“Watch What Happens Live” (05/2013)

May 30, 2013 • Category: Gallery, General News, Public Appearances 4

Photos courtesy of DeAdele.

In case you missed it, Aaron Tveit appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” last night, May 29th. Hosted by Andy Cohen, Aaron was paired up with Ethan Hawk and entertained various questions – some a little racy, others about favorite planets – while having a drink or two. He also showed off his unique talent of clapping with one hand. You can check out some photos in the gallery along with various clips from the episode and after-show below.

4 Responses to ““Watch What Happens Live” (05/2013)”

  1. Unfortunatly I can’t play the video’s overhere in Europe, so hope somebody will put them on Youtube or Tumblr or something!
    Thanks for the photo’s though, no offence, but most admit I rather see aaron with his hair longer.

  2. Ditto here, but I find them on Youtube. You should try to find them!

  3. Thanks, did find one with the whole show last night. Aaron was very funny and looked happy, glad I’ve managed to see it.

  4. I found it too! Thank you.

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