love to actually get ahold of Aaron Tveit, my son is playing Frank Jr. In his high school musical and is amazing. He loves Aaron and thinks he is absolutely amazing!! I would love to just get a good luck with a signature from him. My son has been asked to audition for many colleges including Ithaca which is where Aaron graduated from. Anyway for him to actually get this message? I even bought my son a catch me playbill I would love for him to sign.

    Brandi Rauen

  22. 1. A LOT of people want things from Aaron but he is only one person with a demanding schedule. Are there any ways to give back that might be uplifting/positive. Any certain charities, volunteering, etc?

    2. It makes me sad to see internet comments,while looking at a show, etc, that don’t focus on AAron’s talent or work & just make tawdry body comments (YES, he is nice looking, BUT NOT a side of beef.)

  23. I am a great fan I saw Grease live! How good was that no mistakes. Please give the cast my regards.

    Please can you send me an autograph photo?

  24. I just wanted to let you know that you have the same last name that I have. I know we are not related since my dad was the only one in his family with a son and who immigrated to USA. I was glad to hear on Kelly Live that they pronounced the last name correctly. It is an unusual name here in USA, but very common in Norway. Do you know what our last name means? I do. My relatives told me when we visited in 1975. I have not seen you in acting yet, but my sisters co-worker saw you on Broadway in New York and brought you to our attention. Good luck in your career.

  25. Is this still the same address in 2018?

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