“I cannot begin to express my gratitude,” says Aaron

October 22, 2014 • Category: ATN Exclusive, Site News 7

Are Aaron Tveit’s fans the greatest, or what? From around the world, you guys came out by the hundreds to leave beautiful and inspiring birthday messages, proving how much of an impact Aaron has left globally — which is simply amazing!

I want to personally thank everyone who took some time out of their day to leave a message on the site. Like last year, they were forwarded to Aaron; and once again, he has sent ATN a letter to post on the site, expressing his gratitude to you, his faithful fans. Read his note exclusively here on ATN:

Hey everyone!!
Wow. You are all AWESOME
First I have to say thank you to Kristina for organizing this birthday message project once again!
And you guys..
I really don’t even know what to say. I am so moved and touched and humbled reading all of these messages. I usually just have my head down and go about my day and work, but to have a moment to hear from you all, and receive your birthday wishes and all the amazing things you have to say…
Really stops me in my tracks!
To read your letters, see your artwork, watch your videos, read your cards and collages and poems, and to think of the time and effort you all put in to get these in for MY birthday..
What a thing.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude.
Thank you. Thank you!

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  1. Really, he managed to read all the messages for his birthday? Wow, Aaron is really amazing! I hope I will have a chance to meet him in person and hear him sing live…

    Thank you aarontveit.net for making a way for us to get in touch with Aaron.. More power to you..

    God bless you ATN! God bless you Aaron Tveit!

  2. it does not get any sweeter than this!!!!!!
    Thank you guys for organizing this and make sure he got our messages! ;)

  3. The fact that he’s so humbled to see all these makes me so happy and i can’t believe that he’s so surprised that so many people care to send him birthday wishes. he just keeps getting more and more amazing each day <3

  4. Aaron proves ones again what a nice and special guy he is, he’s worth every birthday message that was send in for him, and more.

  5. Hearty thank you message .
    I’m impressed by the kindness and sincerity of your. And
    I’m impressed also the efforts and passion for your work.
    Please be careful of the health in the future and Good luck as singer as a musical actor.
    I’m rooting always from Japan.

  6. Across the board, the birthday messages said one thing … Aaron is a fantastic PERSON … and his thank you proves that. I am so grateful to you, Kristina, for giving everyone the opportunity to take part in a giant birthday card to Aaron. And I am so very thankful that we, his fans, have someone of his caliber … as an actor, singer and individual … to point to and say how much we love and respect him.

  7. he is so amazing. I cant wait to see him sing live in January so I can admire how much of an amazing person he is :)

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