“Grease: Live” Gets Ready

January 25, 2016 • Category: Articles & Interviews, Grease: Live, Television News 0

There are two new articles pertaining to “Grease: Live” that talk about preparing for the groundbreaking production, set to air live on Fox on various sound stages (with live audience). There are various quotes from cast and crew in the articles – by Los Angeles Times and New York Times – that further gives insight into this ambitious project. Check out excerpts below before heading to the sources for the full article:

The elaborate NBC renderings rotated scenes on one New York soundstage; the Fox affair is even more ambitious. The production will unfold over two soundstages housing a number of sets on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank. Production will also take place on Midwest Street — i.e., a backlot that they’ll use for exterior scenes of Rydell High and the carnival grounds.

“Ask me after it’s all over if I think the multiple soundstages was a good idea,” joked stage director Thomas Kail, known most recently for his celebrated stage work with Lin-Manuel Miranda in the smash Hamilton. “I wanted it to feel vibrant and vital the way the film did,” he said. “I wanted locations that felt like real places that could ground us so when we lift off and go to the fantasy of ‘Greased Lightnin” or the Teen Angel arrives, you have something to depart from.”


“We have affection for the movie and the stage play just as much as everybody else,” [Thomas] Kail said. “But it’s not about trying to redo those. It’s trying to capture the spirit.” …

[Aaron] Tveit, who is a bit more James Dean than John Travolta, said that he had a difficult time breaking free of the movie. “I had to say my lines out loud over and over for, like, two weeks before I got Travolta’s voice out of my head,” he said. “Tommy really helped,” Mr. Tveit continued. “He has this way of telling you what he wants without making you feel like your original choice was wrong. For actors, that’s everything.”


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