Happy 32nd Birthday, Aaron!

October 21, 2015 • Category: ATN Exclusive, Site News 194

As Doc Brown stated this morning: the future has arrived. And while today might not be the future you once thought possible, it is the one you created with your own skill, determination, and bravery. You see, there is a certain kind of fearlessness that comes with an actor such as yourself. With impending projects “Grease: Live” and “BrainDead,” you’ve once again established that you aren’t afraid to push yourself and welcome challenging roles or opportunities. It is an admirable trait; one that has resonated with many of your fans, as evidenced in their many birthday wishes.

What’s especially great about being a public figure with such ambition is that you’re able to instill dreams and a sense of belief in so many adoring admirers. They, too, can work hard and achieve greatness. Like years before, your legions of fans from around the world have left beautiful messages wishing you the best in your new year. Some have shared personal stories of finding strength through your talents, while others have discovered their own passion because of your performances. By establishing your own accomplishments by this October 21, 2015, you have helped shaped their future, Doc. And that’s a pretty nifty gift to have in your 32nd year and beyond.

Have a very happy birthday, Aaron. Here’s to your own future — and making it a good one.

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    I hope that you have a very happy birthday! You’re an absolutely outstanding performer and it was amazing to have a chance to see you perform as John Wilkes Booth in Assassins. That production was simply magnificent. Best wishes for grease live and hope to see you this side of the pond again :)

    Much love and thanks,

    Robyn. x

  2. Hi Aaron,

    I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for being such an inspiration. Your talent, hard work and dedication to everything that you do is truly amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you – I’m sure it’ll be spectacular!

    I hope you have an amazing birthday!

    Lots of love from California :)

  3. Dearest AARON

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    And let me say THANK YOU.You inspire me a lot all the time in many ways,and always make me happy, and give me courage.

    Now I really can’t wait to see your next role Danny Zuko and I’ve been eagerly waiting for your back to Broadway.I love your singing voice more than anything!

    Tanjohbi Omedetou! (means Happy Birthday in Japanese:))
    I love you and always support you from Japan.


  4. Hi, Aaron.
    I feel like this is kind of weird to say happy birthday to you when you don’t know who I am, but happy birthday nonetheless! Like everyone else here, I’m a huge admirer of you and your work, and it’s people like you that make me love the arts even more. Thank you for staying true to yourself – because it’s the best self you could be. I appreciate your humility and down-to-earth nature – those qualities make you so much more relatable to the every day human being; and I think that’s why people love you so much. Sorry this is so long; but I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that you perform more in LA (I’m a student at UCLA, so… Pantages???). Side note: I listen to your Live at 54 Below album on the way to class every day haha.
    Best wishes, Amanda

  5. Happy 32nd Birthday, Aaron!
    May all your dreams come true!

    Would you like a bite?

    You created unprecedented awesome new Booth last year.
    I made a website of Assassins for recording your great work. It’s written only in Japanese but please take a look around!

    Assassins 2014-2015 Unofficial
    Slide Show

    I wish that this year will be more brilliant for you. I’m always rooting for you.
    I’ll be glad to see you in Sydney!

    Love, Yuko

    PS. Kristina, thank you for taking the trouble to open the birthday post this year too! I look forward to this every year.(*^_^*)

  6. It’s no trouble at all! I’m so happy to be able to give fans a platform to share their gratitude, wonderful art, and heartwarming stories. :)

  7. AAron Aaron who’s get older?? ;)

    Don’t be sad, I am just kidding :)
    Your age continuous to count but your soul is getting more younger.
    I send to you all the best, kind and good wishes.
    May you to have a wonderful day, an fantastic year and a successfully and joy life.

    Happy happy birthday Aaron :)
    God bless you !

    All the best >:D<

  8. Hey Aaron!

    HAPPY 32ND BIRTHDAY!! I am wishing you every happiness and a year that follows with even more success!

    Thank you for blessing my life (all of our lives actually) with your beautiful voice, and amazing acting ability. You are incredibly talented, and you have never ceased to put a smile on my face. Your performances always embody so much energy and excitement, and seeing you do what you love always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my chest. Aaron, your joy is infectious, and I am so grateful that you are sharing that very special part of you with the world.

    Although Graceland has ended (and as sad as that has been), I am looking forward to your many future projects (but mainly waiting for Grease)!! The fact that you are playing Danny Zuko, a figure that I have loved since childhood, this is extremely special to me (especially because Grease was the first musical I ever saw!)

    I also hear that you’re coming to Australia in February! I have honestly been wishing for this day to come for so long. However, I won’t be able to see you perform, as I’m in Melbourne and won’t be able to fly interstate. (school :( ) Nevertheless, I hope you have the greatest time while you’re here, and consider returning again when you’re free! (But it’s fine, because hopefully I’ll be able to catch you in New York one day instead!)

    I hope you celebrate today with heaps of fun and you get the opportunity to spend the day with your close friends and family! Stay humble and keep inspiring! :)

    P.S: don’t pack too much! It may get a little warm… and buy yourself a packet of tim tams while you’re here!

    Helen xx

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON. I hope you have a great day :) xxx

  10. Best wishes to one of the most talented man that have ever set foot on a stage. Thanks for sharing your passion, your talent and your dedication with us all! Have a great day!


  11. Happy Birthday .Your song will make me happy. I always got the courage from you. I’m praying for your success from Japan .
    Please come to Japan . A lot of fans are waiting for you .

  12. Hey Aaron!

    I hope you have a super amazing birthday! I’ve been a fan of you for a while and it seems that every year, you impossibly become more talented and wonderful. I hope this year brings you the best and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

    Can’t wait for Grease!

  13. Happy Birthday Aaron! I hope you enjoy your special day! Our birthday’s are only 6 days apart! Go us! :) You are super talented and I hope to one day get to meet you!

  14. Happy Birthday Aaron!! Thank you so much for inspiring so many people with your love of performance and abundance of talent this year! Graceland has been one of my all-time favourite shows and Mike Warren one of my favourite characters, fingers crossed another network picks it up because it definitely deserves another season! I’ve heard from my friend Sarah in the UK how mind-blowing your performance was in Assassins and I’m very excited to finally have the chance to see you live next year in Sydney!!! Hope you have an amazing year and enjoy everything Australia has to offer :) Love Zoe xx

  15. Happy birthday Aaron! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  16. Happy Birthday !!! Aaron***

    Thank you for much joy again this year.
    Thanks to you has resumed Twitter, and a sense to live in same time is very fun.

    Then, this year did not meet you.
    When the assassins was Irechigai, it was work time of Elsie Fest. I want you to come back to you on Broadway this year. What if whether, please please come. I want to go to meet.

    Have a great birthday .

    Lots of love


  17. I wish you a very happy birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful year! You are my inspiration. Thank you!!!

  18. Dear Aaron hope you have an awesome birthday . So sorry Graceland is not going to be on anymore ,always looked forward to seeing you .Aaron you are a fantastic actor and an amazing singer ,so happy to see that Elsie Fest is on you tube ,watch you all the time ,looking forward to your live performance of Grease .hopefully you will be back on Broadway soon ,looking forward to that day..Happy Birthday Aaron

  19. Have a great day and a wonderful year, Aaron. Saw ‘Assassins’ and hope to see you again on the live stage somewhere in the world. Thanks for the work you do and the time you put in just to please fans, God bless.

  20. Happy birthday, Aaron! Hope all your wishes come true. Looking forward to seeing you on Broadway soon. Diane

  21. Hi Aaron!
    Happy birthday! I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your work and all your jobs (I’m sorry that Graceland has been cancelled!).
    I also want to say that I love Next to Normal so much, it’s one of my favourite musicals, it has such a meaningful and profound story and amazing songs. It truly moves me. Shame it didn’t last longer on Broadway!
    It’s crystal clear that you put passion and dedication in everything you do and I hope you keep doing what you love!
    To conclude: happy birthday again, have a wonderful day!
    With love from Italy,

  22. Hi Aaron,
    I just want to wish you a very happy birthday. You are such a big insperation to me and i wish you all the best in the future. I love you :) <3

  23. Happy Birthday Aaron! You are absolutely amazing and continue to be an inspiration of mine; a real triple threat I look up to. I can’t wait to see what life brings you next because I know you will put your heart and soul into it and make it better than amazing; you always do. Your passion inspires me (and I’m sure many others) to be the best that they can be and I’m so grateful for that influence. Thank you and have a wonderful birthday; you deserve it.

  24. Happy birthday!!!! I hope that today brings you so much happiness! You make so many people happy that I wish the same for you. Meeting you at Elsie Fest brought so much light into my life because of your kindness and I can never thank you enough! I am so excited to see what the future brings you! You are so talented and humble and you deserve the very best out of life. Have a wonderful day and always know that you have fans rooting for you! We love you!

  25. Happy Birthday hope you have a good one. Can’t wait to see Grease live I know it going to be great

  26. Happy Birthday!!!

    Congrats on being such an amazingly awesome and talented person! You deserve the happiest birthday ever!! Keep being the humble, hardworking, dedicated person you are!!!
    Thanks for being such a moTVEITion for me. You’ve inspired me to really go for my dreams and never give up. These last few years have been hard for me…but you inspire me to keep pushing through. It’s not easy trying to pull of what I’m what I’m trying to do…but I really believe I can do it (thanks to you;)

    Nobody deserves a fantastic birthday as much as you do!! I bet…It’s gonna be good (next to normal reference;)

    Thanks again for being so awesome and so talented!! 6 weeks ago I sent you a really special/important letter through the fan mail address, I really hope you get it and read it.It would mean the world to me if you could respond back:D ;)

    Happy B-day,
    Joe :)

  27. Hey Aaron!

    Happy Birthday!

    I’m so excited to see you in Grease: Live next year. I’m still a bit disappointed about Graceland, but glad you’re still going to be on our screens next summer in BrainDead. It sounds like an interesting concept. It’s amazing as a long time fan to see how far you have come, from the stage to film and television.

    Just thought you would like to know that you helped my 1-year-old cousin learn one of his first words. I was listening to you sing “Goodbye” and he said “bye-bye” in reply.


    ^That was from him by the way. He keeps trying to type on the laptop. LOL

    Best Wishes!


  28. Happy Birthday! I would just like to thank one of the best role models I have ever had!

  29. Hey Aaron,

    Hope your birthday is bloody brilliant & full of golf, GoT & jammin to Taylor Swift!

    Massive congrats on another year of kicking goals with your TV, Film & Theatre projects.

    I somehow managed to see both Assassins & Elsie Fest, and both performances were definite highlights of my year. It really pays to be a fan of yours for all the travelling & exploring I’ve ended up doing!!

    I’m sad to see Graceland come to an end – but super exited for your upcoming projects. It’s genuinely inspiring that you keep taking on such interesting, ambitious roles.

    Here’s to another year of smashing out awesome performances & tackling exciting new projects!

    Love Zoë*, Australia (*who’s crazy excited to see you perform in Sydney – but be ready for the heat!)

    Channelling Gabe: https://41.media.tumblr.com/75906a4804eefdd278de9b61a0e39b51/tumblr_nwa9bntYIy1uwxt2no2_540.jpg

    The B-way belt: https://40.media.tumblr.com/1c0ebb9a529bd367ce378df3c02817b8/tumblr_nwa9bntYIy1uwxt2no3_540.jpg

    A much-needed duet: https://40.media.tumblr.com/6385ebf09affc8c64db9825eb30cf92c/tumblr_nwa9bntYIy1uwxt2no1_540.jpg


  30. Hi Aaron!!
    I hope you have a fantastic birthday! I love your voice and you have been an inspiration to me. You are fabulous at what you do and I cannot thank you enough for being you!!! I’m so excited to see you in Grease:Live.
    Have a fabulous day!!

    Anna D.

  31. Hi Aaron, happy birthday! Wish you all the best in the coming future and hopefully we get more of you on screen *V* Thank you so much for the autograph, I hope you find that little voice technique (yawn-sigh) useful :) You have the voice of a million tiny angels! Gotta protect them dearly! Happy birthday and all the best.
    Loyal fan from Hong Kong, now in Sydney (talk about your international fans),


    I can’t believe i’ve been a fan of your work for 3 years. Of those three spectacular years, you have inspired me to follow my dreams of acting. Anyway, i’m pretty sad that graceland has ended, (it was a really good show, too bad not many people realize that). I can’t wait to see you perform as danny zuko. And i also hope to see you perform on stage again (you would be perfect in miss saigon)

    I wish you have a wonderful birthday! Best wishes!



  33. Dear Aaron,

    Wishing you a wonderfull birthday en lots of happyness.
    Although there wont be ‘Graceland’ next year, I’m sure there will be several things for you to do and new chalanges ahead. Hope for a lot of singing parts for you.

    Lots of love,

  34. Hi Aaron! I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and a year of good health, happiness, and success. I’m so excited to see you play Danny Zuko! You are the perfect choice. Good luck with Grease and your new TV series. Stay sweet! The kind way you treat your fans is noticed and appreciated.

  35. Dear Aaron,
    Happy Birthday to you. I wish you, that all your dreams come true.
    I envy you for your trip to the Aussies :-) Have much fun there.
    It’s a pity that I have missed you in London, because I was in the end of February in Assassins.
    Hope that you will come back to Europe soon.
    Best wishes from Germany

  36. Happy birthday Aaron! You are so incredible and continue to inspire me and countless others each day. You inspire me constantly and I would like to thank you for that. Thank you for being you, Aaron. Happy Birthday.

  37. Happy Birthday Aaron, I am extremely proud of everything that you have achieved over the past year and I am sure that you will continue to dazzle us with any performance you give in the future!! Being from the UK we don’t have too much contact so i thought that this was the best medium to go by. You are simply a creative genius and you enrich our lives so much with all of your hard work, your voice is so smooth. Keep being you!! Never change, only grow!! Much love and have a fantabulous 32nd birthday!! <3 :) Katie and all of your UK fans xxx

  38. Hello Aaron,
    I’m wishing you all the best on this your 32nd birthday. I am so glad that you have gotten a new show and I hope we continue to see great things from you in the future. Continue to stay humble and down to earth. I also wouldn’t mind another live album in the future. ;-) Happy birthday! Mel

  39. Dear Aaron Tveit,
    You are truly an inspiration! You’re amazing and I think about you everyday. I hope you have an amazing birthday. Thank you for being a role model and helping me get through life’s everyday struggles. Listening to your CD The Radio In My Head gives me beautiful chills and helps me through any bad day. You are truly perfect. I can only hope that one day I get the opportunity to meet you in person. I love you. Happy Birthday. Make it the greatest.

  40. Aaron,
    Although the chances of you reading this are more than extremely slim, I had to attempt it anyways. I want you to know how much you inspire me daily, but I know you never truly will because it cannot be accurately expressed in words. I am 16, and I have already fully devoted my life to music. It is the one thing in my life that makes all the rest of the shit make sense, ya know? So whenever I’m sad or having a crummy day, I immediately immerse myself in countless OBC Next To Normal YouTube clips, because what makes one more happy than their favorite musical with the perfect cast? Or, I simply listen to your 54 Below live performance album, “She’s Always A Woman/A Case Of You” always brings a smile to my face no matter what. I only have 2 years left in high school, which is shocking and terrifying, but I’m currently highly considering Ithaca College :) and before you ask, no, not ONLY because of you ;). I have a lot of mentors in my life that have attended Ithaca for musical theatre and took so much out of it, they just had to recommend it. Anyways, to make a long story, if that’s even still possible, you’ve had an unfathomable impact on my life, and constantly bring joy and inspiration when I need it. Thank you for being the amazingly kind and humble source of light and talent that you are. All of my love & affection to you on this special day :) XOXO, Grace Zuko (yes that’s my real name, tell me about it, stud..)

  41. Happy 32nd, Aaron!

    Has another year really already gone by? Wow! Once again, I am so proud of your amazing work on this past season of Graceland. It is definitely some of your best yet. I was also blown away (no pun intended) by your turn as John Wilkes Booth in Assassins. It was a triumphant return to the stage and I consider it a privilege to have been a witness to it. Continuing on the topic of performing, Elsie Fest was such a blast! It was a real treat to see you channel your inner rockstar on that big stage. Thank you for the great chat we had there, as well and thank you for listening to me ramble on a bit. Haha

    I know I sound like a bit of a broken record, but I want to compliment you again on being so kind and attentive to your fans. It truly warms my heart to see that and how humble you have remained in light of your successes.

    I am looking forward to seeing you rock it as Danny Zuko in Grease: Live, hearing all about your concerts in Sydney (Australia, how cool is that?!), and last but not least, watching you kick some alien butt in BrainDead next summer.

    As always, I wish you continued success in the next year and the years to come. Stay awesome and enjoy your day! You deserve it! Happy Birthday! :)

  42. Hey Aaron, Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day with your friends and family

  43. Dear Aaron

    I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and hope you have a great and fun day.
    It is still amazing to follow your carrier, and I can’t wait to watch you “swing your hips” as Danny Zuko in Grease. I really hope it can be watched outside of USA :)
    I’m so sad that there will be no more Graceland, it was the best show ever:( but apparently that’s life!!!
    Instead there is a new summer show coming up …..exciting:) and
    may I say that the “Elsiefest” was AMAZING (I watched it on YouTube) OMG all the songs you sang, they were so good:) your Voice is just amazing:)I still listen to the concert, and do it every Day, I really love it:)
    Enjoy your B-Day Aaron:)

    Love from

  44. Aaron–

    Happy, happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun and excitement (or a very relaxing one if that’s what you’re into) and that the rest of your year is just as amazing as the last one if not more.

    I was lucky enough to be able to meet you at Elsie Fest, which I will honestly remember as one of the greatest and coolest days of my entire life. The show went above and far beyond what I had expected, and I mean, it was really awesome to be able to meet one of the coolest people ever (you, of course)! Despite the fact that I was nervous as all hell (I was the one who wrote everything down so I wouldn’t draw a blank, because that always happens to me), everything still turned out okay and I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Thank you for that!

    On the topic of Elsie Fest, besides forgetting to ask you how you thought the Bills would do vs Miami (we squished the Fish that day, in case you were wondering ;D) I also forgot to tell you what a fantastic actor, singer, and all around person you are. We, and by ‘we’ I mean your ever growing fan base, are so ridiculously proud of everything you’ve done, and excited for what’s coming next!

    I can’t lie, I cried my entire drive home from work when I found out that Graceland got cancelled, but the announcement that you’re going to be in a new show definitely lightened my spirits quite a bit. The premise sounds very intriguing, and despite the fact that it doesn’t sound like a show that I would normally watch, I’m going to religiously plunk myself down in front of the television each week to watch it. (And then again, Graceland wasn’t a show that I would normally watch, but it quickly became my favorite one.)

    Before this becomes any more long-winded than it already is, I just want to say thank you. Les Miserables was my first introduction to theatre– I never enjoyed theatre much growing up and was very hesitant to see the movie when it came out, but I fell in love with it. I’ve seen it multiple times on Broadway and even once in Toronto when it was there, and the passion I’ve found for it and other shows was inspired by the movie, the movie that you were a big part of. Without that film i would still be blind to the world of musical theater, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. Sometimes singing loudly along to I’m Alive from Next to Normal or Live in Living Color from Catch Me If You Can (just to name a few) is the one thing that gets me through my day, and I have you to thank for that.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that I can’t wait to see where you go next. Hopefully ‘next’ for you is total world domination, but I’ll settle for a Danny and Sandy selfie when you’re on the set of Grease Live (which is going to be freakin’ amazing, I just know it).

    Happy birthday, Aaron!
    Sam :)

  45. Happy birthday Aaron! I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful day! May the coming year be filled with happiness, positivity, and success for you. You are a truly talented individual, and I look forward to seeing your upcoming projects!

  46. Aaron, On your 32nd birthday, may all the joy and happiness you bring to me and all of us who love you, return to you one hundred fold. Congratulations on all of your upcoming performances and the new TV show … and please keep singing! Elsiefest was absolutely amazing!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  47. It is pure joy to watch someone do what they have been gifted by God to do! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us! Looking forward to Grease, Braindead, and wishing for more recordings ;) Praying sincerely for your health, protection, and blessings in the next year! Happy Birthday Aaron!

  48. Dear Aaron,

    Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day, and of course good luck (break a leg?) for all of your upcoming projects too! It was a pleasure to see you in Assassins last year, in which you were incredible – thank you so much for your amazing work, and for inspiring me as I’m sure you’ve inspired so many others :D

  49. Hi there, Aaron, first off, Happy Birthday. You have been such an inspiration to me and I cannot ask for a better role model than a man like you. I’m so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and I hope the upcoming years are fruitful and fun!

  50. Happy Birthday Aaron!

    Like many of your international fans, when I first watched “les Mis” I was like “Who is this curly-haired guy with such an amazing voice?” and I became your huge fan since then.
    I am a working mother with two kids and live in Japan, so I only know your work through you tube but I think you are so talented and you look so humble.
    I am also a big fan of broadway musical, I wish I could see you on the show in NY in the near future!

    Have a wonderful birthday with your loved ones!

  51. Happy 32nd birthday Aaron! Your talent and success grows with every passing year. I am incredibly excited to see you in BrainDead (and hopefully soon Undrafted and Stereotypically You!), and I hope that you have a wonderful day. :) “The key to life was that it’s what you dream.”

  52. Happy Birthday Aaron!!! :) I hope you have a wonderful ONE SHORT DAY, that might not be NEXT TO NORMAL, but surely filled with happiness and hope for the coming year. I think that you are truly talented and you are someone that I definitely look up to, especially since I am an aspiring performer. I really hope that I am able to see you at the upcoming Defying Gravity concert in Sydney! Never stop believing in yourself!

    Meredith xxx

  53. Happy Birthday, Aaron! What a year you’ve had. May this next year bring even more opportunities and great things your way. I want to say thank you for all the work you’ve done, and I hope you have a small inkling of how many people you’ve greatly impacted through that work (because there are many, and I am definitely one of them). Enjoy your day!


    Wishing you a very happy Birthday!
    I hope you’re a having a good time and get everything you wished for.
    May you stay health, happy and wonderful, just as you are!

    xo Jess

  55. Dear Aaron,

    I would like to wish you all the best for your birthdayand your new year. Hope you have a good one. Although for your upcoming projects all the best and stay as you are!

    Greetings from Germany

    i had the pleasure to see you and meet you in january in London at assassins. Made my day ;-)

  56. Happy birthday!!! Thank you for existing Aaron.

  57. Happy birthday to you Aaron!

    I live in Sweden and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the fantastic work you´ve done as an artist! Words really can´t describe how much your work means to me. Listening to your voice brings me so much happiness and joy, and when times are rough it gives me comfort.
    I also admire you as an actor and was deeply touched by some of your scenes in the last season of Graceland. You truly seem to be an intelligent, professional and nice person, with a great sense of humour. And I love your integrity!

    I wish you happiness, health and love – and a great day!

    Best regards,

  58. Dearest Aaron,
    I’d like to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope your day will be wonderful and that you’ll be celebrated by your nearest and dearest.
    You are a great inspiration and I wish you all the best with your new exciting projects.
    Keep singing, keep acting – and stay happy!
    Lots of love
    Tess xxxx

  59. Dear Aaron,

    What a year it’s been!!
    I was extremely fortunate to see your incredible performance in Assassins & chat to you a number of times. Every time you were so lovely, kind & patient (like the time my bracelet got stuck in my dress! I was mortified!)
    I will never forget how generous you were with your time & will always look back on Assassins as a very special period in my life. It might sound daft but you motivated me to be determined to succeed & since then I have achieved a promotion that I have strived for for a long time.

    I co run GracelandTVUK & it has become a huge part of my life so was gutted when it was cancelled as I know you all were. But you went out with a bang. Your performance in season 3 was out of this world. Congratulations!

    Also congrats on your new show Brain Dead! Very excited to see what’s in store.

    Elsie Fest – why god why was perfection and then when you sang fix you I was in bits. Friends of mine who attended were buzzing for weeks after. They still are to be fair. I really hope you get to do it again next year.

    I think I speak for many of us when I say we are thrilled that you are going to be Danny Zuko in Grease Live & are counting down the days til January. I have no doubt you will once again show the world what an immense talent you are.

    Also I can’t wait to hear what you get to sing in Oz! What an opportunity!!

    Happy Birthday!! I’ll be celebrating mine on the same day. Libra/Scorpio cusp

    Take care of you and have an awesome day

    Love from Sarah (UK) xxx

  60. Aaron I hope you have a wonderful 32nd birthday. I am so happy for the success you are enjoying, well deserved. Looks like you have an exciting year ahead of you. I hope you are always blessed with health and happiness.

  61. Hi Aaron!
    Words can’t express my love for you so I’ll keep it simple. Happy birthday! I love you, and have a great life!

    – Sincerely, your biggest fan Elli

  62. Happy Birthday, Aaron!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day and an even better year!

    Looking forward to whatever comes next for you. :)

    All the best,

    – Ashley

  63. Dear Aaron
    Happy birthday! So impressed by your acting in Graceland and your amazing live performance in Elsie Fest. Congratulations for another year of exciting new projects, and hope that you continue your excellent work in all media…. Warm regards from Bali, Indonesia and wish you all the best!

  64. Happy Birthday Aaron !!!
    Hope you have an amazing day!
    My birthday is 22nd. It is the next day of your birthday.
    I like your beautiful singing voice.
    I hope to be seen in Japan a new drama of the summer next year.

    From Japan

  65. Happy Birthday, Aaron! All your work on Broadway and in movies and TV has brought me so much joy! Keep up the great work, and I’m so excited to see you in Brain Dead this summer! I hope you have a great birthday! <3

    P.S. Could you do another concert at 54 Below? I'm from Alabama, but I would definitely fly all the way to NYC to watch you perform!

  66. We wish you a very happy birthday! Thank you the joy you bring to the world with your talent. You truly are an inspiration.

  67. Dear Aaron,

    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you’ll have a brilliant day filled with laughter, friends, family and joy.
    Thanks for contributing to the soundtrack of my life.


  68. Happy Birthday Aaron !!

    I hope you enjoy all your work on stage and screen!
    May all your dreams come true.

    Best wishes from Japan.

  69. Happy Birthday to a wonderfully talented artist! I.hope this next year brings you much success!

  70. Happy birthday Aaron! I am one of your fans here in the Philippines. Iam making a sketch of yours but because of the typhoon I was unable to finish it . Well I am praying that God will bless you more as you face another chapter of your life. Happy Birthday!

  71. Happy Birthday, Aaron!
    And also, Happy Back to the Future Day!
    (if you’re into that but honestly who isn’t? I’m pretty stoked)
    You’re an incredible role model and inspiration to many and I hope to one day see some of my music students reach the point of success and achievement you have.
    I hope you have the most magnificent of birthdays and lots of unhealthy goodies!
    (I would add on a picture I’ve drawn of you but I don’t know how. Also, my birthday is only two days after yours! Small world. Ok, I’ll stop typing now.)

    Ashley B.

  72. Happy Birthday! How cool. Surfing FB your cover of Defying Gravity came up and captivated me. I landed in Chicago from LA tonight on my way to NY for MY birthday (10/21) trip and surfed over to your site to see if by some twist of fate I could see you performing this song or somewhere that you might be singing this weekend…that would be cool. I’m visiting with my dearest and oldest friend on our annual NYC birthday celebration and we have tickets to some great shows but if you can send us somewhere to see some great cabaret (do you karaoke) that would be really spectacular!

  73. Did you get my gmail message? Happy Birthday! Mine, too :-)

    Coming to NYC this weekend to celebrate. Will you be performing anywhere?

    Surfed by Defying Gravity cover tonight and was really impressed. Great work!

  74. http://twitter.com/rina_ashley/status/656356971835076612/photo/1

    Hi!! Aaron
    Happy Birthday!!! Thank you fou much joy again this year I love you soooo much


  75. Happy birthday Aaron! Hope you have another amazing year! I can’t wait to hear you live in Australia :)

  76. Happy 32nd, Aaron! It’s been such a joy to watch your career flourish over the past few years. Congrats on BrainDead and break a leg in Grease Live!

  77. Dear Aaron,
    there are so many things I could say but I just want to thank you for all the hard work you put into what you do. You’re probably one of the most talented people and I can’t thank you enough for that. You’ve saved me in more ways than I can mention. I hope you have a happy birthday with your family and friends, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you!
    Chloe T., FL

  78. happy birthday aaron! i hope you have an amazing day because you deserve it :) much love, kimberly

  79. Happy Birthday Aaron!

  80. To Aaron
    Happy birthday, you have truly inspired me..I have chosen the miserables as the mean theme for my high school diploma just because of your talent and capacity of convey everything into a character.
    Hope your talent will be discenerd as it deserves.

  81. Dear Aaron,
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Hope your year will be filled with love, friendships, family, and music. You were a rock star at #ElsieFest! You were amazing.
    Best wishes,

  82. Dear Aaron Tveit,

    Happy birthday.I hope we will see you in more new projects.

    Best Regards.

  83. Happy birthday to you!! It’s been a little over two years since I met you (don’t worry- I don’t expect you to remember but I AM the girl who told you upon meeting you that she thought she might throw up on account of how surreal it was) , and I won’t ever forget that time I met some one who inspired me to follow my dreams and take a chance on the theatre business. I’ve been getting college info from Ithica and it reminds me of you and all the other amazing actors and actresses that went there and how some day I might be one of them. I am so proud to see you accomplishing so much and continuing to preform and do what you love. Your fans love you and will support you in every thing you do, thank you for continuing to be such a great influence and have a wonderful birthday!

    -Grace P.

  84. Hey Aaron, wishing you the best 32nd birthday ever. I just want to share to you that I use one of your quotes as my motto. The “I think we must always find success on a daily basis” from a magazine shoot you had. I don’t know man, but the moment I read that quote, a light bulb figuratively switched on deep inside me and suddenly life became much clearer. You’re an inspiration to many. Please continue what you’re doing, and do more. What a thing(!!) you are. You go, you.

    Sincerely, @renalessa

  85. Dear Aaron!

    I wish you the happiest birthday!!! You’ve been helping me through a lot, and i can’t tell you how grateful i am for that! Watching you performing gives me so much motivation to keep going. Thanks a lot for that!!! ?
    I hope you have an amazing time with all your loved ones!

    All the best wishes from Hungary,

    Rita ^-^

  86. Happy Birthday!!! Aaron!!!
    I’m a Japanese teenage girl!!
    l’ m looking forward to watching “Grease Live”!! But,l’m not sure It’s on air in Japan.? Anyway, somehow l try to watch it !!
    And l wish you came to Japan to show us your stage someday?

    Good Luck!!!

  87. Hi! I just wanted to say happy birthday and how grateful I am for you because you’re the reason I got into a lot of show tunes and things of that nature. And graceland was a complete blessing because I love fbi/crime shows like that and when I heard that you were going to be in it, I was super excited. I can’t wait to see you in grease in January (my friends and I already have a viewing party planned) because I’m sure you’ll do well!
    Good luck u with your life and I hope this next year is filled with lots of happiness and lI’ve because you deserve it!

  88. Happy Happy BIrthday to Aaron!

    Hope you have amazing year ahead.

    I gift you blue rose flowers with love.
    It’s means Dream come true.

    Someday please come Japan !

  89. Happy Happy Birthday to Aaron!!

    Hope you have amazing year ahead.

    I gift you blue roses.

    It ‘s means Dream come true.

    Someday please come to Japan.

  90. Happy birthday! That’s pretty cool it happens to be on Back to the Future Day (great scott!). You have a wonderful talent so keep doing what you do! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  91. Happy Birthday Aaron! I hope that you have an amazing day. You are such an amazing actor, and are an inspiration to so many people all over the world. You always have a new project, but I hope that today, you can take a break and celebrate! I can’t wait to see you as Danny Zuko; I know you’ll be spectacular.
    Lots of love,

  92. Happy birthday Aaron! I’m a huge fan and I admire you for everything that you’ve accomplished! I hope that your birthday is spectacular and I can’t wait for Grease Live!

  93. Aaron,
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have an amazing time! Watching your career grow has been so fun and inspiring! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next (Broadway maybe?…….please). Your work has brought me closer to my family and friends, whether it be a Les Mis family movie night or fangirling with my friends over Frank or Fiyero or Mike or Enjolras or….you get the point. :P Either way I always have a good soundtrack to listen to! Have a fantastic birthday!

  94. Happy birthday Aaron from two sisters in the UK! Your talent is astonishing and you bring such joy and happiness to people from across the world. Thank you for being such a positive voice in the world of Broadway and television, thank you for opening our eyes to the world of theatre, and finally for being a shining example of someone who’s career has been shaped by creativity and art. You have inspired both of us to pursue creative careers, and to never give up. We wish you all the best,every happiness, and a wonderful birthday. Love Olivia and Georgie xxx

  95. Happy birthday, Aaron!
    I’m sending this message from Japan!

    I wish it’ll be a great year for you.
    And I wish I will be able to watch you in many shows and movies even in Japan!

    Please take care yourself.
    Love. Satomi

  96. Happy birthday Aaron!!!! I really hope you have an amazing day with all your friends and familiy. I wanted to tell you that i’m a huge fan of you and that i would die to see you perform live (unfortunatelly i’m from Argentina, and i can’t travel to the US, but you are invited to come to Buenos Aires whenever you want). I really hope you can see this, you are a huge inspiration for me and for another you g musical theatre actors. I send you all of my love, and again, i hope you have a great bday because i think you deserve it. Love love love
    Dafne D.
    Ig: @dafdoyle
    Tw: @dafdoyle

  97. Happy birthday, Aaron! Hope you have an awesome day!
    Lots of love from Japan.

  98. Happy birthday, Aaron!!!!! Thank you so much for being an inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you do next. I hope you have a tremendous day!!!

  99. Mike’s still alive
    Fiyero is, too.
    Enjolras is gone,
    And Gabe’s existence depends on your view.
    Link can’t seem to stop the beat,
    And as for John Wilkes Booth?
    Well, he’s history,
    But what about you?
    You’ve done so much and you’re only how old?
    Oh, that’s right, you’re 32!
    Happy Birthday, Aaron!

  100. This is so cute oh my god

  101. Dear Aaron,

    As most people have already said, you are an inspiration. Les Mis was the first role I saw you in which helped open the doors of theater to me and since then I have not been disappointed. You embody your roles so believably and you aren’t limited to one medium. That is amazing! I’ve done theater all through high school and now in college and in a way that’s thanks to you. It’s a pleasure seeing how humble you are through the rise of your career and that’s how I hope to be in my life, always humbled by experiences. I’m so excited to see what you do with Danny Zuko and later roles, but I’m still confused as to why Graceland was cancelled. It was through Theater that I found a home and realized what I want to do with my life. Thank you so much for unknowingly serving as a role model, both in theater and in life, I will always strive to be as wonderful of a person as you are.Thanks again and have an amazing (18)32 birthday! (I had to sneak a Les Mis joke in)

    With love,
    Katie xoxo

  102. Hi Aaron,

    I’m not one of those fans, who starts yelling when I would met you. But today is not an ordinary day… It’s your Birthday !! I wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY with a lot of presents, a huge birtdaycake, love and a good health.
    You’re an inspiration, even on me… I’m just a small girl from Belgium, but you have no idea what influence your work and personality has one me. Today I’m a good dancer, in the future I will be a broadway dancer !!

    Have a wonderful day on your birthday !

  103. Happy Birthday, Aaron!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and fabulous year.
    You always make me happy and you’ll have my support forever.
    I’m excited about your concert in Sydney in February.

    Lots of love from Japan.X

  104. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! It looks to be an exciting year ahead for you! Thank you for the music!


  105. Happy Birthday Aaron! This year for you has been so crazy for you with Assassins, Graceland, Elise Fest, Graceland sadly being cancelled, being casted as Danny for Grease live, joining social media then doing that Wicked music video with Rachel Tucker. I’m excited to see what you’re going to do next year with Grease live, BrainDead, the Defying Gravity concert in Australia and many more to come. I hope you have the best 32nd birthday or just even birthday you’ve ever had.

    First of all, Tveitster, I want to congratulate you for Grease and your new show, Brain Dead! It’s going to be kick ass.
    Second, I want to thank you for all that you’ve unconsciously done for me and my life. Your music was there through my happiness, sorrow, and even I still listen to your album right before I did my breast tumor surgery. It was terrifying but you kept me strong. Thank you for being an inspiration for me and to many people in this world.
    I hope that this birthday will bring you to another excitements and I hope you can pursue all of your dreams—and things that make you happy.
    Aaron, I love you. We love you, Gabe, Roger, Peter Orlovsky, Steve, Mike Warren, Frank Abagnale Jr. , Fiyero, Enjolras, etc.!
    HAVE A BLAST!!!! (From: Indonesia)

  107. I wanna start this off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!!! I also want to say that I am so excited to see you in Grease–you’re gonna be a great Danny Zuko!–and also in your newest project Braindead! While I’m still upset Graceland was cancelled (honestly, it deserved way more than three seasons), I’m looking forward to seeing you in all of your future endeavors, whether it’s on the stage or the screen. Happy birthday again! :D

    Hope you have a fantastic day,
    Erica C., Syracuse, NY

  108. I’m replying to my own birthday message because I realized I forgot something haha. I wanted to say that I wanted to see you in Elsie Fest soooooo bad and would have easily been able to go because I’m only 25 miles away at Hofstra, but it was parent’s weekend and I needed Sunday for homework :( I did see videos of your performance though and it was phenomenal!! I’m hoping Elsie Fest becomes an annual thing so that I can go next year!

    Best wishes, and happy birthday!
    ~Erica C.

  109. Happy Birthday Aaron!
    I hope you have a wonderful day! First of all, thank you so much for being the great person you are and all the wonderful things you have done. I also want to wish you a lot of luck on your upcoming projects!

    I have a little birthday present for you.. click on the link to see the video! I really hope you like it :)


  110. Happy birthday Aaron! Thank you for being such a big inspiration to all of us!

  111. Hi Aaron! First of all, happiest of birthdays. Since I wrote you a message this time last year, I’ve had the privilege of seeing you in the final season of Graceland, celebrated the news of you as Danny Zuko in Grease, stayed up until midnight so I could download Big Sky on iTunes, was enthused by your new social media prescence, cheered at the news of a new TV series, and wept over the videos from Elsie Fest and the Out of Oz video, Wow, just, wow! Please know that you are awesome and I will watch/listen to/stream anything you are a part of or in. Can’t wait for the new movies, TV series, and especially Grease Live. (And hopefully someday a return to Broadway).
    -Deborah A. T.

  112. Happy birthday to you Aaron!

    May your birthday be filled with love ,peace and joy.

    I hope you have a wonderful your future.

  113. You changed my life. You really did. Because of you I work so hard everyday to get into a good drama school because I want nothing more than to perform on stage. Your work is amazing and you are a seriously talented guy. I didn’t make any gift or drawing or anything but I hope the amount of thanks I have for you can make up for that. Thank you for giving me a dream and goal and being a part of something that has shaped me to become the person I am today. Much love. Hope you have a nice celebration and a memorable, cheerful, beautiful 32nd. Happy birthday!

  114. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!!! I’m so proud of all of the amazing things you have accomplished this year and I can’t wait to see all your new projects! You’re an incredibly talented person and so so kind. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Birthday!

  115. I just want to wish you the most wonderful 32nd Birthday Aaron! I discovered you through my love for musicals and my most favourite one which is Les Mis, as your portrayal of Enjolras honestly blew me away and I have admired you ever since!

    My biggest regret is missing your performance in Assassins whilst you were in London, my friend was lucky enough to go and said that your stage presence was astounding!

    I wish you the best of luck with your new TV show that will be released next Summer, and I am beyond excited to see you in Greece live!

    Best Wishes, Carrie x

  116. Happy Birthday, Aaron. I enjoy your work. Thank you for always giving me happy days. I look forward to the day when I see your stage next time.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  117. Hi Aaron: This is my 3rd year wishing you a Happy Birthday & it still falls on the day before mine. But—unfortuneately—not the same year. Hope you have a wonderful day & congratulations on your upcoming projects—Grease, Australia & the new series.


    P.S. I think I like you better in shorter hair.

  118. I haven’t been a fan for very long. Maybe about a few years. I remember listening to an audio of your singing I think it was One Song Glory from Rent, and I just could not help but be blown away by how incredible your voice is. And it wasn’t until I saw down and watched graceland that I saw how talented you were as an actor. That show became one of my top ten favorite shows. I don’t think I ever felt that way about a show in awhile. And I loved your performance as Mike Warren. Your acting in the last season that was pretty powerful. I can not wait to see you play Danny in Grease (Which happens to be my favorite musical) you’re gonna be great. Also congratulations on your new show brain dead. Graceland may have ended but you’re still going to go places. Happy Birthday Aaron, I wish you all the best.

  119. Happy Birthday Aaron! Hopefully 32 is as eventful as 31! It was great to see the evolution of Mike Warren over the past few years and I’m definitely going to miss your portrayal of him on Graceland. I’m looking forward to your future endeavors and I’m hoping they include another album of sorts. Wishing you a wonderful day and year!

  120. Aaron!

    I wish you a HAPPY (32nd) BIRTHDAY and all the best that can be given to you!

    I also wish you good luck for your upcoming projects and a wonderful next year of exciting things going on!

    Have fun and keep being as you are for being an inspiration to so many people out there! :)


    PS: I hope Mr Travolta is seeing you in January, that’s my present. :P

  121. Hi Aaron!! Happy Birthday!! Just keep saying to yourself that your 32 years young!! I just wanna say that every single project you’ve done has been absolutely incredible so far and I’m really pumped for Grease Live!! It should be amazing!! Also I drew a picture of you in Art and wondered whether you liked it? Lastly I hope you have a great day and try to post a cool selfie for us!! (Btw I’m from NY too and trust me, we are literally the coolest people around)

  122. Happy birthday Aaron! Hope you have a great birthday with the ones you love and you continue to perform and sing because your talent is unrivalled and thrills your fans each time :D Enjoy being 32, it’ll be 33 before long!!
    Big love,

  123. I love you! Happy birthday and I can’t wait until you come to Australia!

  124. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! First off, thanks for being so kind at the Assassins stage door – it was a real highlight of our lives, and we appreciate it so much! But enough about us – what a year you’ve had, and what a year ahead of you! We’re gonna miss Mike horribly, but we’re ridiculously excited to see Gareth in action – bring on BrainDead! But before that, break a leg for Grease: Live, AND Defying Gravity down under – hopefully we’ll get to see you there! BUT before THEN…it’s been great having you on Twitter/Instagram, and we’ve all learnt so much about golf from you – we hope you get to enjoy all the golf you can handle on your birthday! ;P We reckon your old BELLO Mag orange suit would fit right into Rickie Fowler’s PGA Superstore ad, so here’s your yearly birthday fanart from us… #customfit

  125. Happy birthday Aaron! Thank you for always portraying every role you play with a huge amount of depth and complexity. You’ve opened up a whole new world to me in musical theatre, which I will always be grateful for. Have a fantastic birthday and a wonderful year!

    Lots of love,

  126. Hi Aaron,
    Have a Wonderful Birthday! Your voice touches my soul. I keep listening to ‘ Defying Gravity’ which is soooo beautiful. Thanks for all the happy moments you have given me with your immense talent.
    I wish you continued success, happiness, and health in the coming year.

    Love, Deb

  127. Hey Aaron!!

    I just want to tell you I am your fan since you played Enjolras in Les Misérables. I think you are a very talented actor and singer, and such an inspiration for a lot of us.

    Keep doing what you love, because we love every single thing that make you smile.

    A lot of hugs from Seville (Spain) and, of course, Happy Birthday!!!!

  128. Happy, happy, happy birthday Aaron!!!!

    I hope you have the most wonderful day!!!! Enjoy it, it’s not everyday you turn 32!!!

    With love from a fellow Orange County, New York, resident

    ~Shannon :-)

  129. Aaron?
    Happy birthday to you
    I am hoping that you come to Japan.

  130. Happy Birthday Aaron!

    Thank you for being such a huge inspiration! It was such an honor to talk to you at Elsie Fest AND see you perform! You are so incredibly talented, but so humble and down to earth. I wish you the best birthday yet, and best of luck on your upcoming projects! I know you’re absolutely gonna kill it! You always do! :)

    Have a wonderful day!!


  131. Hi Aaron, I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be! You are a phenomenally talented person and deserve all the happy things in life. I’m thrilled to see you back on stage this year– for weeks, your Elsie Fest set has been the soundtrack of my morning commute! What a kick-ass way to start my day, so thank you for that! ;)

    I want to thank you for three incredible years of Graceland, it’s my favorite show and I already miss it terribly. You’ve made Mike Warren such an unforgettable character, and I’m so glad he finally got some peace and healing at the end. That said, congrats on your new series, BrainDead, and I can’t wait to see/hear your upcoming concert in Australia! I’m sure you will rock the stage as always.

    Have the happiest of happy birthdays! May this be your best year yet! :)


  132. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON!!! You’re such an inspiration to me and so many others and I really hope that’s something you know :) We miss you in London, I hope you miss us too! Have a wonderful day xxxx

  133. Happy birthday Aaron!! I wanted to take this time to thank you for being such an inspiration for me. Your dedication and love for what you do shines through in all of your projects, and I only hope I can be the same with my own work.

    As always, good luck for the coming year and I can’t wait to see you in Sydney for the Defying Gravity concert.

    Best wishes,


  134. Hi, Aaron Happy 32nd Birthday.
    The other day, I was really fascinated by Out of Oz session. Its a super dreamy and just beautiful.
    Every single day, I’m appreciate with works you have done that make my life so bright and shine. Thank you so much.
    I wish you will have an another wonderful year.
    xxx Mikan

  135. Happy Happy Birthday Aaron!!!
    I wish you have a wonderful day.
    Thank you for your great songs.
    I’m always thinkng about you from Japan.

  136. Happy birthday Aaron!!!! I wish a lot of happiness and enjoy your day:-)

  137. Hi Aaron!!

    I want to wish you a very happy birthday and congratulate you on all your success. You’re a phenomenal talent and a beautiful person, inside and out. So excited to see you in Grease! I know you’re gonna be amazing as Danny Zuko! Can I be your Sandy? ; ) BTW, I’m obsessed with your performance of “Young Wild Girls” from Elsie Fest! I get chills every time I watch it on YouTube. I even cried the first time I saw it! You performed the song so beautifully and I can really tell you sang from your heart. Love you so much Aaron!! Happy Birthday!!!


  138. Happy birthday to one of my biggest inspirations of all time! I swear, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t found you! I haven’t had the best experience in life. People have shot me down, laughed at me, and told me I’m not good enough… and that’s just my family. I won’t even go into what the kids at school think of me… especially since most of it is inappropriate. Let’s just say, at school… I’m basically Gabe. Invisible to everyone but a few select people. But that’s the thing. I’ve seen you in so many amazing roles that I’ve found you’ve inspired me to not care what they think and just be me. I’ve seen pretty much every role you’ve ever played (thank you Youtube) and then I see you in interviews and behind the scenes. You’re just being the adorable freaking dork you are. You’re being you. I keep seeing how you have the same passion and drive for acting and theatre like I do and I can’t help but think “If he got so amazing by just being himself, why can’t I?” That thinking has got me through so much in my life and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. I just figured you deserved to know that and since it is your birthday, consider this a present from me to you, since you’ve already given me so much. Now, this comment is probably getting way too long to be considered normal but I just had to put that out there. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done and happy birthday!

    (P.S. thanks also for another big inspiration. Your Enjolras Red and Black scene inspired the design for my dream prom dress that I’m gonna wear to my junior (and most likely senior) prom. I’ll be sure to post pictures. So… thanks again!)

  139. Happy Birthday, Aaron!!!

    Once again I was blown away this year by your extraordinary talent and even more so by how humble you’ve remained through all your well-deserved success. I finally got to see you perform at Elsie Fest, and you were a total rockstar on that stage. There was an electricity in the air which was really special, and I’m so glad I got to experience that live.

    Huge congrats on your new TV series! Mike Warren and the Graceland gang will be missed, that’s for sure, but I’m excited to see you take on this new role. And then there’s that little thing called Grease coming up soon. Danny Zuko, eh? Not too shabby…

    Hope your birthday is awesome, and here’s to another fabulous year!

    All the best,
    Allison xoxo

  140. Dear Aaron,
    I had the absolute blessing of meeting you earlier this year at Elsie Fest. During our meeting I was able to tell your briefly how much your impact in theater has changed my life. I wish I could sum that up fully, but no amount of time or words would do. You made me love theater and believe in something so beautiful. I have been able to share your gifts with my loved ones and see them get passionate about theater and see it differently too. Meeting you was one of the happiest days of my life because I got to meet someone who means so much to me. I pray and hope that this year brings you the greatest outpour of blessings, love, and support. I cannot wait to see you conquer another year of life. May this be the happiest birthday yet.

    All my love,
    Amanda K.

  141. Happy Birthday Aaron! It was incredible seeing you perform at Elsie Fest, and you couldn’t have been nicer during out meet and greet. I was sad to hear about Graceland’s cancellation, but I’m glad you found a new project so quickly. Here’s hoping BrainDead is a success! You’re so talented, hardworking, passionate and kind, and you make my life brighter just by existing. Wishing you nothing but the best.

  142. Happy birthday Aaron!

    I’m so happy you get started using Twitter & Insta.

    Your performance on Elsie Fest was really really splendid and fantastic.

    I’m sure you have another amazing year.

    Have a beautiful 32nd birthday!

    with love,

    Hiro from Japan

  143. Ahhhh! Being 32 is the year of being true blue!

    Happy Birthday to you, Aaron!

  144. Happy Birthday, Aaron!

    I hope that you have a TVEIT (great) day! (Haha wow I’m so punny – okay maybe not ;p) You are such an incredible person and only deserve the best!

    Considering this is the one time of the year where I’ll get to send you something a little lengthy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. If it weren’t for Enjolras in Les Misérables who caught my eye with his curly wig, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am a 16 year old girl who knows who she is, who is firm with what she values, and is not lost trying to find herself. For the longest time, looking back from grades 5 to 8, I wasn’t passionate about anything, and after having seen you – you “opened” me up to the Broadway community. Not only have I found that I love theatrical music and shows, but that I love to sing! Singing is my solace, and I can happily say that, thanks to you, my eyes opened to that. This may seem really creepy, and you must be thinking “What even is this girl, I’m literally not God so please stop”, but all in all, you were the person who brought me to this community of playbills and cast albums, and I will be forever grateful!

    I hope to meet you one day, for all the interviews I’ve seen of you prove you to be a charismatic individual, whom I’m sure would be able to brighten anyone’s day!

    But before I end this birthday wish, I am so excited to see you in Grease! You’re going to be a fantastic Danny, and I know you will absolutely live up to the name! I am honestly just waiting until January – it’s going to be TVEIT (haha, that pun popped up again ;p)! Last but not least, I can’t wait for your big Broadway come back! If it’s anything like the excitement we saw from Elsie Fest for you, it’ll be even greater once you return to the theatre <3

    Whoops I guess I'll just apologize for the terrible pun, but I just had to seize the chance once I thought of it – haha!

    Finally, have a great 32nd birthday! I hope that you ENJOY-LRAS it (HEY THAT ONE WASN'T THAT BAD!!) and that all your birthday wishes come true! You're a bright star, Aaron, and we're all thankful for your existence :)

    Have a spectacular day!


    Priya S. :) [From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!]

    P.S. So, you finally gave into joining social media, eh ;) This is great, because you can expect me to berate you with tweets, haha! ;) (My username is @priyaasarwal in case you were wondering who it was that warned you in advance ;p)

  145. Dear Aaron,
    Today is your birthday and I just want to let you know it’s one of my favourite days in the year, and I’ll tell you why.
    32 years ago, a person came to this world not only to change the way theatre was, but to change many people’s lives. It’s just amazing to think that just a few years ago I couldn’t say I had a favourite actor/singer and then you just came and hit me like a bus. Ever since I saw you acting for the first time in Broadway I knew there was something different about you, something that made you unique, and I wasn’t mistaken. You are an amazing actor, not only because you do it great, but the way you reflect what your character is feeling is uncanny. It’s like you give a part of you to each character you’ve ever played and I love that, plus, it’s amazing the way you express every emotion. And oh man, when I heard you singing for the first time was a complete epiphany. You are one of a kind, and being honest, you made me be interested and passionate about something… And it had been a long time since I last felt that way. It’s amazing the way you can make me happy without knowing it… Just to see you in a picture, see you acting or pressing the play button on my iPod so I can hear you singing makes me happy, and I need to thank you for that. You need to know this, because you need to know there are people out there that consider you a role model and an inspiration… Me among them.
    Happy birthday, Aaron!!
    We love you so much, don’t you ever forget that.

  146. Happy birthday, Aaron! Congratulations on landing a new show so soon after “Graceland!” I’m looking forward to seeing “BrainDead.” Have fun performing in “Grease: Live” and in Sydney and I hope you do more singing elsewhere soon (hint: California)! You continue to inspire myself and many others, so thank you!!

  147. Heyyy Aaron!
    Last year I had the chance to meet you at the Broadway softball game at the Yankee stadium and I just felt so sooooo happy that I hope you feel the same way I did today on your birthday!
    I wish you all the best, with lots of love, happiness, health and peace. And I hope I get the chance to meet you again someday in the future. :)

    A very happy birthday to you! Enjoy your day! :D

    Cheers from Brazil!

  148. Happy birthday, Aaron!

    First of all, I hope you have an amazing day and you get to eat cake because cake is delicious.

    Second of all, I want to thank you for being so amazing. You are so, so talented and I am proud to say that I am one of your fans. You were so amazing at Elsie Fest and it was a literal dream come true to see you perform live. Also, I am incredibly excited for Grease in January, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I would also like to say I loved (like, really loved) the version of Defying Gravity you and Rachel Tucker did. It was absolutely amazing, and I have watched it so many times.

    So, Aaron, thank you for being you and I hope your birthday is incredible.


  149. Happy Birthday, Aaron
    Here’s to another year of experience!

    I love your songs and your beautiful voice. Oh, I like your Defying Gravity
    But thanks to you, I was able to have a wider view of the world.
    I have wanted to see more of the world since I saw your performance.
    I also strongly felt like having a good command of English.
    I look forward to your new performance!
    looting for you from Tokyo

  150. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have an awesome day and all the best to you in the coming year! :)

  151. Happy birthday, Aaron!
    I think you are incredible and so talented! Seeing you perform at Elsie Fest was such a dream come true and you did an amazing job! I am proud to call myself one of your fans. I cannot wait for Grease because it’s one of my favorite musicals and you are one of my favorite actors! Anyway, happy birthday! Hope it’s an amazing day!


  152. Happy birthday, Aaron! I just want you to know how much I’ve appreciated your phenomenal work on Graceland for these past three years, and I want to thank you for bringing Mike and that incredible story to life. The whole experience has been an absolute gift of storytelling. I will be following you to BrainDead and I can’t wait to go along for that ride too! Every year has just been full of more amazing journeys you’ve shared with us, and I hope you know how grateful we are for that! I hope this year is an amazing one for you. Take care!

  153. Have a fantastic birthday, Aaron!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  154. Aaron, I can’t believe it’s been another year already! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you so much for being an inspiration and encouragement to me throughout these past years. I appreciate it more than words will ever be able to say. You introduced me to theatre, and honestly, it changed my life. It is one of the best gifst I have ever received in my life time. I have discovered who I am, and where my passions lie. It has given me reasons to create, feel, and live more strongly than I ever could have possibly imagined. I hope I will one day get the chance to thank you for everything in person, but until then.. Happy 32nd. I hope this year beings as many amazing adventures and surprise as the years past. Thank you for all you’ve shown me. I couldn’t be more thankful to you. Love, Alix

  155. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is amazing! Here’s hoping your next project is a cover of the Periodic Table song! Best wishes from Colorado

  156. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON! I just want to say thankyou for helping me through depression with your music and thankyou for just making me smile. I hope your day is full of happiness because you deserve it. All the best to you today and always.

  157. Aaron!! What a year you’ve had!! I am so proud of you and all you have achieved! I feel honored to call myself a fan of yours. Your hard work and dedication certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and it’s one of the things I love most about you! You are a unique,special spirit and I hope you only continue to go up from here! Best wishes to you on your birthday,you wonderful boy,you!! Seattle misses you and would have you back in a heartbeat!

    All my love and support,
    Kenzie T

  158. Happy Birthday, Aaron!

    These are always weirdly hard for me to write, so I’ll cut to the chase: you’re amazing at what you do, and you’re a great guy, and I’m a huge fan.

    To preface: in early 2013, I saw and fell in love with a movie called Les Miserables, which all my friends had been urging me to watch, and so the next day I asked them who the amazing red-coat-blond-France guy was. The best they could do was mumble a name that soundly vaguely French. And then I went, okay, well, who’s the guy who plays him? “Um, Aaron.” “Aaron what?” “We – we don’t know how to say it.” So, to those innocuous ends, I ended up having to Google you; and, 2.5 years later (having now read several versions of Les Mis and now knowing the ins and outs of pronouncing Enjolras, whom I knew even before that you played to complete 100% perfection), the rest is history.

    These 2.5 years have been a wild ride (for one thing: learning the term Tveiter tot), but THANK YOU for being an unequivocally positive and fantastic and delightfully talented part of them. I’m excited to see what the coming years hold for you, but I’m confident that whatever we see you doing, it’s going to be amazing. Happy Birthday again, and wishing you all the best for the future! (I hope you don’t die in your new show, as good of an on-screen die-er as you are.)

  159. Aaron,

    It has been so refreshing to hear your voice again, and I’m sure all the opportunities you’ve received this year to sing on stage (and television!!) have been overwhelmingly sweet. I, like many others, will miss Mike Warren, but your new CBS gig (congrats!) proves that you belong on our TV screens… until you return to the Broadway stage (soon, please!). I hope your career continues on this steady, upward trajectory, and that you thoroughly enjoy life outside of work as well. It’s safe to say that 31 was a great year for you, and 32 is going to be even greater! May you play many rounds of golf, sing like crazy, and continue to do what you love with the most talented and down to earth folks in the industry. Happiest of birthdays to you, Mr. Tveit, as you turn 32 years young.


    P.S. “Thanks for finally joining social media, Aaron” said EVERYONE.

  160. Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

  161. Happy Birthday Aaron! I hope you have a fantastic day and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you.
    Jonell M.

  162. Hi Aaron! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and happiness.. You truly are an inspiration and I look forward to seeing more of your projects in the upcoming months. (I especially can’t wait for Grease I know you’ll kick It out of the park).

    Hope your day is as phenomenal as you are! Happy Birthday!

  163. Happy birthday to one of the most inspirational performers and genuinely wonderful person ever. Happy, happy birthday Aaron

  164. Happy birthday Aaron! Best wishes from Japan!
    I hope to see your performance in live someday from the bottom of my heart. Stay as wonderful as you are. Love you xoxo

  165. Happy Birthday, Aaron! You are the most talented and best looking human being! Keep making your dreams come true and inspiring others! Wishing you all the best!

  166. Happy birthday Aaron! You’re amazing and I hope your day will be amazing as you. Sending you birthday love from Norway!


  167. Happy birthday Aaron! Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished this year. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  168. Happiest of birthdays to you, Aaron!

  169. What is your favorite film of all time? And no, you can’t say Les Mis.

  170. Happy Birthday to Aaron Tveit from. South Korea!!! Your song, acting, everything makes me happy all the time!! And you’re the reason why I’m studying musical theatre!! Have a great day and don’t forget, You are an inspiration to this world! ????! ??????! (it is “I love You” and “Happy Birthday” in Korean!)

    [Webmaster’s note: Unfortunately, the Korean letters didn’t show up!]

  171. The happiest of birthdays to you Aaron! The past year has been a joy to watch you succeed and I happily look forward to watching you flourish this year as you take on new adventures. I hope this day brings you nothing but good things and that you know how many people are in your corner wishing you all the happiness in the world. Your performance at Elsie Fest was just such a wonderful experience and I hope you have as much fun today as you seemed to be having up on that stage. Your energy and spirit is so infectious and I cannot wait for you to bring that to the character of Danny Zuko in Grease Live next year where even more people will have the opportunity to see your amazing talents and passion on the stage. For today, I wish you nothing but the best and hope you enjoy your day of birth.

  172. Happy Birthday Aaron! I am so proud of everything you have accomplished this year and I cannot wait for more! I’m happy the rest of the world is getting to see what you can do! I was sorry to hear about Graceland (I loved Pike) but Grease: Live is so exciting. I hope this year is filled with wonderful memories because you deserve it! Never forget you have so many fans who love and support you!

  173. I just want to tell you happy birthday, Aaron. You are the best inspiration that a Broadway fan could ask for, so I wish the best for you.
    All my love for you from Buenos Aires.

  174. Hi Aaron! Happy birthday! I just want to say that I loved the 3rd season of Graceland and I’m so SO excited to see you in Grease Live in January! I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday and a wonderful year to come! All the love!

  175. Hey Aaron!!! Have the happiest of birthdays!
    Thank you so much for inspiring me over these years. I am glad that you have made this far in your career and I am hoping that it will go further.
    I hope the meet you someday and I hope that you will be spoiled on your special day!!!

  176. Happy happy birthday, Aaron! ^_^ I have officially been Tveitified for two years now and it’s been wonderful getting introduced to you through your body of work and many other things the internet has allowed me to see. I hope you know that you are an inspiration to a lot of us in so many different ways, and I personally would like to thank you for that because just this year I was able to self-publish a book with a character that’s inspired by you. Someday I wish to be able to send you a copy of it, my way of thanking you for sparking creativity in me.

    ^ This is it! This is the book!

    I wish you a blessed birthday, and even more wonderful days and years ahead. Hope you could come to the Philippines sometime as well! Heaven bless you. <3

  177. Happy birthday Aaron!!! I just want to say thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy your innumerable talents. I admire your decision to keep your personal life private. I love how you keep your feet on the ground and never forget your roots despite all the success you’ve attained all these years. Your parents have raised you well. Bravo!

    Anyway, I don’t have a gift or anything (drat!), only my fervent wish that you find complete happiness, true love, and contentment in this fickle and shallow world. All my love to you always. Have an amazing year!!! I look forward to your future adventures and hope to see you perform live someday.

    Love from the Philippines,

  178. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARRON!! Thank you for being such an inspiration! Wish you well in the years to come!! :)

  179. Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day :)

  180. Happy Birthday! I met you at Elsie Fest and it was worth every penny. Thank you so much. I hope you have a great day. :)

  181. Wishing you another year of good health, happiness, and love. Happy birthday, Aaron!!

  182. Happy Birthday, Aaron!
    Lots of love from from the Philippines!

  183. Happy 32nd birthday Aaron!!!!!

    (I’m Japanese and I’ve been lived in Tokyo since I was born)
    I became your fan when I watched Lesmiz in Japan:) after that, I
    watched Japanese CMIYC , Wicked and Lesmiz musical.

    When I had enough money and skills of
    English, I definitely go to NY and watch Broadway musicals?
    Please spend great year!
    Please Take care of yourself!!!

  184. Happy bday!

  185. Happy birthday to one of my favorite singers ever! Your future is so bright I need to wear sunglasses! I hope to meet you/ see you perform in person sometime! Anyway, I hope you have the best 32nd birthday of your life! I can’t wait to hear how you spent it :)

  186. 8 years ago I remember a Broadway performer entering the wicked stage wearing a red vest, tight cream pants, and sunglasses. I had turned to my friend in the audience and whispered “who is that?!”. To this day, I have followed your career and have been lucky enough to see you in “Next to Normal” and “Catch Me If You Can”. You are an amazing performing. You are not afraid to challenge yourself and make sure the audience is having the time of their lives watching you. I hope your birthday is filled with so much happiness. I am so excited to see what else is in store! Even though I greatly miss you on the Broadway stage, I look forward on continuing to see you on my tv! Happy Birthday Aaron!!!


  187. Happy Birthday, Aaron!
    Hope you have wonderful day filled with love, music and happiness.
    May all Your dreams come true and let’s hope we’ll see You on Broadway stage again soon :)
    All best!

  188. muchisimas felicidades, Aaron, desde valladolid, españa.
    happy Birthday. my big dream is to see you directly, and enjoy your good do and your gratifying Voice.


    I love you so much, you’re so talented and you’re so in love with what you do. Your voice is so lovely, I love to hear you singing, I really do. I’m a huge fan, hope to meet you someday :)
    I wish you all the best, hope you have an amazing year!!!

    Leticia M.

  190. Happy birthday aaron!
    I hope you have a great day~^^

    I like you beautiful singing voice.
    You are so talented and humble and you deserve the very best out of life.
    Have a wonderful day and always know that you have fans rooting for you!!!
    I’m always support you South Korea.
    Please visit to South Korea. A lot of are waiting for you.

    God bless you~^^

  191. Happy Birthday Aaron! I hope you have a wonderful day and a
    wonderful year and enjoy your day :)

  192. Happy 32nd birthday Aaron Tveit!

    I hope you will get the chance to read this, I am a girl at 15 from Norway and I have been a big fan of you since the winter 2012, when Les Misérables came to Norway.
    I just wanted to say that i think you are the most incredible person. You look like a very sweet, nice and a very intelligent person. My biggest dream would be to watch you perform, but as you may know Norway is very far away from USA, and I don’t think you are doing anything on Broadway. But if you do, please let me know! I remember the first time I watched you at the screen and got butterflies in my stomach , even today when I see you I still get them. I hope you get an amazing birthday today!!

    A= Awesome!
    A= Adorable!
    R= Rocking long hair!
    O= Over average pretty!
    N= Never been better!

    T= Talented!
    V= Valuable!
    E= Extremely gorgeous!
    I = Insane handsome!
    T= Totally amazing!

    Kisses from Norway, Salome H.<3

  193. Happy birthday Aaron!
    I’m rooting for you from Japan!<3

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