Paul Wontorek’s “Show People” Showcases Aaron Tveit

January 4, 2013 • Category: Catch Me If You Can, General News, Graceland, Les Misérables 2

Kicking off the new season of’s “Show People” – hosted by Paul Wontorek – is special guest, Aaron Tveit. It’s a very lengthy interview, clocking in at just over 25-minutes, and hitting various subjects along the way — including Les Misérables (if you’ve ever wanted to know the proper way to say Enjolras, look no further), brilliant-but-canceled Catch Me If You Can, Aaron’s upcoming television series “Graceland,” and why he’s not going to join Twitter. He and Paul have a great and easy rapport throughout, making the interview seem almost conversational while still promoting his on-the-rise career.

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  1. Great interview, especially the part about pronunciation of Enjolras. :D

  2. I agree. One of the best one on one interviews with Aaron. Props to Paul for doing such a great job.

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