The Wrap Talks to Aaron About Briggs’ “Graceland” Fallout

August 23, 2013 • Category: Articles & Interviews, General News, Graceland 1

Another new interview is out, featuring Aaron Tveit talking about “Graceland” and what to expect in the last episodes of the season — including the fallout of Briggs’ recent reckless actions. Although it’s a fairly short video interview, Aaron also does touch upon the difference between acting in a starring role versus guest stints in television shows. “There’s more working and less waiting,” he says, “And that’s really nice. I would rather work than wait.”

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  1. Thanks for posting this new interview, Christina. I love that we have had the opportunity to see Aaron so much this summer; he is so down to earth and we get the chance to see that he really is enjoying playing Mike and likes the show with all its twists and turns.
    Is there any chance that he will be doing any interviews/talk shows to publicize his album? Can’t wait for September 10!!!

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