Save the Dates: 54 Below to Host Several Concerts for Aaron Tveit

March 28, 2013 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News, In Concert, Stage Work 26

I’m very excited to announce the following news that fans have been eagerly waiting for: in May, Aaron Tveit will be performing several concerts at the beloved nightclub, 54 Below! Read on for details:

When looking for an extraordinary New York experience, look no further than 54 Below. The elegant venue provides world class dining and hosts an array of Broadway talent – from Patti LuPone to Norbert Leo Butz – in an intimate setting: no table is more than 24 feet away from the stage.

Starting early May, Aaron Tveit will take the 54 Below stage for the first time. As part of several one-man shows, he’ll perform popular standards, personal favorites, and songs from his previous Broadway productions.

Each of the concerts held on May 3rd, May 11th, May 17th, and May 18th will begin at 11 PM. Despite the late show times, 54 Below is open to all ages, so young fans are encouraged to attend provided they demonstrate maturity inside the club.

Subscribers to 54 Below’s mailing list will be able to obtain pre-sale tickets starting April 2nd; a general public sale begins April 5th. To purchase tickets, visit or call (866) 468-7619. For further information – including directions and dinner reservations – head over to 54 Below’s official site.

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  1. So excited for Aaron! I’m sure he’ll sell the place out for all the dates. Wish I could make it to NYC for one of the shows, but alas I live in MN and just can’t afford the trip. Really wish he would take the show on the road. I hope someone will record it and post it for people to see. Or do a Stage-It show for the fans who can’t make the show. That would be nice. I hope the fans who can make it have a GREAT time and cheer really loud for those of us who can’t be there!! Much love to all!

  2. thank you thank you so much for providing this info to us you are so awesome!!!

  3. You’re very welcome! Glad to pass the info along.

  4. Is this for next year??

  5. Nope, 2013.

  6. How do i buy tickets for this? I went to the 54Below page and looked at tickets for these dates and he wasn’t on any of them.

  7. Tickets will go on sale for subscribers on April 2nd; general sale starts on the 5th. I believe they’ll have links on this page.

  8. Great job in Les Miserables, my friend! Saw it twice in theaters and picked up the Blu-ray on day 1. Had my girlfriend crying her eyes out every time! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…
    Keep doing your thing and knock ’em dead man!

  9. Can we start a petition to get him to do a Los Angeles show?! I’m sure he would listen to a fan site with a lot of support :p

  10. So jealous of all of you who will be able to see Aaron perform . Being on the other side of the Atlantic, I can only hope there will be some recordings of it and for you to tell me all about it. Maybe a CD would be nice too! Sure it would sell.

  11. Do we need to make dinner reservations or will we be ok to go if we just buy tickets

  12. Just tickets should be fine (and you’ll still be able to order food if you get hungry).

  13. What is the cover charge? Is that the price of the ticket?

  14. We want Aaron in England! :(
    It would be a dream come true if he came to England to perform his concerts.
    Oh maaan, why couldn’t I live in America? D:

  15. I agree if Aaron lived in England I would be able to fly over and see him too ;)

  16. My friend and I are flying out form Colorado for the show on May 18! Catch a few Broadway acts while were at it :-D

  17. We need Aaron in the UK :( Are there any plans for him to take a trip over here to perform for his British fans? :’) And thank you for the updates, you’re doing a great job! :)


  19. What does it mean by cover change and food and drink minimum? Do you have to buy both?

  20. Oh thanks for sharing this. Wish I could just get on a plane and go. Hard when you live in Sweden though :( But I´m going to try anyway!!! Wish me luck! :D


  22. Do u happen to know the presale code? They never sent it to me and I want in!!

  23. How much do the tickets cost?

  24. I know everyone is excited and anxious about tickets but let’s take it easy with the questions. Kristina is just a fan like the rest of us. If you want information about tickets go to 54 Below’s official website and Facebook page. If you have subscribed to the club’s mailing list, you should have a pre-sale code to buy tickets on Wednesday April 3rd at noon EST. If you haven’t subscribed, tickets will be available to the public on Friday April 5th.

  25. It is my understanding that all of the performances are sold out. They added two shows and sold tickets for those and all the remaining shows today at noon. They sent a new code to those who had signed up. I was not one of the lucky ones to get tickets. Hopefully, Aaron will do this sort of venue again.

  26. Check it out….

    Was anyone able to get tickets.

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