“Ugly Betty”: Anatomy of a Kiss with Aaron Tveit

Source: Zap2it
Date: 2010 March 16
By: Jethro Nededog

On the next episode of “Ugly Betty,” Aaron Tveit guest stars as Zachary and he gets to be Betty’s next conquest.

“Zachary is an award winning young playwright that Betty sees doing a speech at Justin’s acting class,” Tveit tells Zap2it. “So, she decides to write a magazine article on him.”

The Broadway actor is no stranger to kissing on camera, since he also played Blake Lively’s love interest for several episodes of “Gossip Girl.”

In the real world, Tveit is a perfect gentleman, but he agreed to kiss and tell about his lip lock with America Ferrera for us and, of course, a few thousand of our closest friends.

“This is actually not a date,” Tveit points out. “This might be their second or third glass of wine after they’ve eaten a little bit. Even though she looks flirtatious, she’s asking about his writing and I’m telling her about how passionate I am and how I like to create these characters and how I like to leave myself in my writing.”

“Both of us kind of get swept up in exactly what I’m talking about,” the actor explains. “And exactly what she’s asking and we get wrapped up in the moment a little bit.”

“A scene can take a couple hours and there’s a lot of takes,” Tveit laughs. “You may shoot a scene from different camera angles like four or five times. Do the math. She’s a great kisser. It wasn’t a bad job to have.”