Aaron Tveit on His ‘Catch Me If You Can’ “Dream Team”

Source: Broadway World
Date: 2011 March 16

Broadway Beat recently went behind the scenes of Broadway’s newest musical, Catch Me If You Can, which just began previews at the Neil Simon Theatre last week. During their visit at the rehearsal studio, they stopped to chat with Aaron Tveit, who plays leading man Frank Abagnale Jr. in the production.

On playing the lovable conman, Tveit commented: “The part’s amazing. It’s this young guy who’s not malicious. He never set out to hurt anyone, he just took advantage of opportunities, and made this life for himself, and flew all over the world as a Pan Am pilot. It’s incredible.”

As for what it’s like working with the all-star production team, he added: “I’ve seen them referred to as the ‘dream team’ in some articles lately and it’s really true. And it’s not just about what they’ve done, it’s how passionate they all are for the theatre. This show is like an old-fashioned Broadway musical told in a new way, I think. And I mean ‘old-fashioned Broadway musical’ in the best way possible, I don’t mean that to demean in. Because it’s this real show that has heart and life, and it breathes.”

“But working with these people-with Jack, I think it’s changed me as an actor, working with him over these three years. And the score that Marc and Scott wrote was the first thing that hooked me in. When I heard it, I said ‘Wow, this is something special.’ To be in a room with Terrence McNally and Jerry [Mitchell] just leading us through this thing- the staging and his choreography, it’s really a dream come true. I don’t know where you go from here. It’s unbelievable.”