“Thank you so much,” from Aaron Tveit

October 22, 2013 • Category: ATN Exclusive, General News 37

As ATN promised, your beautiful birthday submissions were forwarded to Aaron Tveit yesterday. After reading through all of the messages (there’s 515 of them!), he asked the site to publish his very sincere thank you – to all of you – on his behalf. Please read Aaron’s letter of gratitude on your amazing birthday wishes below.

To all of you!
Let me first start by simply saying THANK YOU for all your incredible birthday messages!!
Kristina sent me the link yesterday to your birthday greetings and I read every single one of them. Thank you so much for sharing with me your beautiful stories and birthday wishes.
I have to say I really was floored! I am so grateful to have you all in my corner,it means the world.
The fact that you all took the time to write,or create incredible artwork and original cards–really truly just meant so much.
Please know how much I appreciate the constant support and love you send my way
Thank you so much!


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  1. :D OMG! This is so sweet! You don’t know how happy I am right now :D xxx Sanne

  2. I am literally crying. This is so perfect! I’m so happy he liked them :)


  4. How sweet of him to take time out of his day to do that. He certainly made many of his fans (including me, very much me) even HAPPIER!
    It’s especially nice seeing this since he’s not a social networker!

  5. Could you send him an Email from me saying
    my name is Alex im a 13 yr old girl i live in a place called Hadleigh in Essex we dont really get noticed by many famous people these days as we aint in a well known spot, but thts not my message my message is that my skl is called Deanes and the council are shutting it down it is a good skl and NEEDS to stay open and my headteacher said that if we got people high up or famous to speak on our behalf we might save the skl but if not our skl shuts and we have to be known as a number in another skl so plz help us or can u at least try thank you i hope you get this and can reply xxxx

  6. Aaron thanks to you! for all that we unknowingly gifts! emotions, joy, admiration! thank you! I embrace you! Patrizia

  7. Oh I’m so glad it pleased him!!
    Now he knows we exist!! It is so cool!!

  8. What s sweetheart!!!

  9. His reply to our messages was quite unexpected, due to how busy he must be with his challenging role in Big Sky, but exactly what I would expect from the person I believe him to be. Hope he had a wonderful day! No wonder we all love him so much.

  10. Happy birth day Mr.Tveit!!
    I am your Japanese fun.
    You are a great actor.
    My dream is to meet you someday.
    Please take care of your health.

  11. Lovely to see him respond. Just goes to show how awesome he is – but then we already knew that!

  12. Awww Thanks Aaron glad you liked them , love that you responded , made me a very happy girl xxxx

  13. OMG AARON <3 When I read this I nearly burst into tears! It is so incredible to think that he has seen what we made him. I am so unbelievably overwhelmed. This made my entire week! I am absolutely thrilled! lfjhsdlkfjlsdkjf <3

  14. Oh my god this man is so perfect. I’m literally crying.

  15. What a great guy! He read ALL of them!

  16. aw this is really sweet, he seems like such a genuinely nice guy

  17. This is beautiful. You’re such an awesome person and an actor, Aaron :)

  18. awww so cute!! thanks to you!!

  19. What a sweet surprise!
    It is so much fun to celebrate his birthday with many fans around the world and share his words to us.
    He is the best man on the earth, isn’t he?
    Thank you Aaron!

  20. Thank you Aaron, for this very sweet message , for being such a wonderful guy and for giving us all so much pleasure with your music and acting.

  21. Awwww^^

  22. What an amazing man.xx

  23. I don’t know why, but I have tears in my eyes :’)

  24. Wow I didn’t see that coming so soon. Aaron’s reply is absolutely adorable, it just made my day! Thank you so much Kristina for giving us this amazing opportunity, it feels really great.

  25. It is amazing that he responded to this, it just shows how down to earth he really is. Thank you Aaron for all you do, glad we could help make your birthday special!

  26. wow that is just so sweet of him!! Sorry Aaron but Happy Birthday!!!! :D sorry for telling u late. I hope u had a wonderful birthday. You are just amazing and so inspirational. I hope u get back on broadway because that will give me a reason to go to New York! :) i would love to see u on stage. You playing Enjolras is my absolute fav! and i loved the first season of Graceland! keep up the good work and keep following ur dreams! You have made my life so much happier. So i hope u had a fantastic birthday! stay safe. keep ur chin up. work hard. have fun. :)

  27. Thank you Aaron for your kind words!
    You have showed that you are more than an amazing and
    incredible actor and singer! You are an amazing person too!
    You are an example for all of us and an inspiration for me :)
    kisses from spain

  28. Awww, thank you Aaron for the message back! Why are you so sweet?

    I wrote a birthday wish to make you smile, but I’m the one who’s smiling ever since!

    I’ll always be wishing you the best from Tokyo <3

    Love love, Tari

  29. Woow! How sweet of him! I am really happy he could take some time to read the messages and even sent a reply :’) this really made my day <3 thank you Aaron for being such a sweetheart. <3

  30. Aaron Tveit,
    I know that everyone says they’re your BIGGEST fan. And I don’t want to be everyone else when I tell you I am one of your BIGGEST fans. I fell in love with theatre in 2011. Seeing Les Miserables the movie and seeing you I remember thinking ‘That voice is perfect.’ I remember coming home and googling your name and finding out so much. You could say I was then a huge fan. I remember telling my mom how much you have inspired me in theatre. You truly are perfect. You are so sweet-hearted and I love you. I got to do a project on a celebrity and I chose you. It was incredible. I did so much slides on that Powerpoint about you. The last slide was asking why I chose you. I said how you are such an inspiration to me and many others. Even though I have never met you (And meeting you is a dream I want to come true more than anything in the world) You have a truly special place in my heart. I dream of being on the stage with you and singing with you. I wanted to see you at 54 below but I don’t live in New York and wasn’t able to get there. I just want you to know that you and your perfectness and singing helped me through a very hard time last year. Your music was a reason I’m still here typing this. You are a lifesaver. An inspiration. I don’t want you to think I made any of this up. I really do love you. I cry watching Graceland because you have come so far since I first heard of you. You really are perfect. Don’t let anybody ever dull your sparkle. I just-If you see this which you probably wont just know that I will always be a fan no matter what happens. I will be there for you EVEN THOUGH I have never met you. I love you more than I have loved another celebrity before. Or broadway actor. You know I redid my room in a broadway theme and I got the Catch Me If You Can broadway poster and I just wish I could’ve seen it on broadway (Youtubes version just doesn’t give me the experience) I hope to one day see you on stage. I hope one day to sing and be on stage with you. Please don’t think of me as just another fan. You really are the reason I love broadway. You really are the reason I am still here today. You really are my Hero. I love you Aaron.
    Sarah xoxo

  31. Aaron, I truly am glad to hear this. It’s nice to know you can actually hear us. Sometimes, its truly saddening cause we don’t think you even know we exsist, but this truly makes me happy

  32. Thank you aaron!
    I’m so happy.
    Please visit again in South Korea! ^^

  33. Would you mind hearing this, Aaron? Thank you for the thank you. :) It’s huge to hear this (All I listen to is Broadway and your songs). Please keep getting involved! It’s amazing to see you, and hear your voice!

  34. Thank you Aaron. I’m sure I speak for all of your fans when I say that we are proud to be your fans and supporters! Keep up the amazing work on acting whether it be on stage in tv shows or in movies. You are my main inspiration for wanting to act after I graduate with the class of 2014.

  35. This is so sweet! With the two roles he was recently casted in, I’m surprised he even has the time to write this to us. We love him so much, every single one of us and I’m glad that tons of people feel the same way. I’ll be trying out for a school of the arts pretty soon and I’m just so glad to have a role model like him who actually cares about his fans.

  36. I’m a big Aaron Tveit fan, but how do I send him letters and stuff like that. Do I have to join the fan club, or should I just leave a comment dedicated to him?

  37. I did not manage to post a Happy Birthday on the page, and tweeted it instead to aarontveit.net’s twitter…. Because Aaron probably did not see that birthday wish, I was rather sad… However after seeing this message that Aaron wrote, it just reminded me how sincere Aaron really is ? I will not be late next year :) I will wait for another year :) Keep up the wonderful work, Aaron!

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