New ‘Les Mis’ Article in ‘Entertainment Weekly’

October 18, 2012 • Category: Film News, Gallery, Les Misérables 0

A new article on Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables is featured in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (October 19th). I’ve added caps to the gallery, courtesy of “VictoriaVanDort.” There’s a lot of information about the actual set and gives great insight into the production of an epic movie-musical. There’s also a few new film stills (including the debut of the Thenardiers) as well as the progression of concept art to fully realized costumes and sets. Check out the behind-the-scenes image of “Do You Hear The People Sing?” on the first page!

Another Look at ‘Les Mis,’ Including “Red And Black”

September 27, 2012 • Category: Film News, Les Misérables 0

A segment on Australia Today highlighted the upcoming film, Les Misérables, with some extra footage that hasn’t previously been seen in either the trailer or extended look. Throughout the video, there’s an interview with Hugh Jackman commenting on various aspects of the movie-making process and chasing the roll, but the real treat for Aaron Tveit fans is a clip of the “Red And Black” reprise. It’s not much, but it was certainly enough to get me (even more) excited for the film. Les Mis hits U.S. theaters on Christmas Day.

New Official Poster for ‘Les Miserables’ Released

September 24, 2012 • Category: Film News, Gallery, Les Misérables 0

Check out the newly released official poster for Tom Hooper’s upcoming epic-musical, Les Misérables. The poster features Isabelle Allen – playing young Cosette – mimicking the iconic Les Mis imagery used in various productions of the musical throughout the years. (We also saw that image being used in the early teaser.) There’s also a new tagline reading “Fight. Dream. Hope. Love.” — though it was previously “The Dream Lives.” I find this new one-sheet for the film to be very startling, beautiful, and poignant; Cosette appears haunted yet hopeful at the same time, appropriate for the one of the story in general. What do you think of the poster?

Extended First Look at Tom Hooper’s ‘Les Misérables’

September 20, 2012 • Category: Film News, Les Misérables 0

After some silence on the Les Mis front, there’s finally a new video for eager fans to fawn over. A new extended look at the film features four and a half minutes of behind-the-scenes footage — including singing from the principal cast such as Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks, and Anne Hathaway. There are also interviews with the aforementioned actors, along with Russell Crowe, in which they talk about working on the movie and the process of singing live on set. It’s a great, informative featurette that’s whetting the appetites of film fans across the web.

Unfortunately, Aaron Tveit’s voice is not highlighted in this, but he is shown quite a few times throughout, looking every bit as majestic as Enjolras should. Regardless, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Les Misérables recently changed its released date; fans in the U.S. can now expect a wonderful holiday present, as it’s now scheduled to hit theaters on December 25th (Christmas Day).

Japanese ‘Les Mis’ Poster Features Enjolras

September 10, 2012 • Category: Film News, Gallery, Les Misérables 0

Although the barricade boys were missing in the first trailer for Les Misérables, they’re already being used for promotion — in Japan! An official Japanese poster for the film not only highlights the students, but Aaron Tveit is prominently featured in the center, wielding the famous red flag. I had added the poster to the gallery some time ago; however, now there’s a larger version where you can actually distinguish Aaron – and even Eddie Redmayne, just to the left – from the rest of the pack.

Aaron Performs at the TPAC Gala

September 6, 2012 • Category: Gallery, General News, Public Appearances 0

Pictures are now available from August 25th‘s Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) Gala. There, Aaron Tveit provided entertainment for the evening, which helped ring in the new season of shows at TPAC (including Catch Me If You Can). Aaron appropriately performed staple Catch Me tunes like “Goodbye,” “Someone Else’s Skin,” and “Seven Wonders,” along with his famous version of Next To Normal‘s “I’m Alive.” For the lucky audience in attendance, they also got to hear him sing “If I Loved You” (a personal favorite of mine) and Stephen Sondheim’s “Finishing The Hat.”

Broadway Show League — Championship Game

August 24, 2012 • Category: Gallery, General News, Public Appearances 0

Several pictures from the August 23rd Broadway Show League championship game have been added to the gallery. Aaron Tveit’s 2012 summer team, Rock of Ages, competed for the title against Death Of A Salesman/Once — and defeated their opponents with a staggering final score of 15-0. Congratulations to Aaron and Team ROA!

Aaron to Headline TPAC Gala

August 13, 2012 • Category: General News 0

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) is holding a gala on August 25th, and the featured entertainment for the evening will be provided by Aaron Tveit himself. The event will not only raise money for the program, but it will also serve as a way to open TPAC’s upcoming season – which includes Catch Me If You Can in January – and honor community leader John Ferguson in the process.

Inspired by Catch Me – the musical Aaron helped bring to Broadway last year – the gala will have a swanky 1960s theme. It begins with cocktails and a silent auction at 6:30 pm, followed by dinner and a headline performance by Aaron. More details on what to expect from the event are as follows:

“Inspired by the playful fun of Catch Me If You Can, our chairs have taken off, transporting guests to the time setting of the show, 1963 to 1968. We don’t want to spoil any of the surprises – a trademark of our gala – but I can say that the heyday of Pan American World Airlines influenced the stunning design for this event. Guests will love the vintage look and feel,” said Kathleen O’Brien, TPAC’s president and chief executive officer.

“And what would a party inspired by this time period be without some high fashion from the 1960s? We’re encouraging guests to dress in 1960s cocktail or evening wear, from the signature elegance and simplicity early in the decade to the more adventurous directions in fashion after 1964, the year the Beatles debuted on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,'” said O’Brien. “All of our guests will be on the best-dressed list, of course, but you can imagine the fun some of our patrons will have when they go all-out to recreate a 1960s look.”


If you’re lucky enough to attend, tickets can be purchased here.

Broadway Show League – Playoffs #3

August 8, 2012 • Category: Gallery, General News, Public Appearances 1

Several pictures from the Broadway Softball League’s thirteenth game of the summer – which took place on August 2nd – have been added to the gallery. Aaron Tveit’s team, Rock of Ages, ultimately defeated Mary Poppins with a final score of 7-6. Judging by the pictures, it looks like it might have been a close game with a narrow defeat. With the third playoff win under their belt, Rock of Ages surges forward in the competition; they’ll be facing Nice Work If You Can Get It/Anything Goes on field five tomorrow, August 9th.

“‘Les Mis’ was Incredible, Challenging, Amazing,” says Aaron

July 17, 2012 • Category: Film News, General News, Les Misérables 1 recently had the chance to talk to Aaron Tveit, who was questioned about the upcoming epic musical, Les Misérables. When asked about the experience of playing Enjolras, the iconic student revolutionary, Aaron said that it was “incredible, challenging, amazing.” Check out more of what he had to say about the film, including the discipline of singing live on set and even that blond wig:

Les Mis was incredible, challenging, amazing,” he said of playing student revolutionary Enjolras. “I can’t wait to see it. Russell [Crowe] and Hugh [Jackman] and Annie [Hathaway] are just going to blow people’s minds.”

Part of the challenge, according to Tveit (and co-star Hugh Jackman) came from director Hooper’s choice to have the actors sing the famous score live during filming rather than use tracks produced later in a recording studio. As Enjolras, Tveit had to perform numbers like “Do You Hear the People Sing?” and “One Day More” at full voice during long days of filming. Luckily, the vet of Hairspray, Wicked, Next to Normal, and Catch Me If You Can had his Broadway experience to rely on. “I knew how to prepare myself physically for it,” he explained. “You’re working 12 or 13 hours a day and singing the songs over and over and over again. That’s so hard! I did feel like I had an advantage because I know the grind of an eight show week, which really helped. It’s gonna be fantastic.”

Also fantastic? Tveit in his French student look, which we got a peek at when on-set photos of the actor and co-star Eddie Redmayne (Marius) were leaked. Tveit, for one, was enthusiastic about his flowing locks. “It was good!” he said with a laugh. “It was very transformative. The wig is an important part of the costume, and it put me right in the period.”