How to Kiss James Franco: Practice & Preparation in 7 Steps

Source: OK! Magazine
Date: 2010 September 24
By: Laura Lane

James Franco is an expert kisser, having mastered the on-screen make-out with both sexes. On the female side he’s kissed Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man), Sienna Miller (Camille) and Julia Roberts (Eat Pray Love). As for men: Sean Penn (Milk), Will Forte (“SNL”), Morgan H. Margolis (Blind Spot) and most recently he’s locked lips with another round of men as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in Howl.

But kissing James Franco is not an easy task. To find out exactly how to prepare and practice to kiss James, OK! talked with his Howl co-star Aaron Tveit, who plays on-screen lover Peter Orlovsky. Aaron has plenty of experience smooching with James and knows just how perfect the Franco French. Got your pen and paper ready? Okay, now read on!

1. Plan out your kiss with James Franco.
James is really good about asking the directors what type — “Is this a good morning kiss? Do you want this to be we’re about to go bed kiss? Are we passionately in love?” Things like that, which is great because then we’re on the same page and we can go from there.

2. Understand kiss-type vocabulary.
I think (a good morning kiss versus a good night kiss) is the difference between a “Hello!” and a “Hello, this is going to go a lot further.”

3. Use breath freshener.
Maybe some Orbitz gum but I’d do that anyways. I try to keep my breath clean anyways so I don’t have to worry about it.

4. Don’t be bummed by director’s kiss-type decision.
The directors went for more of a “Hello, good morning,” cute version than a “Hello, we’re about to go to bed.”

5. Practice on a Hollywood starlet.
I spent the better part of two months kissing Blake Lively (guest starring for seven episodes on “Gossip Girls,” as Serena’s lover, Trip van der Bilt). That was pretty fun. That one was not as planned out if you can imagine. I kind of just went for it.

6. Practice on a Hollywood starlet in front of her boyfriend.
He (Penn Badgley) was totally cool about it, because I think they both have to deal with that all the time. He has to do it. She has to do it at work so I think they were very cool.

7. After you kiss James Franco, know it might not be as magical as you hoped.
It’s not as glamorous as you might think. You kind of have to wait to make sure the whole crew in the room is on the same page about when they’re going to start, when they’re going to yell cut. There’s a lot of nuts and bolts and it’s not as exciting as you might think.