“‘Graceland’ is Designed to be Darker,” says Jeff Eastin

July 15, 2012 • Category: Graceland, Television News 0

Showrunner Jeff Eastin recently talked to Collider about the season four premiere of “White Collar,” but he was also asked about his upcoming USA series, “Graceland.” Although he doesn’t mention Aaron Tveit by name, he noted that the cast is “really great” and talked a bit about what to expect with the show. Basically, it’s not going to be much of a family-friendly program. Check out what he had to say on “Graceland” below:

How have things been going with “Graceland”? What can you say about that show and how it fits into the USA Network line-up of shows?
That was the interesting thing. “Graceland” is a much different show than “White Collar.” It’s definitely on the darker side, and that’s really what USA wanted. They said they were going for the younger demographic, and I said, “Are you guys sure about this?,” but they said they liked that it was darker. So, we did it. It’s always a real challenge, but we got a really great cast. We just got the testing back, and the testing was phenomenal, so that gave me a lot of encouragement ’cause you never quite know how an audience is going to react to something. The network really liked it, but to see a test audience really, really react well was fantastic.

One of the interesting things will be how it does fit in. Every show that USA has done lately has pushed a little further. “Burn Notice” started the trend. They were a little darker than “Monk” had been. “Suits” has pushed that even further. “White Collar,” not by choice, has become almost a family show. A lot of parents tell me that they watch it with their kids. That wasn’t a choice. That was just the nature of the show, I think. With white collar crime, you don’t have a lot of blood and guts, and things like that. Just by our nature, “White Collar” is a little safer. “Graceland” is really designed to be darker. I don’t want to spoil too much, but the opening is a guy getting shot on the San Pedro docks and it’s pretty graphic. We’ve got a lot of “White Collar” fans and I hope they like “Graceland.” That will be a real interesting thing for me to see.

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